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Democrats In PANIC MODE Over Unhinged Trump Cheating Theory, Michael Moore Warns Trump Will CHEAT!
Ladies Ladies and and gentlemen, gentlemen, gentlemen, gentlemen, I'd like to bring bring you you into into a a a world world world of of. of the the Democrats imagination A world world. they They view view view is is is is coming coming. coming coming this this this November November November November and and and and I. I'm I'm I'm gonna start by by just just reading reading reading this this this snippet snippet snippet from from from the the the the New New New new. York York York Times in in October, October, October, President President President Trump Trump Trump Trump declares declares. declares declares a a a state state state of of of of emergency emergency emergency emergency. in in in major cities in battleground battleground States States States like like like Milwaukee Milwaukee Milwaukee and and and and Detroit Detroit. Detroit Detroit banning. banning banning banning polling polling polling places from opening opening a a week week before before before the the the election. election. election. election Attorney attorney. Attorney General General General William William William P. Barr, not as a a criminal criminal criminal investigation investigation investigation into into into into Democratic Democratic Democratic Democratic. Democratic presidential presidential presidential presidential nominee. nominee nominee nominee Joseph Joseph Joseph Arden Arden Arba. Biden. Biden after mister Biden. Electoral College victory Mister Trump refuses to accept the results won't leave the White House and declines to allow the Biden transition team customary access to agencies before the January twentieth inauguration does that sound like a fictional reality? It's certainly does it's the same tired narrative. Democrats have been pushing since before 2016 and somehow, and for some reason we have a pile of these stories. Don't ask me why how about this one? Michael Moore The only way Trump wins in 2020, is if he cheats The Washington Post. We need to prepare for the possibility of Trump rejecting election results. Marketwatch polls now show Biden defeating Trump in the 2020 election, but what if Trump refused to lose, we can even go back to February. what would happen if Trump refused to leave office the unhinged conspiracy theories that were were all over the place in 2016 are here to stay. They've never gone away and they won't stop stop they're they're only only only getting getting getting crazier. crazier crazier and. and yeah. Fetch conspiracy theories The New York Times ask that that's exactly what they are, and it's coming from mostly Democrats. I am tired of saying the Democrats are in panic, but the reality is I just it's true. you know someone asked on Twitter or someone, said on Twitter. If you keep reposting these stories about Republicans panicking, you're the Mark you're the rube you're being taken for a ride by the same story written in every single time with anonymous sources. That people in the Trump camp or the Republican Party are panicking over what's to come in November. For some reason, we know we see people saying these stories are fake. We know it's not true who are these sources and what do we see in reality? Well, we see the Republicans just winning two special elections and winning very well. But where are the stories to pick this up? saying you know what maybe we're gonna see a Red wave in November. Instead, what do we get? We get Joe Biden on track to win. We get get get Democrats Democrats Democrats on on on track track track to to to reclaim. reclaim reclaim the the House House we. We get stories about. Democrats on track to reclaim the Senate, but the reality just doesn't seem to fit and then when it comes down to asking these very same people, what will happen in November, they come up with insane conspiracy theories. I assure you it will not be Donald Trump refusing to leave or contesting the results of the election. It's been the Democrats doing it nonstop. So here we are Republicans have a very healthy lead lead lead over over over the the the Democrats Democrats Democrats in. in in I'm I'm sorry sorry Trump has a healthy lead over Joe Biden. The Democratic candidates are actually doing fairly well, and there is a chance Joe Biden could win Trump supporters who refused to recognize this well that will be your downfall. Hebrew. The reality is Biden can win, but why do we keep seeing these unhinged stories on the media? I don't know honestly, but I can speculate perhaps they're hedging their bets in the event that Trump really does win or Trump loses or maybe it's Trump wins. They'll argue he didn't actually win that way when he says that's not a legitimate claim against me. they can argue about it. Honestly, I have no idea. I think the most likely reason is that. It gets clicks they want to scare people the people who don't like Trump. they want you to be in fear. They wanna shock you. They wanna give you that sensational headline and you know what around and around we go playing the exact same game cuz as much as I criticize them for saying panic panic panic here I am once again saying Democrats and Democrats panic. I gotta admit I am kind of tired of it, but this is a New York Times story and what am I supposed to say when we have a wave of stories coming out all within 24 24 hours, hours, arguing arguing arguing arguing essentially essentially essentially essentially the the the the same same same. same thing thing thing that that that Trump Trump Trump is. is is going going to to cheat cheat they. they're freaking out over this. Unhinged theories that we I just don't believe are based in reality when you look at the poll numbers when you look at Joe Biden's recent Gass, the nationwide trend and Trump's capitalizing off of these things, it looks like Trump is sitting pretty. so maybe I'm biased. I'll accept that and I'll tell you right now. you can see an inversion of these stories. You will see people claim. It's Trump who's panic. It's Trump who's who's in serious jeopardy and perhaps you could base that off of the polls showing Biden will win, but when I go back to 26. And see the polls showing Hillary Clinton. I don't think that's enough evidence when I look at the walk away campaign and more importantly when 538 the famous poster say that California's 20 -fifth district and Wisconsin's seventh could signal blue wave. But then we see a crushing defeat of the Democrats I have to surmise It''s looking well for Trump so everybody's trying to convince you their side is winning. I'm sorry this unhinged conspiracy says. to me, they're freaking out. so let's read it and see what. To say and go to go through what's potentially really going on at least from the way I see it. and of course I could be wrong before we get started head over to Tim Kass dot com slash Donate. If you'd like to support my work, there's many ways you can give, but the best thing you can do is share this video. I'm competing with major mainstream media that gets propped up on the front page of YouTube and they also have massive marketing massive marketing budgets. I don't have that same power, but if you're like my content and you share it overcomes the algorithmic hurdles that I face with YouTube holding my content back to prop up the mainstream media and it's more more powerful powerful than than a a marketing marketing budget, budget, but but if if you you just just wanna. wanna watch hit. Subscribe button The like button the notification Bell. hopefully that's enough for you to continue recommending my content. We'll see buzz's read the story. The New York Times says Trump sews doubt on voting It keeps some people up at night, a group of worst case scenario planners, mostly Democrats, but also some anti-trump Republicans have been gaming out how to respond to various doomsday options for the 2020 presidential election. Now, it could just be that the New York Times knows. I'll latch on to a story like this and they're pandering to my biases. keep that in mind, but this is something we've seen from many other outlets and we've seen many Democrats and resistance type lefties, tweeting this stuff and post and stuff on social media. That's why I'm inclined to thank these people of truly lost it and it's not so much that we are being manipulated with sensational stories. They know we'll read a little bit of that. Let's be honest, You know the New York Times knows that they're gonna see a whole bunch of people like me saying. Look at this New York Times story. They've really lost it. Whatever gets shares it doesn't matter if it's a positive view or a negative view because of you as of you and money is money. but let's read with that being said. So I did read this but let's go over it real quickly. in October, President Trump declares a state of emergency in major cities. William Barr announced an investigation against Joe Biden And then Biden Wednesdays after College. But Trump refuses to leave. Here's what they say Far-fetched conspiracy conspiracy theories theories not not not to to to a a a a group group group group of of of. of worst worst worst case case case case scenario. scenario scenario scenario planners, mostly Democrats, but some some anti-trump anti-trump anti-trump Republicans. Republicans Republicans as as as well well well well who who who who have have have have. been been been gaming gaming gaming out out. out various. various doomsday. For the 2020 presidential election, outraged by mister Trump and fearful that he might try to disrupt the campaign before during and after Election Day, they're engaged in a process that began in the realm of science fiction, but as nudges closer to reality as Mister Trump and his administration abandon long-standing political norms and here we go the New York Times jumping in very carefully just dipping a toe in the water of the conspiracy theory to make sure they seem a bit more rational, but they're gonna play the game. Same as every other freaky unhinged weirdo, the anxiety has intensified in recent weeks as the President can't continues to attack the integrity of male voting and insinuate that the election system is rigged while his Republican allies ramp up efforts to control who can vote and how just last week, mister Trump threatened to withhold funding from States that defy his wishes wishes on expanding male male voting while also amplifying unfounded claims of voter fraud in battleground States. Quote. The eight to 10 months I've been yapping at people about this stuff. The reactions have gone from don't be silly that won't happen to an increasing sense of you know that could happen, said Rosa Brooks, a Georgetown University law professor Earlier this year. Miss Brooks convened an informal group of Democrats and never Trump Republicans to brainstorm about ways the Trump administration could disrupt the election and to think about how to prevent it, but the anxiety is hardly limited to outside group. I kid you not they really. This conspiracy unhinged nonsense, I don't know what else to tell you man it has been years okay since Donald Trump won and it hasn't been the Republicans well, I mean they won so they wouldn't be complaining. Maybe they would be if they lost, but the Democrats haven't let it go arguing to this day. Trump only won because of Russia trying to impeach him over this nonsense. They've not stopped there has been no legitimate well. Okay. I shouldn't say no legitimate, but listen, we have had very little real political discourse over policy issues issues because because because the the the past past past several several several several years years years years have have have have been been. been been dominated dominated dominated by by by either. either either the. the Ukraine gate scandal. Russia gate scandal. Please just stop the conspiracy theories, but what did they say? Oh, they claim it's Donald Trump's base, Mike Baker of the New York Times, says outlandish conspiracy theories are no longer relegated to the fringe 44 percent of Republicans and 19 percent of Democrats believe Bill Gates want to use Co-ed blah blah blah. I don't care about the Bill. Gates stuff Okay. The point is there are fears that the right the fringe right are spreading conspiracy theories. You know what man you can take your insult. The right over conspiracy theories and place them neatly little box with the three years of Russia gate and then ask me. If I care you wanna come out with all these stories complaining about Right-wing conspiracy. There's hey man. I don't like any of the conspiracy theories, but you have no legs to stand on. I'm sorry because it was CNN MSNBC propping up this conspiracy nonsense and you know where the right wing conspiracy stuff comes from small channels, not Super large political commentary. The people who are sitting up on Twitter with hundreds of thousands of followers are concerned. With mainstream opinions that just so happen to like Trump, but you guys, you pushed the nonsense for years. Elli, a Washington lawyer who leads the Democratic National Committee's legal efforts to fight voter suppression efforts, said not a day goes by when he doesn't feel the question from senior Democratic officials about whether Mister Trump could postpone or cancel the election. prodded by allies to explain why not Mister Ellis wrote a column on the subject in late March for his website, and it it drew drew more more traffic traffic traffic than than than anything anything anything anything he'd he'd. he'd he'd ever ever ever published published. published. Just you know know what what what hey hey hey this this this is is is why why why we we we we can't can't can't. can't have have have nice nice nice things things things things I. I I I guess, but I have have a a serious serious question question on on this this though. though if the left really. Is drifting this far from reality. That's so much so that the New York Times even entertains the possibility even though they've been the one screeching this whole time. Does it come to a point where there's no way to bring everyone together if Donald Trump wins in November and the Democrats argue Trump really didn't win, then they'll look to these articles and say, see this proves that Trump really didn't win and he won't accept that he didn't win. Will there ever be anything that the left and the right will build reconcile what I mean to ask is are they drifting? Far apart, they'll never trust each other and that's it. It's over where do we go from there? Look at this stuff. This is nuts the most the most traffic anything I ever published but change in the day of the election is not what worries Mister Ellis the bigger threat in his mind, he said, is the possibility that the Trump administration could act in October to make it harder for people to vote in urban centers in battleground States possibilities, he said that include declaring a state of emergency deploying the National Guard, or for bidding of more than 10 people. Trump can't. Do that how long how many times have we heard them saying Trump doesn't have the authority to reopen the economy, but Trump has the authority to shut down the economy, which isn't Manus, Trump have the right to to to supersede the governor's or doesn't he doesn't yet here we go when it's convenient for their conspiracy theory. It must be true. Trump didn't do enough. then Trump says. I have absolute authority to say no you don't Trump can't mandate the church church has has reopened. reopened. He He can't can't can't tell tell tell the the the States States States what what what to to to to do, do, do, do, but. but but but he he he might might might tell tell tell tell the the the. the States States States what what what to to to do when it comes to the election. Manuel A fringe conspiracy weirdo world Michael Moores certainly seems to think so, but guess what Michael Moore here in my opinion is lying. This is what I love about today's media landscape. There is enough space. There's enough going on to break down the lies from these fringe weirdos. The only way Trump wins in 2020 is if he cheats, says Michael Moore, appearing on real time with Bill Maher and warning that Trump may be planning ways to boost his chances against Vice President Biden, the only way they're going to. Is he was able to cancel the election or postpone that is what we're going to have to fight against because I'm certain that is what's going on in his head right now. cheating okay. Alright. Well, Why is it then that recently Michael Moore said. Quote, Biden does not generate the necessary enthusiasm that it's going to take to get people out. The Democrats are cly counting on everyone's desire to remove Trump all that all that gives more flashbacks to 2016 as to the anti lock down. Test erupting in the same Rust Belt States that sealed Clintons four years ago, Trump's supporters more said ominously are more than ever. This story came out May 20 first two days later, Michael Moores says. No Trump's gonna cheat Okay. I get it, maybe Michael Moore's view on things changed in those two days or maybe they're just lying, maybe because they want to get Internet points, maybe because they don't really understand what's going on maybe maybe because because they they have, have, have. I I I don't don't don't know know know know. memory. memory memory memory the the the memory the memory of of a a goldfish. goldfish. maybe they just. Remember anything that happened in the days before, but why would Michael Moores switch from saying Trump's gonna you know Trump's gonna win because Joe Biden can't muster the enthusiasm and Trump supporters are more raitt than ever, but then come out and say no he's gonna cheat. He's gonna cheat and then we get all of these stories, arguing that Trump wouldn't leave this one 's from February 20, -second 2020 This one 's from February 20, third 2019. What if Trump refuses to accept defeat defeat in in 20, 20, 20, they've they've they've never never never stopped stopped stopped stopped saying saying saying the same things. saying the the the same same same things over and over. things things over and over again. over and over again I wonder how many times. You can write these articles and get away with them. I'll try to differentiate my view from their view because there is kind of a a mirror image here right. This is what I brought up earlier early on, but I think it's important to self analyze how many times have I made a video talking about Democrats and panic mode or Democrats are panicking. I get annoyed with myself over this kind of stuff and I'm sitting here trying to figure out. Is there a better way to phrase this but listen when they've pushed the same unhinged conspiracy of which there is no basis in reality for years. And now they're actually having meetings whether they're like what if Trump does this and then and the New York Times even entertains it and says their feelings. I'm sorry that is a legitimate article with quotes and sources from people who say they are panicking over the stuff and it's an informal group of Democrats. Then you'll look at what happened in CA, 25 with Katie Hills District going from nine points in favor of the Democrats swinging 21 points with the Republicans and it all kind of adds up now, take a look at the stories they've been running on the other side. What if Trump refuses to accept defeat in 2020 hold on 2020, it didn't happen. You have no reason to believe Trump would refuse to accept defeat just don't first of all he won in 2016. Most people believe he's gonna win. Why keep writing these stories because I think. Lying I think Democrats are panicking, but I believe many of them are panicking because they keep reading this stuff They're panicking because they believe the weirdo opinions of people claiming Trump is going to cheat. It's just not happening but we can go take a look at what really may be happening. You see Michael Moore's actually right in my opinion on May 20 first ask any left-wing populist Bernie Sanders supporter Will Joe Biden muster enthusiasm to beat Trump. They're gonna tell you no because even they don't wanna vote for the guy you ask Trump's. And they'll laugh happy that Joe Biden was the choice. So Michael Moore makes this point and I say this one makes sense. Biden doesn't generate Ansar enthusiasm. It's a real point. It's been it's been brought up in polls called the enthusiasm gap between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, but talking about Trump cheating is just panic. conspiracy theory nonsense. and when you put these stories that when you say it you end up with panic Democrats freaking out they're gonna lose. Trump supporters are overconfident. That's their weakness. This is the difference. Democrats are panicking Trump supporters are overconfident really, they think they can't lose. You really can lose man. Biden is running ahead of Clinton's 20 - 16 pace. Look. We can rag on Democrats all day and night you come to my channel. I certainly do it on this channel a lot another channels. you know, I'll talk about other stuff, but let's be real. I talk about it probably too much, but Biden is running ahead of Clinton's 20 - 16 pace his fundraising while not beating Trump is comparable, It''s close and Joe Biden is leading in the polls that may mean nothing let's be honest and. According to one poll, Biden is actually down. It's hard to know for sure, but to just discount Joe Biden outright would be wrong. There is a chance he wins and the betting odds over predicted. Have it pretty close and this is where Trump supporters need to get smart and honestly by the supporters need to get smart, too. You can't just go around claiming Trump's gonna cheat sorry if you can't support well, then you don't win and Trump supporters If you think you're going to win, that's when they sneak up behind you and they take that victory away. unfortunately. For the Democrats, though one thing that you know Michael Moore actually brought up that was spot on is that Democrats can't just rely on anti-trump sentiment to win, which may be why they're pushing conspiracy theories. Actually no, I should say this, they're pushing conspiracy theories, perhaps to generate anger at Trump and Anti-trump sentiment get a bunch of people thinking Trump is a cheater who will never never give give up up trying trying to to to generate generate generate that that that you you you you know know know know you you you you. want want want Trump Trump Trump Trump to look sinister nefarious but even 530 -. It won't work you need to actually have a candidate. Here's what 538 says Why anger at Trump may not help Democrats win they write, but if 2020 is an election driven primarily by anger that might backfire on Democrats take the 2016 election. One reason former Senator Hillary Clinton was less successful in mobilizing Obama's base was because her focus on Trump's bigoted comments attracted some who shared her views but did not resonate with Non-white voters The Clinton campaign. Big on the strategy of highlighting the racist and xenophobic undertones of the Trump campaign, but it's basket of deplorables messaging appeared to a gender more of arise from Trump supporters than falling under this label, then people of color feeling targeted. it was a severe miscalculation of the way people of color respond to political threats. That's right. Take a look at the story about Joe Biden saying you ain't black and what Charlemagne the God of the Restless Breakfast club was asking for those aren't familiar. Big story on the breakfast club with Charlamagne The God Charlemagne was asking Joe Biden about what he's going to do for his community, Biden said. I've got to go then he's then you know Charlemagne said. I've got more questions, but his response was if you can't if you're having trouble figuring out, you know why not to support him like you know basically saying if you don't vote for him, you ain't black. That's what he said and charla and the God did not react the way these people think they would react this story from Marketwatch Charmin. Tells Biden that black voters saved your political life in the primaries and have things they want from you. He wanna say it was cool that by apologies for it, but you've got to really answer to them. The Trump is bad, Orange man, bad and and the conspiracy stuff and the I hate Trump doesn't fly with the non-white voters, and it really does make sense if you look at the data, one of the one study, I really love highlighting is the hidden tribes more in common study that shows Progressive activists activists make make up up eight eight percent percent of of this this country country, and and they tend to be. Overwhelmingly White and upper class college-educated over a hundred thousand dollars a year. Interestingly, this is the weirdest thing I was reading one poll showing that Trump is actually doing bad against Biden in the polls because he's losing White voters. That's right. Trump has actually made some gains within the black community and minority voters. He's actually he's actually doing quite well but somehow, it's White people who don't like him, which flies flies in in the the face face face of of of of everything. everything everything. everything everything. the the The The Democrats Democrats Democrats. Democrats would would would tell tell tell you you you about about about Donald Donald. Donald Trump Trump, but. but it takes me back to the store. From 538 Hillary Clinton tried to accuse Trump of all the worst things all these names. I'm sorry man the Progressive activists who fall for this stuff are White. so you're you're going to attract them fine, but you're not going to get the non-white voters. you think you need it just it's not gonna work and that seems to be what they're betting on you. Joe Biden apparently tried claiming that he he was was endorsed endorsed by by by the the the NAACP NAACP NAACP. and and and they they came came out out and said no, they said said yesterday, yesterday, yesterday, former former former former Vice Vice Vice Vice President President President President Joe Joe Joe. Joe Biden Biden Biden made made made a a a comment comment. comment about about the. the NAACP and We want to clarify that the N double ACP is a non-partisan Organization and does not endorse candidates for political party for political office at any level Vice President Joe Biden said during his breakfast Breakfast Club interview that apparently they had he had been endorsed by this by the end of a CP. it just doesn't work. I wish the Democrats would try something beyond just complaining and acting like there's a big conspiracy and Trump is colluding with Russia or whatever the Russian khai. Narrative Trump cheated to win it was proven false. They are odd questions arising over Barack Obama's potential involvement The weird circumstances around Susan Rice's emails, a bunch of really weird things happening and the best they can muster up is a second conspiracy Ukraine gate and when that fails the best they can muster up is some blank nonsensical unhinged conspiracy with no real basis. Look if you come out and say Trump, you know colluded with Russia at least there's substance to your argument. argument. Russia Russia did did this this Trump Trump was was involved. involved Ukraine Trump made a phone call to. Hey, there's substance There you're wrong. now. There's nothing there. They're they're literally pulling nothing out of the hat, saying well, Trump cheated last time and treated with Ukraine and now he's he's just cheating. It's how is he cheating? He's just cheating that's cheating right. That's all they have they've run out of ideas. You know they tried claiming that Trump was colluding with China and then turns out that story was false. Everybody neatly drops it so we get rush again. What are we on Russia? Get four Now? Now? This This is is awesome. awesome. This. This. I I love love it it here here. We We are. are Russia gate. Two Ukrainian boogalo Russia gate Three Trump's Big Trouble in Little China, turn out to be false and like a week, and now we're on day four, We got nothing orange man bad there you go. Russia Gate Four orange man bad. It's the best that they could muster up. I think it's funny right when this story came out from the Washington Post, we need to prepare for the possibility of Trump rejecting election results May fourteenth. Many people were quick to point out. Are Are we we really really gonna gonna do do do this this this again? again? again? I I I ask ask ask ask are Are are. Are we we we really really really doing doing doing this this. this again again. we We did did. this in 20. Again, Yes, we are following us and I didn't do a segment on this. I was like, yeah. yeah, I get it. I don't wanna touch this stuff but look man. I'll tell you what when Michael Moore comes out. Michael Moore was right in 2016. He predicted Trump's victory. then on the 20 first, he predicted another Trump victory. now he's claiming well. Donald Trump's gonna cheat. Alright. man Okay. Okay. Can I have have some some some issues? issues? issues? please please please can can can you you you you tell tell tell tell me me me. me about about about what what what your your your policies policies? policies are. are. I know it's it's. Very few people, I guess who actually can talk about policies, but I'll tell you one thing right now. I don't know a whole lot about what Trump is aiming for the most part. He's gonna make America great again. He's gonna keep it Greg. He wants to the economy of those things. sound Nice, Joe Biden says. I'll do the same thing. I can give you one right now on the top of my head. I could probably give you a bunch More. Joe Biden stas on immigration is is untenable with the average American and that's a fact moratorium on deportations. you know know the the the the. the the benefits benefits benefits to to to non-citizens. It's It's it's it's a a it's it's these these are are simple. simple issues. Trump and Biden are divided now beyond that, let's be honest. It's it's it's sports politics man. It's people want Trump to win because it's their team and then people want buy into cuz it's their team. That's the anger that Democrats are hoping for they're hoping that they beat Trump because people will vote based on their team and not on their candidate that won't work because it doesn't work for minority voters. As we heard from Charlemagne, the God, he says, I wanna know what you're gonna do for my community. Guess what Trump holds meeting? For the black community for Latino community, he does, and he says here's what I'll do for you. Unemployment is gonna go down. We bring jobs back. We're gonna bring up your wages. Those are real things you can offer Joe Biden says. Vote for me or else. Basically, I'll wrap it up there cuz I can read on this forever, but I'm I'm fully expecting to see many more conspiracy theories in the in you know as as we get closer to November and I fully expect the media to blame the Conservatives for the conspiracy theories, but I'll be there stick around next segments Coming up at Six PM YouTube dot com slash Incas News. It is a different channel and I will see you all then. Bye.

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