Salman Khan Arrives In Chicago After 12 Years

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Salman Khan arrived at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport this afternoon for #DaBanggTourReloaded. It's all happening this Saturday on June 23rd....

Posted 4 years ago in TV & Movies
Desi Events In Chicago
Desi Events In Chicago4 years ago

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Pushpendra Singh
Pushpendra Singh5 months ago


Rahul Salve
Rahul Salve3 years ago

He is in hurry to see the green card of akshay Kumar in Canada.
Slaman Indian Govt will recommend to the govt Canada that we don't want Salman Khan to be the citizen of India.

Don't come back to India.

Tasmiya Waseem
Tasmiya Waseem3 years ago

Love you m jaan iam v happy to c u m jaan m sultan m tiger big love n big hug fabulous looking ur m jaan salman Khan

Shama Siddiqui
Shama Siddiqui3 years ago

Its not 1979. Its not 2019 that's why its not acceptable as me.

Shiraz Shiraz
Shiraz Shiraz3 years ago

Whos is this guy....
anyways 🤣🤣🤣

Rakia Azam
Rakia Azam3 years ago

I don’t see what’s all the fuss
Salman Khan is Anoying

Tina Sharma
Tina Sharma3 years ago

Bhai to bhai hai..always high..Love u salman khan. ..beautiful face n charming man....God bless u

Jaya Jain
Jaya Jain3 years ago

At least once you could have waved towards your would look better....may be because of security reasons you have ignored...... But it looks rude .....can't digest this from your side.......but still we are your loyal fans.....

Laxmi Soni
Laxmi Soni4 years ago

Neera bhabhi.. yahi hai humare gaon ka airport.. u seriously missed it