Helpful bathroom hacks you need to try. 👍

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Helpful bathroom hacks you need to try. 👍

Posted 10 months ago in Home & Garden

Mariam Gagikovna 10 months ago

I want some of what you guys smoke before you come up with these ideas. They are awesome 😂😂

Justine Delgadillo 6 months ago

So you’re telling me that those tiny little magnets will hold up that gallon of soap or whatever is it?…. Yeah, don’t think so

Nova Stockley 10 months ago

I've come to the conclusion that the people who make these things are aliens attempting to prove that they can blend in with humanity.

Alissa Jean 10 months ago

And how do you turn the pages of that book if it's in a ziploc bag??? Lmao. That's even more risk of dropping it IMO

Sandi Metz Hedgcoth 10 months ago

Jeez..lost minutes I'll never get back.

Aleck Devon 10 months ago

Yes I too have had to go to the bathroom and have pooped out blue goo, it was unsettling at first but now its normal...

Lina Trad 10 months ago

WTF was that blue stuff in the toilet and what was she squeezing on there????? And why wouldn’t you put a plate under those candles????? What is wrong with you people!!!

Allyson Little 10 months ago

How would you turn the pages? Nobody is gonna open the bag, take the book out, turn the page and then put it back...

Clifton Bush 10 months ago

I love how she's showering and all of a sudden, hot glue gun

Christina Turner Miller 10 months ago

The plastic wrap to plunge the toilet works. I learned from these videos and used it in a crunch. Was surprised it worked!! Lol