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Berlin’s university canteens are drastically dropping their meat options for students in an effort to become more climate-friendly. In October, their menus will become 68% vegan, 28% vegetarian, 2% fish-based, and 2% meat-based. Only one meat option will be available 4 days of the week at the 34 canteens and cafes that support 4 different universities.

According to The Guardian, this change is coming from the demand of students. A survey in 2019 found that 33% of Berlin’s students were vegetarian, while a further 13.5% ate vegan diets. According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, changing diets could drastically reduce carbon footprints — livestock production creates approx 14.5% of global greenhouse gas emissions, according to the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization.

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Gwen Miller Renninger
Gwen Miller Renninger4 months ago

Good. There's a big world of food out there, without animals. Maybe this will open some minds.

Sarah Frieslander
Sarah Frieslander4 months ago

I don’t see why this is controversial. They are providing meat options, just not a plethora of meat options. Universities have an obligation to provide for their students. If their student population is trending toward vegetarian and vegan options the schools need to trend toward that as well. We also haven’t talked about the cost of meat products. They are expensive and university cafs can’t really afford to waste the food they bring in. So it is also likely this change is due to loss of money due to food waste.

Edil Villa
Edil Villa4 months ago

Look, if it's tasty and it's nutritious I will eat it.

Lisa M Perry
Lisa M Perry4 months ago

so basically, there are too many people, so you are forcing everyone to eat vegan. Wow

Mariela Disla
Mariela Disla4 months ago

Good this is good! The less meat the better.

Kyle McGaughey
Kyle McGaughey4 months ago

Still only 46.5% prefer a non meat option. That means 53.5% still enjoy meat. Sounds like going against the majority but that’s me.

Roger Lamb
Roger Lamb4 months ago

It keeps longer than meat products, so less is going to waste.

Gert Oberholster
Gert Oberholster4 months ago

Space and money is running out for meat production. Damn going to miss those burgers but change is the only constant.

Shannon Maxwell
Shannon Maxwell4 months ago

Meat eaters: you're killing all of the plants. They have feelings too. Animals are starving to death because your eating their food.

Hunter Green
Hunter Green4 months ago

Can someone explain veganism to me please? I get the no animal products and what not but really. You're gonna complain about the burger I'm eating while your ENTIRE menu was at some point producing oxygen and filtering CO2, yea my diet is killing the planet...

Sorry but nowhere in the fight against climate change does it say we need more chickens and cows... plants on the other hand *cough cough*

I'm not bashing vegans or anything but I'm curious how is your diet any more environmentally conscious than mine.