Kjetil Rekdal Celebrating Leeds Win

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Every #LUFC fan waking up this morning like Kjetil Rekdal 🤣🙌

Posted 7 months ago in Sports

Jeffrey Bradley 7 months ago

From a Burnley supporter....well done 👏 ... that was a solid team performance ....superb

Simm Malcolm 7 months ago

My girls who are big Leeds fans like make cakes and as scores that winning goal a bloke knocks at door to pick up his cake he must have thought this is a mad house mind that cake dad I was everywhere MOT everyone

David Hummell 7 months ago

Fantastic moment
Clapped so hard I nearly broke my hands

Angela McPartlan 7 months ago

It was definitely a “pinch me” moment. Tremendous stuff.

Jonathan Davis 7 months ago

That was like me when the second goal went in...

Maurice A Widdowson 7 months ago

From St Kitts, Caribbean, I switched off after Coopers sending off. It was a great tackle! I gave up in bewilderment! At full time my Man Utd friend called and said we had won, I gave him some lip! I wasn’t in the mood!! Next call from a life long Arsenal supporter, is ordering the shirt and henceforth supporting Leeds.Then a message from Australia! A call from North Carolina , On and on it went all afternoon. Just off to the beach for Sunday morning breakfast! Everyone knows I’m a Leeds fanatic!! I will take a bow as a walk in!
65 years a fan, former next door neighbor of John Charles in Churwell, this is a real supporters high point!
Hero’s all!!! 😎

Alan Tarr 7 months ago

Not quite as big in my house but wife thought I was having a H Attack when I cheered. Ps. woke here up. All good in Oz

Michelle James 7 months ago

I yelled so loudly and so much the neighbours knew Leeds had scored. I also temporarily lost my voice


Kevin Cocks 7 months ago

You could have heard me 10miles away when 2nd goal went in

Kev Slaytaa 7 months ago

I was same .,, but ended up cleaning my carpet .. spilt chuffin beer all over place 😂😂👍🍺