Siblings Switching ROOMS For 24 HOURS!! (May Secret!) | Ranz and niana

Ranz Kyle • 1 year ago   201.5K     1.2K  •  2.2M Views
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Switching rooms for 24 hours with niana!!

Posted 1 year ago in Relationships, Friends, & Family
Alyssa Kate Daguio
Alyssa Kate Daguio1 year ago

Thanks for another night ender rn fam. I'm also really down to switching phones for 24 hours 🙂 keep safe always fam!

Wan Yim Sit
Wan Yim Sit9 months ago

If a man or a woman puts in an honest day's work, they should to be able to earn a living wage.

Bai Digla
Bai Digla1 year ago

that tshirt of niana is so prettynice awts purple neon samting and NIANA S NAME😍😍😍

Bai Digla
Bai Digla1 year ago

that was so cool room switching challenge😁👏👏✔💕💕

Jnqx Arrow
Jnqx Arrow1 year ago

Okay I'm changing bet 24 ours

Elisha Rubillos
Elisha Rubillos1 year ago

Cool room's, how i wish i had a room like that too🥺🥺

Real Arrianna Jade Dequito
Real Arrianna Jade Dequito1 year ago

Can I Get notice 🥺🥺

Nimfa Silao
Nimfa Silao1 year ago

i though niana would be mad couse u change her room but he is not mad bro keep safe i love ur vids il give ya all 1000 likes

Almhace Gile
Almhace Gile1 year ago

switching life for 24 hours vlog suggestion hehe

Merl Joy Imba
Merl Joy Imba1 year ago

Playing instruments with the fam❤