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[VIDEO] The father of 4-year old Mariya Owens is speaking out after his child was killed, police say, by her mother's boyfriend on Christmas Eve. Owns...

Posted 5 years ago in Crime & Tragedy

Talaijah McMullen 5 years ago

Cloe Kennedy 😭😭

Syretta Coles 5 years ago


Arlene Lovely Aponte 5 years ago

Sad 😞

Mary Brice 5 years ago

God bless u an I pray u get custody f your child praying for u

Kevin Kratos Hutchinson 5 years ago

Mothers who allow their kids to be abused because they are desperate to keep a man should be stoned to death......

Mary Brice 5 years ago

u getc

Lilly Lacend 5 years ago

Horrible nobody helped this little baby so sad she should be enjoying playing with toys horrible

Virginia Roper 5 years ago

I'm sorry for your lost prayers for you goddess you and your family

Sandy Effler 5 years ago

Im so sorry for your loss

J.D. Goodwin 5 years ago

As a father i feel this in my bones