15 Minute Penne Rosa

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A creamy tomato pasta with a kick! Penne Rosa is a 15 minute meal that is sure to please!
WRITTEN RECIPE: https://thestayathomechef.com/penne-rosa/

Posted 3 years ago in Food & Drink

Shauna Frakes 3 years ago

Katie Salter this looks like something you might like im not sure 馃槏

Patricia A Smith 3 years ago

Looks delicious Mary Beth Sherman

Ana Marquez Roman 3 years ago

Tyler Welch for tmw

Alessandra Tasselli 3 years ago

Paolo Leoci le facciamo la prossima volta??

Cody Campbell 3 years ago

Evan good ol penne rosa

Cheryl Graham 3 years ago

Made this a couple days ago, for me, needs more flavor.