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Posted 1 year ago

Fernan Utod 1 year ago

Imran Rajab 1 year ago

You literally don't know what you want from a girl. She deserves better. Hopefully she will get her real salemate.

Chandan Ramsagur 1 year ago

You are not a man guys

Robin Schlesing 1 year ago

What a douche bag....he doesn't even have enough balls to end it.....

Tony Reaburn 1 year ago

Just have the guts to say "it's over"

Kyk Adversity 1 year ago

What a sneaky man 馃檮

Rajiv Lama Ghising 1 year ago

That guy is not a man...he doesn't deserve a girl in his entire life...i feel sorry for that girl...May God bless her

Levi Walker 1 year ago

A铆 namoral esse cara 茅 um filha da puta

Kyer Hoskin 1 year ago

That dude was an ass hole