ASMR Makeup 🐼 How to Cover Dark Circles | 如何遮瑕黑眼圈 沉浸式化妆

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Daniela Sparky 7 months ago

Hellooooo handsome... I just start fallowing you and I'm learning a lots from you... But I have question... Why most asain guys wear make up????? I'm just curious... 😊🤔😉

Chea SeavLim 7 months ago

Love your video😍❤

Cristina Tavares 7 months ago


Aquino Jetro 7 months ago

iloveyou crush ❤️❤️😍😍

張永政 Josh Chang 7 months ago

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Anti-Wrinkle 45 超皱效逆龄植萃精华原液 2.0

Facial Balm 猪油膏

Makeup Base Compact 金刚罩

Pro Natural Foundation •D 专业后台粉底盘 5​​ 色

Tear Trough Compact Powder 回春饼

Lip Gloss Naked Mauve Matte •402 奢华订制唇釉 •殷红

Sunscreen 防晒保湿乳 SPF 45、SPF 46

Eyebrow Machete Pencil •05 砍刀纤细版眉筆

Prep Prime •Radiant Yellow 妆前透亮持妆露

Prep Prime Fix 活力水噴霧

Juan Dank Fg 7 months ago


Sandro Michael Ferreira 7 months ago

I love you...

Atoshe Barmon 7 months ago

Just love this simple Makeover 😍you are awesome

Mako Napeñas 7 months ago

Your always my love 💕

Ere Veve 7 months ago