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#UPDATE The situation at Britomart appears to be contained — Armed police were stationed at Auckland's Britomart Train Station for the controlled...
Effect was leased in the area around seven o'clock. This evening, a short time ago and since then police have cordoned off the entire burden. My area trains are not going all the restaurants have been closed down. Police have been asked to evacuate the area police of us people to evacuate the area it's quite an intense feeling down here at the moment hearing those explosions and short time ago, a week, so uh a robot bomb detection machine hitting into the broader market area, a place with this setting. It up policing came out and push people further and further back um out onto the streets at the moment It's a bit of chaos down here lots of traffic building up lots of people, uh it seems to be running away. Uh quite a terrifying moment. Uh hopefully that is nothing too serious to worry about, but we will keep you updated as the story unfolds People go. I mean sorry if you're born here night

Posted 1 year ago in Crime & Tragedy.