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Resistance Band Training
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2018 Gtown 1000 Yard Challenge - DONE
Every summer For the past 8 years I host a 6 week High School summer strength and conditioning camp. On the final day we complete the 1000Yard Challenge. This test of Will includes
50 Pushup-50 Squat rows- 10/10 Yard hill sprints-5/20 Yard tire squat drags-5/pro shuttles-50 Tire Flips-50 tire lunges-100yd gasser -100yard sprint-5/low tire pushes 5/20 yd drags-5/20 yd Pulls ========= 55 guys finished and everyone competed. GREAT EFFORT GUYS. G pod luck this upcoming fall. GO HAWKS #gohawks #germantownathletics #gtownfastnfit #getbetter

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