Governor FACEPLANTS While Discussing Biden's Infrastructure Plan

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Governor FACEPLANTS While Discussing Biden's Infrastructure Plan

Posted 7 months ago in Politics

Stanton D Riley 7 months ago

Well, the right wings of course they don’t care, half the billionaires who benefited don't even live in this country or spend less than half there time in the country. They get these WS yee-hahs rallied up and there you go.

Kimberley Webb-Simpson 7 months ago

Question you repair the infrastructure of your house, cars don’t you?

Deborah Hampton 7 months ago

Where do they get these people from that’s the dam problem with this country is a bunch of dumb as governors and mayor’s dumb ass people are calling the shots

Brent Ahlstrom 7 months ago

Biden wants the infrastructure money to build more prisons for his migrant kids. The Democrats want to start selling them for profit like they did the unborn children they aborted.

Alma Bihl 7 months ago

Tax the rich
Circulate that Lula....

Linda Grau 7 months ago


Louise Matar 7 months ago

Just loving this line up of Anna and Farron, the 2 most intelligent independent journalists who aren’t afraid to tell it like it is. Well done guys

Rick Allor 7 months ago

I don't know why she thinks Republicans lost, Republicans gained house seats, the Senate is divided, 48 Democrats, 50 Republicans, and the House is divided 219 Democrats, 211 Republicans, barely a majority, the thinnest in 100 years, certainly not a mandate, but the Democrats feel this is their chance to plow through with their unpopular ideas, maybe they're afraid the next election won't be so easy to cheat.

Priscilla Scutching 7 months ago

She is dumb as hell smh.

Miguel Angel Sosa 7 months ago

This sounded like a threat by the governor. If you raise our taxes will raise the price of all goods, making everything more expensive.