Home School vs. Public School

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"Aren't we all being home schooled at this point?" 馃摎鉁忥笍

Posted 1 year ago in Education & Learning

Lauren Shultz 9 months ago

I was homeschooled until high school, now I've got an engineering degree in the top 5% of my class 馃憤 it worked for me because I loved to read and was just overall really curious so I just absorbed everything my mom didn't even need to teach me lol. It doesn't work for everyone though

Levi Walker 8 months ago

It always funny to see public schoolers perspective of homeschooling. We had to register and get our curriculum from a real regulated school. We had to take the same tests everyone else did every year(I think it鈥檚 called Tcap by the public schoolers). I could usually do my work in about 4 to 5 hours. Played with other kids in the neighborhood all the time. There are some homeschoolers that aren鈥檛 socially developed but I know plenty of public schoolers that aren鈥檛 either. I think that鈥檚 more to do with the person and their parents than the school they go to. I had adhd so it was very beneficial for me to get the focused teaching from my mom without being doped up on adderall. I had friends, I never had issue talking to people or public speaking. The only thing I feel I missed was sports. There are definitely some crazy, strange,unsocialized homeschool families out there but most homeschoolers find them as strange as you do.

Jonathan Lewis 11 months ago

As someone who鈥檚 been both public schooled and homeschooled, I can say homeschooling is not as bad and horrible as people make it out to be. You still have time to talk to your friends on the phone, there are still activities to do, and, technically, there鈥檚 no after school homework... cause you did all your work at home... that sounded better in my head...

Faith Hutto 1 year ago

When I was in public school I was bullied like bruised and bleeding, I had no friends, and my grades were failing so my mom homeschooled me and thank GOD she did! Through a homeschool group I made many good friends! It was amazing ! We had so many field trips together but Doing schoolwork our pjs and bed while snacking on chips was amazing! We all graduated early and took a 鈥減rom trip鈥濔煒俬omeschooling is the best thing my mom ever did for me! But I still found the video funny 馃槀

Krystal Slicker Aker 7 months ago

Sounds like people are jealous they can't be done with school in 2 hours.

Christine Aurilio Dewade 1 year ago

I was homeschooled all 12 years. I graduated early and had longer summers.

Kendra Leigh Powers 9 months ago

The only accuracies in the homeschooling parts were sitting in bed doing school work and the variety of things you can do because you can basically make your own schedule and class list.

Nanki Singh 10 months ago

I went to a public school, where as my brother was homeschooled, I would get bullied, bad grades and had a tough time getting into college, on the other hand, he didn't get bullied, got really outstanding grades, and just floated into college of his choice. Also I am an introvert who can't even interact with people, where as he is an extrovert who makes friends at a drop of a hat.

Steven Moreland 11 months ago

And im sorry 90% of parents are not capable of homeschooling. Theres a reason people need to go to college for it to teach other kids and people things. I've literally seen parents that havnt graduate homeschool their own kids and their kids got a diploma. And yes they are not very smart.

Steven Moreland 11 months ago

I can say because I did both. I dont know why any parent can homeschool their children and they can graduate. Doest make sense. Also i would say homeschooling took away from any people skills I would need in the future. Public schools are alot more qualified to teach. And its alot better setting and my opinion because I've been to both. Public schools you get way more benefits out of it. Even if you get bullied. Thats part of the real world life.