Waterhole: Secrets of the African night.

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Filming in the dark can reveal many animal secrets. 👀


Posted 11 months ago in Animals & Pets

Linda Sal 11 months ago

Amazing! 😍 and interesting🤓 It widens my horizon about the World in the Savannah🥰

Gretchen L Boelke 11 months ago

Fantastic video, you truly see all
Of these animals in a very natural environment , I really appreciate you sharing this!

Laura S. Garcia Cole 11 months ago

Just wow! The camera can pick up even the tiniest spots on the Water Buffalo’s nose!
Thank you for sharing.

Nasrulloh 11 months ago

Its darknest animal live in africa

Lois Heichberger 11 months ago

BBC Wildlife Specials, Nat Geo, Nature on pbs.org, etc are some of the best videos and documentaries ever seen, teaching the World (adults and children equally, even in school) about the importance for the preservation of all wildlife..flora, animal, water - springs, streams, creeks, river, sea and ocean environment balance, the atmosphere, and space beyond, ETC, ETC....It is our responsibility to ensure the Preservation and Stability. The more we learn the more people understand the necessity for becoming a GREEN PEOPLE. (My Dad started us on Marlin Perkins, Jim Fowler, Jack Hanna.....then Cousteau by Mom, and David Attenborough.)
*Suddenly Cable TV Networks were off and running with this wonderful phenomenon of Our Blue/Green Planet. I personally couldn't get enough of our scientists and the Jane Goodalls, etc. of the world. And still can't!!!! 🌿

Саша Деншевска 11 months ago

Нежната мелодия те е хванала за сърцето и не те пуска.❤️

Eloisa Josefina Cerviño 11 months ago

bermozo video que muestra la vida de la naturaleza

Ramon Chica 11 months ago

Alexis Demertz Elizabeth de Merc at etosha i watched elephants and rhino at the waterhole. Was pretty amazing