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BREAKING: Reports of shots fired at Mayfair Mall in Wauwatosa, Wis.

Going out about what is happening in wauwatosa as we see this tactical unit uh moving around, I wanna bring in Hannah because we have heard sirens kinda come and go. This is a tactical unit from the Milwaukee Police Department. We've seen West Dallas police out there. obviously Wauwatosa police are out there. Hannah. What are you seeing as far as law enforcement movement right now? Dozens of vehicles just from this angle where we're at we're um just off Mayfair Road over by bases and as you can use tactical uh you may be able to see a tactical truck just driving over to the entrance There still a a very scene. scene. We still haven't heard exactly what's going on inside, but a lot of people are sheltering in place as you said they heard a flurry of gunshots ring out and they they sheltered as soon as they could got down got into one of the stores um one of the small. Stores outside of Macy's if they could and we're seeing a lot of people that are being told to leave them all if they can if they weren't in the area of where this happened, We're also seeing a lot of people coming up and standing along the sidewalks coming to the mall mall to see what's so we haven't heard from police on um the danger of the situation, but if you are in the area safe to say, it's probably not a good place to be right. Now, we see a lot of people coming to the property, putting up their cellphones to try to get some video to share uh but this is. Very active, we see police running around um in and out of the store here. this is where we hear the action happened. We just as we mentioned, we're speaking to some of the people inside they're still sheltering in place at this time um the medical examiner has not been called to the scene yet, but we're hearing a multiple people shot and uh we see several um emergency response vehicles here as well uh firetruck there we see another police tactical truck coming in. And again, there's a police officer right here just trying to get as many people out as he can at this time, you make a really good point. Hannah is that they're trying to get people out of there, but a lot of people if if they're coming home work and they see what's going on or they're watching on the news and they wanna come out to the property to capture uh some of the incident with their own cellphones. Not a good thing. Stay away from this law enforcement do their jobs and whatever they have to do At this point, there is local state and federal authorities on scene um many. Surrounding area departments are working together in this whole situation now typically when we see situations like this taking back to the Miller Brewery shooting. What is they try to isolate the situation? then they set up set up their Comm and have to evacuate any civilians once it's safe to do so then they will do that We haven't seen a flood of people coming out of the mall. At this point, we have been watching this very closely we have seen a flood of law enforcement officers and federal agents going in all suited up in their tactical gear. So if you're thinking about heading to the. Area Please don't let law enforcement do their job, give them the space to do so again the Milwaukee County Medical Examiner They are not responding to the scene, so that is a bit of positive news. We are here, although there are multiple ambulances on scene and we have seen multiple ambulances with their sirens on and their uh flashing lights going as well, leaving trying to get out of there quickly. uh we presume with victims so again, no official word about any of this but on a Friday evening, this has been going on for about an hour now maybe. A little bit more um we're trying to gather as much information as possible, but witnesses do tell us they heard reports of shots fired inside the mall right at that northwest corner, where Macy's is and Mac's restaurant is and a lot of people were able to get out of the building. Other people were told to shelter in place a lot of employees received an emergency text alert to their cellphones. We've been in touch with several employees who work inside the mall and they were told Hunker down shelter in place. Wait until you hear. Information from Law enforcement just talk to a woman who says her boyfriend works at the PF chang they have locked their doors lock their doors right after they heard shots, they saw people running out of the mall and they are now hunkering down in place so that has happened since after the shooting. So you're not seeing you're seeing actually some cars leave the ball, but I assume on this Friday right before Thanksgiving, there may have been a lot of people inside the mall even during the the quarantine they did kind of be swept out of the mall. Police need to go store. A store and make sure everything is safe after so serious but on the right you're seeing that part cars and you would think that represents and shoppers who are inside the inside the mall. let's go to Sanchez. She's on the scene with some new information. Hey guys. so yeah if you can see another sign of good news, I would think is uh that you do see some large uh groups of tactical units going in, but uh some of those groups are also coming out uh so we've been here a little closer to uh a little different from Hannah's perspective uh to what law enforcement are doing on this side. so we've seen tactical uh personnel and law enforcement going in, but we are seeing large groups of them coming out again. We've said the medical examiner has not been called to the scene, which, of course is a positive sign on uh such a tragic site so close to the holidays. That's what uh those I've spoken to the shopper. I've spoken to uh are saying, is just the shock and their stunt and they're stunned of just just seeing something this unfolding. Um those two shoppers that I've spoken with described uh either hearing the the gunshots or of the gunshots. so uh again we are seeing some vehicles clear out of the parking lot Uh law enforcement continues to be concentrated on this area uh of the Macy's uh parking lot uh but you do see vehicles starting to leave so we're hoping to see more people that got stuck inside the store or didn't have enough time. Leave them all we're hoping to see them come out. Without a doubt that is a little bit of good news that we are seeing uh some people and it doesn't look like anyone's more or less rushing around that area, but you can see officers they are standing guard with uh long guns trying to keep that perimeter safe as you see a member of the Sheriff's department entering the building right now um as they're trying to assess what exactly is going on, we do have several crews there on scene. We've spoken, of course with our Angelica Sanchez. We've also spoken at length with our Hannah Our Brett is also getting to the scene we. Know that the parking lots are filled from our eyes in the sky. We're able to see that just how many cars are there and our crews there on the ground. Just you know this was a Friday afternoon the weekend before Thanksgiving, a lot of people trying to get maybe an early jump start on their holiday shopping run a couple of errands before they head back home after work uh obviously nothing that we wanna see ever, but especially before the holidays as Angelica mentioned, just such a tough situation to see no official reports, nothing that we've heard officially from Wauwatosa police, the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office uh any sort of uh federal. Organization At this point, we're just hearing from witnesses and we're hearing from a lot of witnesses and a lot of the stories they match up, they heard shots fired has been has mentioned multiple times. It happened very quickly those who were able to get out of the mall did those who weren't were told to told to shelter in um so that's the situation that we're watching right now as you can see law enforcement going in there, we know this mall is filled uh the mall is filled with people. The entire parking lot is filled with empty cars so these people have to be somewhere so you can. Imagine what's going through their minds and we've been in touch with several of them. Our reporters have been on the phone with several of them just trying to assess the situation. try to find out what they know of course, make sure they're in a safe situation, which all of them are they're just in the stores uh sheltering in place with the employees of those stores um so until there is any official word as to whether a suspect or suspects have been apprehended um there's not gonna be much movement here. The only official word we are getting is some good news and that is no news. it's coming from the Milwaukee County Medical Examiners Office. They tell us they have not been called to the scene. There's some more good news. You're seeing paramedics come out and it doesn't appear anyone is on that stretcher. At this time, we have seen several crews and these are well-trained law enforcement. Unfortunately, they have had to train for situations just like this and you see in a parking lot that is just left to where our photographer is pointing out. There appears to be some staging you see some ambulances that are there just in case they're needed when the call goes out for a possible mass shooting, you will see law enforcement from all across the region. go to that scene in May. Mall is one of our busiest retail areas in really the entire state and region, and this is right before obviously they're busy shopping season. if you're just joining us, this is now just about an hour ago that all of this unfolding here on the north side of the Mall, Mayfair Mall over a million square feet of stores and restaurants, although mostly stores inside this space and we were told just about an hour ago, there was a flurry from witnesses of gun. Coming from the Mayfair Mall section, that is when there was a chaotic scene as several people obviously trying to get out of that mall and law enforcement were rushing in you can see kind of from the a layer of law enforcement, maybe at what time people arrived, you see Wauwatosa police officer vehicles are closest to those entrances and then there are some uh cars uh that are farther back. it looks like Angelica Sanchez has some witnesses right now who were on scene Angie. I'm gonna throw it to you. That's right, and I'm speaking with somebody that actually has a loved one that was impacted by this uh can you please explain to me who uh of your relative was a mister is my cousin and he work inside we have uh inside and uh he's he vital to explain you. yeah. so my uncle, he owns a few kiosks inside of Mayfair and I just got a call this morning like my mom came to my room running crying telling my uncle got shot no more explanation. That so I just ran as fast as I can here I came here and uh was taped off. No one was getting like let inside unless you're already inside from the floor um. I saw a few people come out. they brought the people that were in critical condition, Obviously first out I saw a lady come out on the structure with her baby um. My uncle, yeah, he did come out he got shot twice in the leg thankful it wasn't worse than that, but still it's pretty bad. You know his family with him at the hospital now or do you know what's what's the situation? Yup. My dad is headed to the hospital with him or no what is going through your mind right now, seeing a scene like this at a place that I'm sure you've frequented many times. I actually work here all the time and it's just crazy to me. It pisses me off a lot. I'm really mad about it. It's just this. All just a lot taking can you tell us a little bit about your uncle? the kind of person that he is my uncle. He. He just moved here a few years ago from Paxton. He's always been a kind caring person man every person that comes to his like every customer is that everyone loves respects him. That's why when I heard that he got shot, I was like not expecting for it to be out of so I'm really close to Marco's What so what do you have to say to the person or persons responsible for this? Oh? Go to hell straight up. That's that's the you have no heart whatsoever like I swear to God. I hope you go to hell. you do not deserve anything. That's as simple as that there's something else to say sir No, I uh I speak a little bit in the snow. That's okay. Yeah, very sorry for what your family is going through so again as you heard they had their uncle who was shot twice in the leg, and of course, this is coming as such a shock and as the young man described they are saying they saw multiple people uh wheeled out of here. so we're gonna stick with them. talk to them a little bit more. We're gonna send it back to you in Studio Angie quickly Can you. Ask if they were able to learn any information about how the shooting unfolded or any information about who the shooter may have been. No as you heard Ben uh you know they were they rushed right to the mall and at this time, they're just like us trying to wait around to figure out more information on what could have caused something like this immigrant from Pakistan shot twice. Hopefully he does well will keep up to date on this and we'll let you talk to them off camera a little bit so we can learn some more information. Alright, right now, we're gonna go to our Hannah, who is on a kind of a different side of Mayfair mall, though there Hannah, what are you hearing at this point? any new information on your end? Well, we've still been in touch with some of the people who are hunkering down and sheltering inside some of the stores inside the mall. They tell us that they've locked the doors They're still sheltering in place at this time, but not a lot of word yet to them about what exactly is going on. uh we still see a lot of law enforcement over here several ambulances um and a lot of emergency vehicles still coming in uh lot of shoppers still. Leaving the area some trying to pull up and pulling right away a lot of people coming up trying to find out what's going on if you are headed to this area, please stay away from the area. It's crowded they're starting to get a lot of traffic um over by this entrance and again we're hearing this is where the shooting possibly happened on the northwest side of the mall over somewhere by the Macy's. We're not sure exactly yet we've heard several reports, but we're still working to confirm that information. We tell you for sure several people we are hearing we're shot um again no medical examiner called at this point, which is good news um but still, this is a very active scene on this end of the mall. We're not hearing any update yet from law enforcement. This is just a situation where they're just trying to make sure that people get out of the area so they can do their jobs and we're trying to keep in touch as best as we can with people inside the mall to see how things are going but again they're sheltering in place. Now inside stores, the person we spoke with just a moment ago um inside the Victoria's Secret Pink store, he said he sheltered in place immediately when he's he heard a flurry of shots ring out so he is still inside there. He's been inside there for about an hour now um with no word yet about what's going on. so we're keeping in touch with the people who are still sheltering in place at this time and we'll keep you updated if there's any change but right now, uh no words. And we're not seeing much of a change from the outside at this point. Yeah, and I just saw a new law enforcement agency show up on scene the state patrol They are now on scene joining FB Af Milwaukee County Sheriff's Wawa Police Milwaukee Fire Department, Milwaukee police The list goes on and on and on as this is now become a regional response and a national response to what is happening inside the Mayfair Mall. This is still very much an active situation that you see more law enforcement pouring there on the scene our Angelica Sanchez joining us live now from the scene. New Information Angie That's right guys. I'm speaking with Nate, who works at the inside the Food court. Nate. Thank you so much for speaking with us. I know this was this is a lot so please can you describe for our viewers Just walk us through it. What did you hear and what did you see? I heard the gunshots one after another and then um I heard my manager run back and uh you know him and the other lady said. There's a shooting. We need to get out here right now. so I think it was cutting broccoli. I was doing and ran out. We ran out the back when done the flight of stairs and just went what was O. Through your mind when that moment run and oh shoot, I forgot my keys. Yeah, That was about it. I was just I was just get out of there. Yeah. so you're waiting to get back inside to. I'm assuming your vehicle is still in the park. My vehicle is in the parking lot yet uh where your coworkers able to get out safely. Yeah. luckily we all got out safely nobody's hurt um but yeah, it's just chaos and quick thinking and you don't really have time to think about what you have and what you don't have. It's just get out. Yeah. no I have to. Ask If you came out this way did you see anything else in terms of uh people being brought out? maybe people that were injured? Um I saw a few people on stretchers. come out. I just saw a bunch of squats a different. there's Fbi's af just a lot of different kinds of people come in to help and get in there and figure out what's going on and is there something that comes to mind when you see something like this right so close to the holidays. Terrifying very scary and I've never experienced anything like this before so new again I don't know but mostly terrifying. Yeah. Have you heard anything about the potential shooter or the person or persons responsible? Have you heard anything on that so far? No so far? what I heard is that they haven't found them yet that I'm sorry what they haven't found the person yet. Yeah. So I just wanna remind our viewers. We have not confirmed that uh with police but we do thank you Nate for speaking with us and we're so glad that you are okay. so we're gonna send it back over to. The studio Angelica Thank you. Yes, there's still still is a very active scene. No official word on whether or not a suspect or suspects have been apprehended at this point I do wanna make mention that we have said that the medical examiner has not responded to the scene at this point. It's important to point out that if this is still an active scene if there is still a suspect at large, the would not be called out even if there are people who are deceased inside because the scene is not safe for them to do so we are. Monitoring this At this point, the Emmy has not been called at this point, but as you just heard from that witness that Angelica Sanchez spoke with as well as several other witnesses, we have spoken with who are inside the mall at this time, including one whose uncle was one of the victims shot. Uh we're told that there are multiple victims inside so again. we're trying to confirm all this information. We just wanna be very clear with our viewers as to what is exactly going on what we know definitively and what we do not have. Confirmed at this point and stuff I found it interesting when we heard from Nate that food court worker we've all been inside. Mayfair Mall you lived in this area any given time. This is the premier retail location really in southeast Wisconsin that food court second floor right in the middle of the mall and we are told from witnesses it appears that that situation that unfolded was happening at Macy's and that food court worker sounded like he heard those shots pretty clearly and that whatever happened was really. Throughout the entire mall, obviously, that's still a bit a ways down uh the hall there to the food court to the Macy's and you're seeing law enforcement talking and now going through the mall just think about Mayfair Mall at least two levels. I can't remember if the Macy's has a third basement floor uh inside there, but there are obviously two levels to this mall for the rest of it and now law enforcement has to go store by store to make sure everybody's okay and the situation is clear, but that really stuck with me that Nate from the. Court as he's cut broccoli in the back could clearly hear those gunshots and knew right away that those were gunshots and quickly got out of that mall as quick as possible. We're glad he's safe. We're also seeing a lot of activity on on media and typically we don't report what we're seeing on social media, but there are a lot of people who are reaching out directly to foxsix telling us about their personal experiences being inside the mall and then being able to get out before everyone else inside was told to shelter in place Uh, for instance, Nicole tells us that she was. Inside Mayfair to pick up an online purchase and there were a bunch of gunshots Uh she says that she hit the floor when she heard them. She eventually went out the backdoor she's in her car as she was tweeting this out um she says that at first, she thought someone had knocked over a display because again you're at a mall when you hear something loud, you're not immediately thinking gunshot, she thought somebody knocked over a display then shortly there after she says there was a bunch of more shots and she said to her it was clear then so that's when she dropped to her knees, she hid behind the display in the mall, she said. Lots of people started running for the back of the. But she says she was worried about whoever the suspect was or suspect shooting into the store so she actually stayed hidden behind that display once she heard the noise in the mall hallway outside the store, she says she was able to sneak herself to the back of the store use an emergency exit and ran through the mall back hallways until she was finally outside. cops were just showing up at that point as she got to the door uh the heroin situation. it gives me chills even just reading uh this information from her cuz you're not expecting that on a Friday afternoon for your world to be flipped upside down, thankfully, though, thankfully Nicole was. To make it out safely our Hannah standing by right now. um I know Hannah you have been speaking with witnesses who were inside as well. What have you been hearing and I just got off the phone with them again um ten people inside one of the stores who are sheltering in place right now, they said They heard a flurry of shots and it was kind of a surreal moment Um some people started sheltering immediately. some people just kept walking about um almost in denial and shock of what was going on. They heard this flurry of shock. Then a pause then another flurry of shots uh they haven't been told anything yet they're still inside these stores sheltering and talking amongst each other just on their cellphones, calling us and uh seeing if we can tell them anything else. but right now, they're being told by police that until further notice, they're going to going to be these stores. Meanwhile, police are just still in the process here getting any shoppers who are in the parking lot or just coming to see what's going on um. Out of the area so they can do their job. We still see dozens of vehicles here to tactical ambulance all different sorts of law enforcement. I I was earlier this is reminiscing of the scene I saw when we were reporting on the Miller brewery shooting earlier this year, a very large presence here if you're thinking of heading to the area, please stay away um law enforcement still trying to just clear this area as much as they can so they can do their jobs and we're keeping it. With the people inside the mall, we just um recorded an interview with one person that we're hoping to bring you in a little bit and uh they're bringing us some um pictures and video of what's going on inside actually if I can give you a look right now I do see some law enforcement up on the roof. Are you able to see we're now seeing that shot up on top of the roof and Hannah. I just wanna say we just got some new information this coming from the Wauwatosa Police Department. They're speaking with our bills and they do tell em obviously. They are at an active shooter situation at Mayfair Mall. They say that multiple injured victims have been an are being transported from the north end of the Macy's Department store that we're looking at right now, Two local hospital none of the victims injuries appear to be life threatening and then uh we are being told from the police department. The perpetrator is at large at this time, and we're told there are approximately 75 police officers on the scene. We know there's also federal agents. And deputies as well as members from the state patrol, but none of the victims injuries appear to be life threatening. We do not know at this point. how many people are injured. I wanna take another shot of that roof. Hannah Can you tell what the law enforcement are doing up there? It looked like they were carrying firearms of some sort they were just kinda looking around and um walking. we only caught a brief glimpse of them above the Macy's store. um not sure exactly what they were doing. We just saw them for a brief moment that we showed you live and now we do not see them anymore. um so we'll keep an eye on this and let you know what we see, but it is very telling that this is an active situation again. We are hearing that from the mayor of Wauwatosa Dennis McBride telling us the Police department is currently involved in an active shooter incident at Mayfair Mall in Wauwatosa. More information, we're told is going to be released as it becomes available. They are still very much working the scene multiple injured victims were being told they're being being transported from the end of Macy's Department store, but the most important piece of information at this point is the perpetrator we're being told is still at large at this time. so that's why you saw police with their guns drawn walking there on the roof of Mayfair Mall and again. This is a local state and federal operation. Now we have seen the AF on scene we've seen the. On the FB, confirming with us now that they are sending support agents now to Mayfair Mall to help uh in the search for the suspect or suspects now, we're being told by the by the mayor's office. It's the perpetrator. so we're not exactly sure if it's one or more people. but again, this is the first time we are hearing that this is an active situation with the suspect not apprehended at this point and let's talk about them all this is one of the biggest retail spaces in our region. One point. 1.3000000 square feet of retail space. Inside that mall as we take a live picture once again, Mayfair is owned by a group out of Chicago, Brookfield Properties, so they're the ones who manage this. They're national management chain and obviously law enforcement they thought about worst case scenario, They thought about a day like this and they have trained for it and now it's coming to fruition here as uh we're seeing just uh so many law enforcement you can see there's a member of the FB on the right standing next to a member of the police department so a lot of people working together but this. Have been the first time that they've talked about something like this happening The teamwork uh is pretty evident out of the gate here and it appears like they're doing this in a systematic fashion. There are 160 retailers inside large and small and law enforcement is gonna have to go store to store over 100. It's a 160 retailers in there and so uh we've been told that people from the get go were told to shelter in place. We know some stores lock their doors put the gates down so uh it's evidence. That there are still shoppers inside waiting for some news and they're obviously still some anxious moments but all of the activity appears to be inside the Macy's store right now far north end of the mall. If you go down Mayfair Road, which is highway 100. uh obviously you know where this is let's go to Brett Levo. He has just arrived on scene Brett. I know you've got a different angle. What are you seeing over there? Yeah, Ben, You know we've been hearing reports that there were 75 or even more police officers on scene. We just arrived and I could say that's probably an understatement because this area is just swarming with police as you can see across the street I met 105th the north right now over on the Nordstrom side of the mall and there are police officers that are blocking each of the entrance as we go further down North you can see at that main entrance to Mayfair. Uh there is uh an additional squad that is blocking the. Certainly uh lots of people running around uh in this area and kind of confused as to what's happening if they've just arrived and are unsure of what's taking place here. Um we're gonna try and see if we can get a little bit closer and uh get in contact with some of the individuals who may have been inside the mall, but as you can see behind me here uh lots of police activity here uh in wauwatosa, Alright Brett appreciate it. We'll get back to you in just a moment here. Absolutely we do have crews covering this entire scene right now and we've spoken with several. Who were actually inside Mayfair Mall, We spoke to them live right here on Fox six with our Angelica Sanchez and they did what personal defense experts tell us to do all the time if you can run if you have to hide and of course, the last result always the last resort always is to fight but the witnesses we've spoke with, said one of them ran and one of them got down and hit until they no longer heard the gunshots and that's when she was able to make it out one of the back mall hallways. so imagine yourself in that. What would you do? this is why we talk with the personal defense experts who advise us what to do in these uh very anxiety provoking situations uh when chaos is just breaking out all around so again, this is still an active scene. We saw officers there with their guns drawn on the roof It appears to be that they were clearing the roof, making sure the suspect or suspects not up there at the time once that's clear as they usually do they'll stand guard to make sure that person doesn't sneak their way back up there once they're out of there, but at this point has been mentioned this mall is enormous. It's more than a million square feet so for them to have to. This entire scene, we know it's at the north end where the actual incident occurred, but we don't know where the perpetrator is at this point. and that's what all this law enforcement is on scene trying to figure out at this moment and again we've heard that there are multiple victims from Mayor Dennis McBride. um we have been told that their injuries appear to be non-life threatening but again at this point, this is an active scene. They are trying to figure out who this person is who did this today and they're trying to apprehend that person. We just got uh an update from the field office from the FB in Milwaukee, They say they are currently responding to support local law enforcement tactical response to Mayfair Mall uh the shooting that's taking place there. so that's the official word from the FB. you're seeing the tweet on your screen and the lead agency would be the Wauwatosa Police department, but obviously when you're dealing with such a large building and 160 retailers inside, you're gonna take as much help as you can get and the FB they can help in a. Ways, if there's a perpetrator on the large, so we know there are federal resources that are being used right now to team up with our local law enforcement try to find out the person that's responsible to to go for this, let's go out to Hannah. She's got some new information she's outside the mall. We're seeing some witnesses that are around you. What have you heard? Hannah Well, I just heard an update from inside one of the stores the shopper telling me that they were just told by law enforcement that Swat is clearing the building and they will soon go store by. To clear people out, we just saw a couple more people coming out um from the mall. so we're keeping an eye here on what is happening as you said before we haven't seen that big rush of people being taken out of the mall um since this all began so we've been still keeping in touch with the people inside they've been sheltering in place for about an hour now, but again they just texted me um that they just heard the Swat team is clearing the building and soon they will be going store to store they've been. Hiding in the very back where the storage is kept uh behind the registers just waiting uh for word from anybody anybody and this is first word they've heard in about an hour. so we're keeping in touch with them and we'll let you know as soon as we hear more. But for now they just wanted to get the word out and let their families know that they're safe. Um they're trying to get word out to their families as much as they can on their cellphones and we'll keep in touch with them and let you know what's going on. Alright Hannah Thank you for that. We know that you'll stay on top of it. Been mentioned 160 stores in Mayfair Mall at more than a million square feet so for them to have to go store by store to clear this is gonna take some time. I mean we've already been watching this active scene for the past hour and a half now and it just seems that more people are coming on scene versus people leaving the scenes so um from our vantage point looks like you know, state local federal, we know everyone is there are more people who are going in with bags with their tactical gear um so. Just waiting for official word as to whether or not a suspect is apprehended because at this point, no suspect is apprehended in that suspect is still at large and we know they're gonna search every square inch of this 1.3000000 square feet, and they're gonna do it as law enforcement does methodically. So what you're witnessing here in the Macy's appears to be that starting point for law enforcement as they're using that single entrance to start a teams of law enforcement will go through the mall and they're gonna make sure that they check everything. check it twice. We've seen people. On the roof, Hannah Joel just uh shared some fascinating photos on her Twitter page that we're gonna get you in just a moment here, but it does show some of the people who are Hunkered in place inside the mall They are on the ground in safe locations inside some of these stores. A lot of their cellphones are being the stores are being generous and letting people you know plug in their cellphones so they can just let everybody know that they're safe this happening of course right before the holidays right before the busiest time of year for malls and. We know just from the parking lot here at Macy's, there were a number of people inside the mall when this happened shortly after 3 o'clock. so uh we've got several crews on the scene. We'll get an update from them in a second, but once again we are told all of the injuries this is coming from police all of the injuries appear to be non-life threatening and that the suspect still on the loose after shots were fired inside Mayfair Mall this afternoon. This is not the first time. Mall has been the scene of a high-profile shooting as you're looking here. This is the staging area just to give you kind of an idea to what you're looking at. this is the main entrance and exit point to the Macy's there where you see the officers going in and out, but the Mayfair mall as you might remember Wauwatosa police Officer Joseph Men shot Alvin Cole outside Mayfair Mall back in February and that has led to many protests and of course we just had in the news just. Days ago that officer Meza has resigned now from the Wauwatosa police force after having three on duty shootings um but again Mayfair Mall police, you know they're used to responding to scenes like this they train for situations like this. unfortunately they're having to put all of this training into action today, something they never wanna have to do but again this is the staging area. This is an active situation. The perpetrator is still at large, we're being told by Dennis McBride, the mayor of Wauwatosa um and we. Have seen some ambulances leave, but Ben we haven't seen in quite some time stretchers being or other ambulances trying to make their way out of the parking lot. It's been about an hour since we've seen a last ambulance, the only stretches that we've seen come out of the mall had been empty one so that is the good news. I know you brought up that high profile shooting. there was actually a shooting in the mall parking lot back in October that one person was injured and what police described as a drug deal. Obviously, this is a much different situation when you're dealing with a mass shooting. Inside the mall in the details here not yet clear about what unfolded why shots were fired what the suspect had in mind or even really how many people police are looking for right now. What we do know is this building is flooded with cameras, especially inside the Macy's so whatever happened likely they will have different scenes, both of the entrance of everybody who walked inside and everybody who walked out and you're gonna see obviously the chaotic scenes that unfolded as we're seeing That's a member of the fire. Department now walking out of the Macy's entrance here our Cassidy Williams just arriving to see on scene. We have a bunch of crews stationed all around the property there. Cassidy. I know you've had some time uh once you got there on scene to speak with some people. What new information are you learning? Yeah. I just spoke with a dad who got a call from his daughter who was inside the mall there just outside of the Macy's who called your dad dad and said, I think I heard gunshots and while he was on the phone, he heard that more gunshots, he says his daughter is okay, but she is still inside the mall is they're still not letting everyone out as they search the. Property she's down inside of the hallway she was just able to FaceTime her dad to let him know that she is okay. You can see just the large police presence around here the city of coming from the mayor, saying that there was a shooting inside here multiple people shot, but that they believe none of the injuries are life threatening and so we keep seeing more people coming who have daughters or family members who are either here shopping here working just coming to check to make sure they are okay and this is still a very. Developing scene and there are still people inside who are not being allowed out. Alright Cassie appreciate we got a new update from the police department. It's just a really small one in a tweet. They're asking people if you don't need to be anywhere near here, please stay away. They're saying this is still an active investigation and they are asking people to use alternative routes to get around here. so obviously the dozens and dozens of law enforcement can have some room to work. It's kinda hard to do cuz that's highway 100 in North Avenue. We're seeing all the cars go by all of our reporters right now. Not shut down Mayfair Road or North Avenue, but if you don't need to be here, please don't go to this area because law enforcement needs the room to work they need room to move around. So that's the latest from the police department that is very busy at this hour and you have to imagine that family members. you know who know that their loved ones are inside and maybe they've heard from them. Maybe they haven't and they do wanna go to the scene. Uh you know just give law enforcement the space that they need to work because we've seen a lot of people just more or less kind of congregating with their cellphones. Trying to capture whatever images they're able to, but then getting in the way of ambulances and other officers trying to get on scene. so if you are going to the area if you don't have to stay away, but if you have to of course, give law enforcement the space that they need Hannah joining us live now and we were talking about that Tropicana. it is going behind you. It is a busy Friday night in this area. That's right, We have people here who are coming with their cellphones to try to see what's going on. We also have a lot of concerned family members here saying what can they do? how can they get to their family members inside? We can tell you if you know someone inside, we're hearing that the situation is stable. At this time, people are sheltering in place and um if you're headed to this area just try to give law enforcement some space right now, we see several people just trying to um several law enforcement personnel just trying to keep people away. What you're looking at now is a. I just got from inside the store inside the pink store where uh there's a group of ten or fifteen who are sheltering in place, they were just told after about an hour with no word that there is the Swat team will be coming around shortly to clear them and let them go. We do not know much more about that. We haven't heard that directly from law enforcement, but that was the sign of good hope that they heard at that time, Somebody who we are seeing right here on the scene, Tracy Dent an activist in our community you've. On our air, many times, he's here just disappointed that we're seeing something like this again. Yes. um it's it's really disappointing disheartening. um you know like I said Milwaukee County already surpassed the homicide rate in the shootings for you know in the history of the county and now we we we we're we're we're standing on something like this. It's it's it's insane. It's insane and I pray for all the people who have been um who got shot. You know and I'm and I'm hopefully no one is gonna die because of this, you know, um it's just it's just frustrating. It's been a very violent year very violent, very violent year and it's and you know and it's it's time for all of us to to to put our differences aside and start working together and start reducing the violence in our communities and part of what you do all year long is try to reduce that violence you just um we're doing some work you were mentioning before we went live um trying to get people to. Put the guns down How does it feel um when you've been working so hard this year to still see this kind of violence happening in our area? Um it's like I said it's very hard to even grasp the concept of all this all these shootings that's happening. I mean you have teenagers. you have babies you have I mean elderly people getting shot and it is just crazy and now you see this. uh yeah we um me and some artist got together and we um we did a uh stop the song called put the guns down um and. You know and it's it's and it's just crazy cuz it's just been released this week and now this happens so that's why it's important for all of us to work together and ask people, please listen to the song. Listen to the lyrics of this song. It's very powerful. I know you've been working hard. You're just one of many in the the city in this in this county that's been working as hard as you can um to try to get this violence and it just seems like it just keeps on coming again. People are just inside. they tell me they were just Christmas shopping. Uh they heard this flurry of shots some sheltered in place somewhere. Shocked by what they heard and didn't shelter in place immediately, it was just a shock to everybody that this could happen in a mall that so many of us frequent often back to you. Alright Hannah let's get out straight to Bret. He's got someone that can provide a new perspective on this Brett. Yeah, Ben. I'm here with two women who just exited Mayfair Mall. This is is Keisha Keisha. You heard the gunshots what was going on inside um well, basically I was on the second level when it happened um and I was entering a store cuz I had just started my shift um so basically what happened is um I was talking with the young lady giving out some information for the holiday and next thing you know we hear shots run out. So upon how many did you hear um that I can calculate about maybe like five shots at first and I mean was was it pandemonium inside? I mean people must have been frightened. Yes um then immediately people screaming and um I'm assuming panic, you know people going into panic and we just kinda just everybody just try to go to safety as quickly as they could. I mean you came out of the mall in tears, you're hugging your friend here and you're still kinda shaking. Is a frightening ordeal? Yeah, I've never you know, experienced something like this um and because of the times that we're in you know and we practice all the time at work for something like this happening but to actually be in the moment is a whole another thing. So were you still in the mall When you saw the police, I mean, were there police that came in or well? I'm assuming when everything started happening, But once we heard the shots we just went into safety like we were. To like we were trying to do with something like this happened so and that's pretty much. Yeah until we kept getting notifications to let us know um to just stay where we are and and stay safe and calm. and that's what we did until we were given further information to um what was gonna happen next or for us to evacuate the building so and you know you know as as we're just saying there's been a number of shootings that have happened. Either in Mayfair or around Mayfair and just really the last year, I guess what do you? what do you make of as an employee? here? What do you make of that? Um it's scary. That's I don't know I don't have any other words you know so describe it. It's just it's scary um and to actually physically be in that moment. Just is you can't even explain it so you I just try to stay as calm as possible and um. Not going to panic myself, so yeah, great. Well. Keisha. Thank you so much uh we appreciate it. We're so glad that you and your friend are are are both safe and uh made it out. Okay. Thank you so much we are certainly happy that they are Brett. I mean to experience something like that, but the fact that she said that they train for situations like this Brett that stuck out to me the fact that there have been other incidents, maybe not like this where there's somebody who's shooting inside the mall, but they do train for things like this. That in of itself has to be scary, the fact that you have to put that into action. Yeah, it certainly a sign of the times uh that we're living in that there is training that takes place. You know we think of that happening in schools um but not at at at a mall and certainly uh it's been um needed as you mentioned because there have been a number of incidents out here here that have necessitate um you know shelter in place type uh situations and certainly uh as we heard from this young woman um uh a frightening. Especially for someone who works here who comes here each and every day uh thinking that this is a safe place to be uh and then something like this happens and will likely have to go back to work there, you know once all said and done so Brett Thank you for that and we have been hearing multiple reports from people who were inside the mall just like lakisha there. uh Nicole was sending some messages to us saying that she was just inside Mayfair to pick up some online purchases and that's when she heard a bunch of gunshots. And she said at first she didn't realize exactly what was happening, which I'm sure is exactly what would probably go through. uh my mind your mind uh when you first hear that she thought it was a display that maybe got knocked over, but then she heard a bunch more shots, she said. And she said to her it was clear then so she dropped to her knees. She hid behind the display, she said a lot of people that were in the store with her started actually running for the back of the store when the gunshots rang out. But she said she was too worried about the shooter shooting into the store so she stayed hidden behind that display. She says that once she heard. Noise in the mall hallway once it was out of the actual store she was in and into the mall hallway. That's when she says she snuck herself to the back of the store used an emergency exit and ran through the back hallways until she was outside, she says. That's when police officers were just showing up as she got to the door there. so we know that there are other civilians still inside the mall. It was a busy Friday there at Mayfair um so we know that they're still inside their sheltering in place as this is an active situation. Sanchez standing by right now, Angie, you have been speaking to some unbelievable witnesses uh some of whom who were right there with all of this went down. That's right, and the first instinct is to just get out of the mall. I wanna show you what's going on behind me, we've actually been told to move to this side of Mayfair Road uh here across from the mall and we were told to move by authorities. Authorities are telling us that parking lot is still not we've been saying the shooter in this case is still considered at large and law enforcement is telling us that area they need us to move back. So. of course, we respect that and we're moving back. we don't wanna make their job more difficult than it already is when they're dealing. With such a chaotic situation, so we are now on this side of Mayfair mall uh watching the scene continue to unfold and I I know that uh heard earlier, there's at least seventy-five members of law enforcement, but we've actually seen even more uh law enforcement arrived from the scene this time from Waukesha County, we saw several vehicles from Waukesha County vehicles from Waukesha County arriving to the scene. Now we've also been informed by law enforcement that there will be a press briefing. uh Soon we're hoping uh to have an exact time, but it will be away from the property as again we've been told this parking lot is still not considered safe, which is why we're respecting what law enforcement is telling us and we've moved back to this side of Mayfair Road back to you and it just shows you how fluid the situation because in our shot really in the last hour, we've seen several people go into the parking lot and take photos with their uh cellphones and videos and law enforcement obviously was still busy and they're still securing the scene because it's such a large area over a million square feet at May. Uh so they've moved you back. I will know this is fourth mass shooting in the Milwaukee area this year in February, of course, was the Miller brewery shooting. We had a man who killed five family members in April the Serenity Funeral home shooting in September. That was a drive by shooting where somebody sprayed bullets at a group who was waiting outside a funeral home. There was an arrest in that case and then today the Mayfair Mall shooting. We do not know right now how many victims there were, but Angie I wanna bring you back in cuz you had a fascinating interview from family members of one man who uh at those. Williams I don't know if you can go back to Angie Real quick cuz uh well. Cassie let's go to you. I know you've got some new information. Yeah, we're here I know Angelica was asked to get back off of the property here where we are. they're still letting people be here. We're a little bit closer to where you can see Macy's and the large police presence. I just spoke with a shopper who is inside of Macy's at the time when she heard a number of gunshots she immediately dropped to the floor. She was there shopping with her mother and they're both a little shaken up at this point, but they're happy that they got out safely, but they heard quite a few gunshots. They say they did not see the shooter but just a very alarming moment. As here shopping, it's the holiday season and you can see just how many police officers are here. We're still seeing shoppers slowly being allowed out employees being allowed out as I also spoke with the man who says his daughter is still inside with an employee and one of the kiosks outside of Macy's and was being asked to stay inside. They're still waiting still very active situation as that shooter is still at large. Thank you for that we appreciate it. uh you know as we've been mentioning. this is not the first shooting to happen at Mayfair. It's certainly not the first shooting to even happen at Mayfair this year and back in 2007 13 years ago, Mayfair actually implemented a weakened chaperone policy for those seventeen and younger because of concerns about crime crime and caused by unaccompanied minors. Now we don't know the exact time when all of this broke out, but this specific policy that parental guidance required policy it kicks in at 3 PM on Friday and then it runs through the weekend. that was right around the same. When all of this started happening when our scanner started going off that there was uh an incident that had there at Mayfair Mall so this could possibly underscore that that long-standing a crime and disruption they there at Mayfair, we heard from one of the employees who works at one of the stores there, and she says, yeah, it is concerning and the fact that um you know she has to go back to work at a place where something like this happened. Angelica Sanchez she is getting set up with an interview right now. I'm not exactly sure if we're ready to take. If we wanna go to our Brett Laine, our Angelica alright, here's Brett Laine Brett. You also have somebody who was there when all of this happened? Yes, I do Stephanie. I'm here with Zach and he's actually waiting to get to his car because he can't go into the mall area, but uh more importantly than that. Zach you said you were in the mall when you heard these gunshots. What was it like? Yeah, it was uh it was terrifying. Obviously, it was very chaotic. um when you hear that first initial shot uh it doesn't. That it's a gun, you know, um my first reaction was somebody must have drop something I wanted to turn around and help him and then uh seconds later I hear what I think was three or four more shots. I'm not totally sure about that though and uh it's just absolutely terrifying when you feel that moment set of oh my God. This is a shooter and uh I need to get out of here immediately. We're we're people running. I mean what was the atmosphere so right off of the bat? Uh it was confusion. Nobody really knew what was happening and um then you heard a couple of voice. Five 6 seconds and go run um and that general chaos started setting into people. so as you're running was, I was running out the mom everybody's turning going what's happening is everything okay and you're just left saying there's a shooter get out as fast as you can. And uh it's just terrifying I've never had fear like that ever in my life. you were just telling me you're from out of ten, you're actually from Chicago, you said. This is your first time at Mayfair uh and one of the things that stuck out to you was the response time for police. Tell me how fast did they get here? You know it's it's hard to have accurate time Madden uh in a situation like that um but as soon as I heard the shots, my first reaction was to obviously get to a door and get out as fast as possible and uh by the time I. Out to a door, I was running down here in the streets and I could see squad cars pulling in here immediately flying to the uh to the shooter uh it had to be two 3 minutes and police were on site. It was very impressive and as a result and as we said earlier, you know all of the entrances now are blocked and you can't get in you can't get out and that's leaving you and a lot of other people actually on the on the Nordstrom side of the mall in a bit of a bind. Yeah. uh unfortunately, I can't get to my car right now. um so I'm hanging. Here uh with the police um very friendly guys uh just doing what I can to keep safe in the meantime. Well, we're glad that you're okay. Zach Thank you so much for your time and sharing that story with us but uh yeah, I mean it's Stephanie Ben as you can imagine uh this is impacted hundreds and hundreds of people that were inside the mall either working or shopping is Zach said He's from out of town. This was his first time here at Mayfair uh and certainly uh a memorable one for all of the wrong reasons. Run run run I've never had fear like that in my life, but a scary day for so many people let's go out to Angelica Sanchez. She's got a new witness standing by. That's right guys. I'm here with Janine, who was a shopper inside the mall at the time of the shooting, so just walk us through what were you doing? And when did you realize something is very wrong? So So I shopping in Macy's for North face coat and I realized that the workers started running around the store screaming. we have to get out. We have to get out. There's a gunfire and so we left out they made us leave off the back entrance of Mayfair Mall. I mean a Macy's store and then um. We had to come around to the front building and get in our cars or whatever, and that's all like I know so far and you tell me that your niece is actually still inside. Yes. so my niece is inside and they're working on getting them out. They're doing it as safe as possible, like sneaking them out of the building. Can you describe that process for us? You're telling me that there's some hallways, They're taking them down to yes, so they're sneaking them to like little hallways. so they're not they don't. To the actor shooter, who's still and a loose in the building, they say, so they just taking them to like little hallways to come out. And of course, we've confirmed that the shooter is at large at this time. Foxsix is not confirmed where police are looking for him. But of course, that's what uh your niece is telling you uh can I ask you know what's going through your heart right now through your mind through your heart right now when you know that your niece is still inside, it's um very heart-wrenching. It's emotional. I mean I cry because to know that she's in that in a you know situation like. And it's very dangerous, so it was just very emotional and heart but she's okay, she's able to FaceTime us and let us us know she's doing So that's uh that's awesome. What else was she telling you her coworkers? Okay? Yes, our coworkers is fine. They got them in a group and you know just basically trying to get them out sneak them out of the building. so you know they're not running into an active shooter or anything. so that's just where we at right now. wanna thank you for taking the time to speak with us at such a difficult moment for you. Thank you so much for uh speaking with us today, sending it back to you guys. In the studio, thank you, we appreciate that uh we do wanna make note that we have heard from Wauwatosa police that they do have a news conference set for 545. It's gonna be away from the property. Hannah joining us live now. Yes and we're on the side of the property the northwest side by the Macy's, where uh police are telling us to still stay away from the area. You can see dozens of vehicles there um still monitoring that store. We just heard again from people inside the mall. The shops that we're we have um people still hunkering down and waiting for word from police. They just told me again, they've been told by police to stand by that they are going store by store to clear people to leave the mall. We also saw just a moment ago, maybe we can pan over to Texas de Brazil. That's a restaurant that is. Connected to the mall, but it's next to Macy's. there were people sheltering in place inside that restaurant, as well. We had some family members coming up just a few moments ago asking us. What can we do? We know some family that are inside of there? Um we saw some people just leaving that restaurant as well, so there were people sheltering in place there um again if you're coming to this area, we're still seeing a lot of people coming out here just to kind of go at the scene. Stay away right now. This is still an active scene. Um we're gonna show you now also some pictures from inside the mall store, which is just one of the stores right now where people are sheltering in place, they've been told to stay back behind the registers back into the storage areas you can see um and they've just been staying there standing by for more than an hour at this point with not a lot of word only about 15 minutes ago, they say they tell me that they were told by law enforcement. That um they will have somebody coming by to check on them to clear them them to possibly and again we haven't seen a huge rush of people coming out from the store, but we have seen a few people trickling here and there coming out and meeting their family members. uh we'll keep you posted on what we see here. Yeah. it was hard to see cuz we zoomed in on some of the pictures, but people have their phones plugged in the back of the store to make sure those stay juiced up so they can continue to talk to family members uh as. Situation continues and I saw something interesting on your uh image There does appear to be that staging area by the Texas Day, Brazil, where we have seen some law enforcement uh vehicles hanging out in case they're needed. and then there seems to be a second staging area inside the Macy's that entrance on the North side is where all law enforcement is coming in and out of and that's interesting to see this kind of play out. you will see that law enforcement the first thing they wanna do is close off all of. The exits and entrances to make sure they have an accounting of who's going in and out and that everybody is safe, so we've really only seen besides the chaotic moments where everybody was running out of the stores right after this happened just after three that most of the law enforcement activity, everybody's been coming in and out of that north side entrance, so there are some of the tactical vehicles to the left of the mall. That's uh actually on the north end of the mall. There's the golf course that's just north of there and then you see the Macy's and all those flashing lights as the sun. Now set here in Milwaukee on a Friday night, it's been a very tragic Friday night at Fairmont and just to get you up to speed if you are just getting home from work flipping on your television wondering what the heck is going on. so this started unfolding about 2 hours ago here at Mayfair Mall. What we know is that multiple people were shot inside near the Macy's, which is kind of the north side of the mall and it's the northwest corner that they are paying the most attention to state local and federal authorities. They are on scene. This is an active scene, meaning the perpetrator is still at large. We heard that directly from Wawa Mayor Dennis McBride. Has been a very violent year in Milwaukee County already so far. We're also hearing from the Milwaukee Office of Violence Prevention, saying in a tweet. Our thoughts are with the victims staff and everyone impacted by the mass shooting today at today at Mayfair Mall Shopping another another tragic incident in an unprecedented year for gun violence in our county and has been mentioned The sun has set now and we haven't seen any police vehicles, leaving the good news we heard from Hannah is that it. Like they're starting to let some people some civilians out of the mall as as continue that meticulous process of going store to store searching every square inch of Mayfair. It's a big mall 1.3000000 square feet, so we don't exactly know if they're only concerned about one area or if they're looking everywhere we saw officers on the roof with long guns searching up there so it seems at this point they are still very much in search mode as we've heard a lot of people. A lot of workers those who are just out there shopping today, they're still not being allowed to leave They're still being told to shelter in place, so we do have crews all over. We're now seeing a media crew coming up from Chicago. Not what we wanna see on a Friday afternoon. Now we wanna see ever of course uh but certainly in a year like this and certainly right before the holiday wouldn't be surprised that Nbc five crew five crew from gets turned around. Don't think you're allowed to just drive into the mall parking lot right now, but they obviously from out of town. they don't know what's happening and and. Police will send them out got a new tweet this coming in from state representative Robin She represents the Wawa Brookfield area. she says the situation at Mayfair is still active. Please avoid the mall and surrounding areas. so that's been the message from law enforcement really in the past half hour, Please do not come to this area if you do not need to be because crews are still working uh around this enormous retail space going from store to store. 160 retail spaces in in there, let's go to Angelica Sanchez. He's been talking the witnesses and she's got some new information for us. That's right, but again we are still waiting word on a press conference to get better understanding of what took place here today. I wanna show you what's going on right now behind me we are on the other side of Mayfair Road. This is uh much further than we were about an hour ago and that's because law enforcement told us the parking lot was still not safe. They asked all media to move as far back as possible as they are still uh looking for the shooter, which we know is still at large at this time, I just spoke to a shop. Uh not too long ago, who was inside the mall waiting for her niece, who was who was an employee at at the mall she's being escorted out of the mall by law enforcement through different hallways again because we do not know the location of the shooter at this time, we continue to see law enforcement arrive on the scene uh making sure that there is enough support to make sure an arrest is made today as we know multiple people have been shot in are now being treated at. Area hospitals uh so again we are here on the other side of Mayfair Road as law enforcement has asked us to move away because this area is not considered safe so anyone at home do not come down to this area. We do not need to make law enforcement job any harder at this point as they are still trying to find the person or persons responsible for this shooting. Hopefully we do learn more information when we hear from Wawa police, they have informed us there is a news conference. Set for 545 away from the Mayfair Mall premises as this still is an active situation as we've been mentioning, so we're hoping to get some more concrete information then but in terms of the suspect, so we know the perpetrators at large, we have got official word on that. The scene is very telling of that as well but in terms of the suspect's motivation, you know we don't know anything at this point. we don't know if it was one person multiple people was it a domestic situation, possibly a disgruntled employee. We don't know. All information that we're hoping to learn as the hours and days go by as we learn more and more information about this but 545 that's what we're being told at this point but again, it's still a ways off so that very well could continue to be pushed back depending on what develops here at the scene, we have been hearing from the FB They're supporting the local law enforcement here there are neighboring agencies that are on site as well. Brookfield West Dallas State Patrol is also on scene so. It is an all hands on deck situation and again think of the people who are still stuck inside the mall at 5 o'clock on a Friday evening, just wanting to get home to their families, but they can't we're hoping they're all safe in there, they're being told to shelter in place wherever they were a lot of them are back in storage areas were healing maybe in the back mall hallways that most of us don't ever enter uh but they're sheltering in place until they are told by law enforcement that it is safe to leave the area. Cassidy Williams standing by. Right now, you're decently close to the Macy's. I know all the flashing lights are there behind you but have you been told to kinda move back at this point like some of our other crews have been yeah, we were told to move back and kind of step away from the parking lot. So we're on kind of the public property of the of the grass that is here, but you can still see how much of a police presence there is in front of the Macy's also kinda standing where we're standing are some people waiting cuz they have loved ones still inside hoping to be reunited with. Them shortly the people I talked to have noticed have been able to call and make sure that their loved ones are okay, so there are still people inside of the mall. There are still cars in the parking lot that are clearly from earlier today worth noting we're only 1 week away from black Friday, traditionally one of the busiest days of the year for a mall like this, I was here at the mall. Reporting last year on black Friday now just a week before it is a very different scene just covered in blue and red lights as they investigate the shooting and again we're hoping. Learn more from police here within the hour to know exactly how many people were shot and how they are doing but at the mayor, says that the injuries do not appear to be life-threatening. Yes. Thanks, let's go to Brett Laine, Bret you're on North Avenue. You've had an interesting perspective because you've been talking to workers who've been walking out and I'm really struck by how this sounded because you've been talking to some workers who've been at the food court in the middle of the mall they were able to hear what was going on inside that mall. Told we're gonna have to wait on Brett a little bit because he's actually talking to a witness right now. Do we now. Do we have Sanchez? She's also been talking to family members, including one whose family member worked at a kiosk and was struck an immigrant from Pakistan owns a couple of those kiosks inside the mall, one outside of uh the Macy's there, and that's when he was struck. Angie. What are you hearing? Yeah, that's right and uh we spoke to that family who uh that young man who said that it was his uncle who was shot twice in the leg and you know as soon as he heard of the shooting. He tells us that he just ran out here He just needed to be here uh that this family adores their uncle and it's absolutely heartbreaking for them to know that he is among the victims A here today, of course, uh the moment of good of good news is that none of these injuries appear to be life-threatening, but still it's absolutely heartbreaking to hear of anybody be the victim of senseless gun violence. We're we're. The holidays and really the big question for everyone is why do this what could possibly have been the motive for something like this? You know I spoke to another woman. She was just trying to buy a coat for herself and for her son, you know the holidays are coming up to just have to experience something like this is absolutely heartbreaking. So yes, we spoke to that other family who has a loved one who is currently being treated at the hospital but again the good news is that none of these injuries at this time appear life threatening. The question is right now is why did all this unfold on a Friday afternoon right before the Thanksgiving holiday as this mall would seemingly be maybe more packed than it typically would be during the week or or maybe at a different right around 3 o'clock is when we started getting word that all of this was unfolding, We are hearing multiple victims shot over the police scanners, and of course, once we started getting information confirmed, we knew that this was a very serious and active situation, but again we don't know anything about. The suspect we don't know if it's more than one person we don't know if this was somebody who had worked in the mall or maybe they had a loved one who was in the mall and it's domestic situation. These are all things that we will eventually we will eventually hear from police when once they continue their investigation, but the focus at this moment is apprehending that suspect is getting that person into police custody because at that time, all of the people who are inside of the mall being told to shelter replace all the people who can't get their vehicles out of the parking lots and all the loved ones who still haven't heard from their family members who might be. Side will finally get to breathe a little sigh of relief, so we are far from that moment again 545 that's when we're being told we are getting a briefing, the first briefing we are getting from Wauwatosa Police will, of course bring that to you live here on air as well as be streaming it on all of our social media platforms and our website, But at this this point what we confirm perpetrator is still at large very much an active scene. then this is coming from Foxsix's Aaron Maven, new information mother tells me she was inside the Macy's department. That's right inside those doors. On the north side of the mall as she was with her children and that is when she heard rapid gunfire so the shooting was obviously heard by everybody inside the mall, but there were lots of children inside the mall as well. Good information coming from Aaron Maven, who's hearing from more witnesses on scene. Cassie Williams has some new information. Cassie. What have you learned he similar to Erin? I spoke to a shopper who was inside of Macy's at the time. she said she was just in the doors and when she first heard something it sounded like to say, like one of those chandelier. Or a lighting fixture had fallen and smashed. That's how loud it was. And then there were a number of gunshots and you can see still just such a large police presence specifically in front of the Macy's here at the mall. they've been here for several hours now, the parking lot is slowly clearing out as people are allowed to exit the mall, but there are still people here waiting for loved ones that are inside several ambulances have left the scene and we're still waiting to learn exactly how many people were shot, but every. I've spoken with says this, it was multiple gunshots that there was gunshots first inside of Macy's that he may the suspect may have walked out and then fired more gunshots talk to a man who was on the phone with his daughter and heard gunshots. Luckily everyone I've spoken to their family members are are okay and injuries. Here are all expected to be non-life-threatening. Hey, Cassie the parking lot behind you appears there are few less cars. have you seen anyone that's been able to leave the parking lot since you've been on scene. Yeah, there have been people that have been released from the mall and have come to their cars and left since we first got here. so that's why it is slowly emptied. This is a big mall 1.3000000 square feet 160 stores were being told by law enforcement they are going store by store searching for the suspect or suspects Another one of our reporters is live on the scene. Erin Maven Erin Maven Let's go live now to you. Yeah. Hey, Ben and Stephanie. We're just a few feet away from the m stands where that news conference will be happening about 545. We're here on the southwest corner of the. Fair Mall area here in Wauwatosa traffic not a problem here, but it's on the north side uh where there is such a backup took quite some time to get here. I do wanna tell you about that story. I just got off the phone with the woman who was inside the shoe department at Macy's when all of a sudden she heard a pop and she actually thought that some sort of me was hitting the ground and then she heard that rapid gunfire that we keep hearing about today, she says she's immediately grabbed her children, but there was that moment of. Panic, she tells me because her daughter had headphones on and actually did not hear the gunfire at all so the moment of grabbing her son getting her daughter's attention and then sprinting, she says out of Macy she was in the shoe department where it happened. She actually says when she was getting out of the mall area people were still walking in and she says her young son was telling people do not go inside because so in shooting so just you really get goosebumps when you hear these stories of people who were. The gunfire she tells me she did not see the person. Here's more of that conversation take a listen from what I've experienced. I was in the shoe department at Macy's at my kids with me. My son is eight and my daughter's twelve and I just try to choose to go back to the box. The box walk up in the walk. You know cash register and I hear this sound. It's sound like something dropped to um like a really something metal or something and then right after that first one, it was just you know, pop and I looked at the cashier she took off running um and at that moment, it was like oh, that is a gunshot and as I turned around, I saw people from everywhere you know in the store just running so I start to run my son starts to run and I'm looking to see what my daughter is and she's sitting in one of the chairs and. Her headphones on to see him hear anything um and I was just so in shock, I couldn't even Scream or anything like that, and she finally noticed that people were running and she got up and run too um and people were running past the nearest exit. Uh I think they were just so confused and shocked and so my kids and I started out um but the closest to us and we just ran around um just we had no idea where we're going, we were just running. That was Asia Adams Roberts again she was inside Macy's the shoe department when all that gunfire started coming and they ran for their lives. Ben and Stephanie in situations like this Erin they do teach you run hide fight in that order, so they did the right thing. Erin Thank you an eight year-old telling people don't go inside. There's a shooting Aaron when you said you get goosebumps, I literally got goosebumps when you said that out loud, that is something we should not here. Hey, let's go over to Bret Laine. He's got new information. He's on the North Avenue side of them all Brett. I'm really struck by how. Calm everybody is that you're talking to who's been through some very chaotic moments. Yeah, Ben. but when you look in their eyes, you can tell that they are really shaking up about what has happened here. I want you to just uh look over to my right here uh former Milwaukee Sheriff uh Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clark is here on scene now uh I don't wanna draw any connections, but we do know that there was uh a support freedom and Liberty rally that was planned UN sanctioned uh here at this very spot North Avenue and Mayfair Road in Wauwatosa for tomorrow uh but yes, Ben certainly there have been. Lot of people that we've been talking to who have been coming out of the mall um really shaken by what has happened and I think maybe have not processed yet fully what has happened uh but we heard from a man just a little while ago, who heard the gunshots said that it was it was calm for about 2 seconds while everyone kind of process what was happening and then uh all of a sudden someone shouted run run run uh and then uh obviously people uh realize that those were in fact gunshots that they had heard we heard uh someone described at least. Five or six gunshots in rapid succession so uh we're we're still out here uh in this area we've been pushed back as well because uh police as we've been saying have not been letting people in or out uh uh of this particular area um Milwaukee former Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clark has left he did not want to speak with us on camera tonight uh but I thought it was not worthy to point out uh that he was here back to you. Alright appreciate it. thanks for that update. Angelica Sanchez. She's also been speaking with witness. And it kinda just reiterates that same story we've been hearing over and over again a first sound of gunshots. Everyone's not exactly sure what happened. It's something fall at something break. There's more gunshots and that's where it ran clear to a lot of people and people you've spoken with personally Angelica. Yeah, that's right guys. In fact, one of the first people that I spoke with, she says that she was just at the doctor's office and you quickly and you quickly start you know getting either word that the shooting happened or you've heard of the shooting and everybody you had two choices. you were either gonna make a run for it or you were gonna seek shelter and so there were some people that made a run for it, but they were separated from their loved ones. So I just wanna show you uh what's happening behind me here as I mentioned before we've been pushed back from this uh from. We originally were which was a little closer uh to the Macy still very heavy law enforcement here on the scene and shoppers telling me uh that they're still waiting for their loved ones who are inside one woman that I just spoke to about 1015 minutes ago. She's telling me that her niece was still inside the mall and she was being escorted outside by law enforcement through some uh type of what she described the secret uh hallways, but I'm sure it was just the back uh sides of the. That lead to another and more probably more safer exit as we know that a shooter is still at large. now, we're also awaiting word on a press briefing That's supposed to take place around 545 to get a better idea on what law enforcement know, of course, an image like this is not only gain the attention of the community but the entire country as I have now seen for the last 2 hours and we're seeing you know people from uh across the Midwest the news stations from across the Midwest coming here. To this area so, of course, this is getting a lot of attention and people want to know what is going on and again the motive for why something like this would unfold you know on a Friday, people were out shopping right before the holidays to have to deal with something like this. A lot of people were still trying to catch their breath. You know uh and and we appreciate every single person that took the time to speak with us and try to give us clarity on what they saw and most of all uh one woman, she said. You know, I just want people to know what's. On inside uh because she understands she understands that a lot of people are worried for loved ones uh that are inside the mall. So again, we're here on the other side of Mayfair uh road as we are awaiting a press briefing that is scheduled around 545 to get a better uh idea on what took place here today, just about 30 minutes out from that press briefing. Of course, we will bring that to our viewers live when that does, in fact happen. Angelica Thank you a lot of people seeing parts of the mall They never knew existed today. Let's go to bill. he is. Where that press briefing will happen, Bill I know you talked with law enforcement this afternoon. What are you hearing? What we do know is that law enforcement has a perimeter set up around Mayfair Mall uh my photojournalist and I before we got over here. We know that there's even law enforcement in the Blue Mountain Country Club, which is just to the east of Mayfair Mall. I'm at the corner of North and Mayfair southwest from the uh mall property and to the east of the mall is a fence line and uh Blue Mountain Country club is over there and from that vantage point uh we were able to see. There is a number of uh police vehicles on the northeast corner of that mall. It's kinda hard to see from where all of our other crews are we weren't allowed to be there for very long, but that was what we could see from that vantage point and it did appear that there was a uh an unmarked vehicle uh police vehicle in uh the country club property that was monitoring that property line between those areas. so what we should know hopefully in the next half hour, so is when police are scheduled to. An update to the events that transpired here this afternoon, what we do know is that State Patrol FB uh the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office, as well as the Milwaukee County Attorney John Chisholm all here multiple people were shot, according to uh Dennis McBride. but those injuries are believed to be non-life threatening, but that suspect is still at large. so once we do more do know more information which we should get hopefully these times they can. Be moved around here but uh we should know in about a half an hour set interesting perspective just to know how far away. police are really staging from this area. Alright bill thanks for that new information we are also hearing actually on Twitter now from Mayfair itself, saying we are disheartened and anger that our guests and tenants were subject to this violent incident that happened today. We are thankful for our partners at the Police department and we're cooperating with this investigation. of course, our Cassidy Williams she is standing by now Cassidy we know of. People have actually been allowed out of the mall with officers to of course safely uh and you've been speaking with some of them as they've been making their way to their vehicles and I'm actually here with Christopher right now who is working inside of the mall when that shooting happened, tell me kind of what happened what you heard? Okay. So I clocked that at exactly 3 o'clock I was in the back I was in the back talking to my manager or whatever and then so as soon as I got down and talk like around like three or five or something like that he um all of her was like pop pop pop. Five shots and then I ran to his office. I was like Shaun they're shooting and then he was like uh and then after that happened, I see I see to see plenty of people coming like cuz okay, Macy and is like right there. so I just see people like Russian where they say employees only at like customers and stuff like that and Um yeah, I um grab my jacket and I just like like jetted out the back door with them because I didn't know what's going on at first. I just came to the morning clocked in like I'm just glad that it happened like while I was in the back because it could I could have been like in the midst of a while. it was happening right there because it happened around like 3 o'clock what's going through your head in those? When you hear those gunshots like I literally blacked out, but like I would always know if I hear gunshots run, so I ran right out the back door and you know like where everybody else is coming like running from. so yeah. What's your reaction to this happening where you work? um I would just like shook like literally like I didn't know what to do at first because okay so uh as soon as I came around the corner from talking with my um boss uh um see play like I said I've seen plenty of people running like towards the um back entrance of our store. And after I sent them, I've like literally grab my jacket and like run with them, I them. I didn't know what to don't know literally. I didn't know what was going on all of her with gunshot. I didn't know if somebody got shot like an employee or something cuz it literally sound like it was inside of our store, but it was like right in front of um Albert, a bitch and like the side of Macy's as an employee at Mayfair, are you do you have any training for something like this? I've been get trained for this. I didn't get trained. I basically like just went through what I feel with the best way to go, you know yeah and. Kind of how are you now kind of now you've had a couple hours or have you been made to contact with other friends that work inside the mall. How are people doing people are doing fine like my friends. We just went to go grab some food and stuff because like we were still like that shook like staring out of it like this really happened and like this could have been like it could have been a whole different way if we wasn't like in the you know but everybody's doing great, I've had plenty of my friends contacting me checking on me and stuff and family like from Mississippi cuz I am from Mississippi and like. And even in Mississippi, they're hearing about the shooting and reaching out to you. They're watching it on their TV and looking up on social media and Instagram and um like Google and stuff like that. Well, we're glad that you're okay and your friends are okay and also glad to hear that it seems all injuries are non-life threatening in the shooting and we should be getting an update from police shortly a quick question for that witness there. Cassidy. how was uh how they were able to make it out of the store um like at the front entrance back entrance and did he see anything. Okay, so they're asking the ans how you kind of made it out. It sounded like that you were kind of an employee only kind of back area when this happened, yes ma'am so um so it's like uh the it's the door. It's like two. It's a double. It's a door that you um where the employees are at so it's we got this backdoor like where you can take trash out or anything and it's like it goes out to the park in the back parking lot like by um Amc theaters and like in your office or whatever so I ran out. I went way to the end of the road. I grab my jacket around all the way to the end of the road or walking we have our walk. And they're talking to me like Chris um get out of there get out of there was an active shooting. They thought I was in the bathroom or something, but I was like literally already out um you know on the end of the road. That's like Chris get out of there get out of there. So then they don't I gave almost like orders to go all the way like around the mall and go to like the cheesecake factory and then we just met up and like just keeping up on updates and stuff with the new stuff. Did you see anything? uh I didn't see anything the only thing I've seen was people running like this and like and the helicopters. so that's the only thing I really see. I didn't see like the guy, but a coworker is. Sasha Shoes and women's one in the front, and she said she seen a white with a black like a black coat and a hood and like a beanie or something like that and she well, that's all she told us. And then we heard that he had like an AK forty-seven or something like that I don't know. but that's like all the information that they um gave thank you so much and again we're still waiting to hear from police more about the suspect. We know the suspect is at large, but police have not given any details about who exactly they're looking for. It's important to point that out. Alright Cassidy Thank you wanna go to Hannah Joke. We're seeing some fascinating images. Hannah on Twitter. You just shared a video. A lot of people are finding themselves in parts of the mall that maybe they did not know exist as they're sheltering in place. That's true and they have access to the back of the store now where they're trying to uh shelter in place and stay safe right now. They've been told that they are waiting for law enforcement to come by and clear them to leave they were told this about a half hour 45 minutes ago still um at this particular store, we're showing you they have not had law enforcement. come by it's going on um it's almost 2 hours now that they've been hiding in the back of the store charging their phones trying to get word out to loved ones that they. Okay, they haven't seen or heard anything since this all began when this happened when the shots rang out, they said they heard multiple shots. rapid fire quick shots that there was a pause, then more shots so they're still saying there they're trying to stay back in the back of the store, but they say they haven't seen much action going on um this all began, they didn't see any victims they didn't see um exactly what happened. Uh we have been seeing a couple people just trickle. From the mall um and have been able to talk to a few people off camera also concerning some kids were inside. they heard this as well. They're shaking up so a lot of people just trying to clear the area as best as they can right now in law enforcement also trying to keep people back because this is still a very active scene. Uh we haven't seen much change on this end of the mall, just a lot of law enforcement parked. We saw a couple um law enforcement members with what appeared to be long rifles on top of the Macy. Store about a half hour or so ago, and you said we're still waiting for that update from law enforcement to come in a little bit. Yeah and that update will happen, we are told at 545 tonight just outside the May Fair Mall, obviously a fluid situation when the press conference happens, we will bring it to you live, We have seen tactical teams they've gone inside the mall right near the entrance. You're seeing this is the north entrance here at the Mayfair Mall right at the Macy's and the tactical units we are told are going. From store to store one point. 1.3000000 square feet of retail space inside the mall and there are 160 retailers so it could take some time for some of those workers that we just saw in Hannah's video to be cleared out of the mall. Let's go live now to our Brett Laine, who is with another witness to all of this. Yes Stephanie. I'm with Tatiana here who just left Mayfair Mall, you said. You heard the gunshots what happened um I was just work. Like regular and then all of a sudden I start hearing gunshots and me and my co-worker we just ran to the other side and got on the floor and we saw everybody running and then um a lady told us we needed to get out and so we have over the counter and just escape to the nearest exit and Tatiana, where do you work and maker uh Macy's at Macy's. and so that was what we're hearing is pretty close. It was having do you do you know how many gunshots it was over ten? Why and we're were there people that you saw that were injured. No, I didn't see anyone injured and. Have been frightening, I mean just getting out of that, you said. You jumped over a counter. Yeah, my goodness yeah. and so what's taking place now. I mean you just left a few moments ago. What's what's going on inside the mall right now? we don't know we um we were told that we were not able to go back in and uh it's a a shutdown anybody who's in there is in there for the night and anyone who's out there is out for the night. Um we still don't know how people can exit and leave some people still haven't gotten their stuff so and I saw. You are coming out you were on your phone. I imagine you're getting lots of calls from parents and loved ones. Yes, my parents are uh checking up on me my goodness and just to think that you have to tell them about what happened is that we're we're so glad that you're okay. Thank you. Thank you for sharing that no yeah and you can see my goodness Tatiana. She's got a comforter over her um obviously she was not prepared to leave work in this manner uh here to come out to a cold night uh after something so horrific that happened in her workplace that to you, we've seen so many. People walking out with with blankets around them as Those who just couldn't grab their coats in the midst of all the chaos we are hearing from Children's Wisconsin tonight, just a quick note here that the Mayfair urgent care it is going to be closed this evening, so we just wanna make a note to our viewers that the children's urgent care in Mayfair is closed. Let's go to Aaron Maven cuz he's been talking to some witnesses here some inside the Mayfair store. You know some people with their kids inside this afternoon when the shooting happened. Aaron What have you learned? Been that long ago, I talked to a mother who was in the Macy's shoe department when she heard gunfire and she describes it at first is sounding like a piece of metal hit the ground And then she started to hear that rapid gunfire and she grabbed her two young children and really just sprinted out of Macy's. So right now, we are just a few feet away from that news where that news conference is gonna happen. We're seeing media not only for the Milwaukee area, but also the Chicago area and that's also. We will hear more from police to get a better understanding of what happened, but but again a lot of really describing it, The sound and the sheer panic that they felt that mother actually told me that after she grabbed her her children, she went in the and they didn't go straight home. They just had to drive around for a while to really debrief and talk about what they were feeling and what they had seen so a lot of people still processing what has happened here at Mayfair Mall and I think that's important to know that I mean there could have been hundreds of people inside the mall at the time and just the chaos that. After witnessing something like this, it can stick with you and it's really important to talk about it in the coming days. So it's great to hear that mother was doing that uh right from the get go. I think a lot of people are probably maybe need to do that today. Find a way to decompress. Yeah, that's exactly right, and she said her son is only 8 years old and she described uh describe the situation as him having a meltdown so really going through a wave of emotion after a very scary afternoon, eight or eighteen, and I think I wanna have a meltdown in that situation. I mean I mean it's just it's so traumatizing and yeah, certainly a lot to process. Erin Thank you for that. We have been hearing from many other people who have been coming out of Mayfair. Angelica Sanchez with one live right now. Yeah, guys well uh not at this present moment, but we have been speaking with plenty of shoppers who are still just so stunned by what they've heard or what they've seen right here at the scene behind me again, we're on the other side of Mayfair Road and shoppers just telling me that you know they were doing a simple trip and just in a matter of seconds. Everything changed you know we spoke with one woman who was inside Macy's and just hearing employees running around trying to communicate that something. Is wrong and people either needed to head for the door or they needed a shelter where they were and find a safe location. again. We are still waiting for a press conference and as Aaron has been mentioning, we're await more information on this incident uh but really the shoppers you know they were. They are coming out here right before the holidays getting some shopping done when something like this unfolds and one shopper that we spoke with tells us that her niece is still inside inside the and was being escorted by law enforcement, which obviously is such a sigh of relief, but to have to go through this, you know she didn't have time uh the. I spoke with to get her coat. you know it was really just you to have an opportunity to get to the door or you have to find a safe location and uh she's telling us that her niece is being escorted by law enforcement. We're really hoping that they reunited because when something like this happens the war when something like this happens, the worst thing is when you're separated from your loved ones or don't know where they are. so I know that many of our viewers have loved ones that either came here, shopping or employees of the small and you know we're with you right now in your moment of worry and we're hoping to hear more from law enforcement again. We know right now is that multiple people are injured, but no fatalities, unfortunately the shooter is still at large, which, as I've mentioned before is the reason why we were pushed back because law enforcement said that this parking lot was still unsafe. We've seen them canvassing the area around the mall checking every corner. We saw them on the roof, making sure that this scene is secure as we are waiting to hear more information on what they know and potentially hopefully know more information about the shooter. There's lots of cameras around this mall so I'm sure if there there was a surveillance camera where the shooting. They might even haven't image whether they release that to us is another story back to you very good point to make there and just for our viewers just so that you have an understanding as to what the vantage point is that you're looking at here. This is the northwest side of Macy's, the very north end of Macy's is coming to the right there uh off screen This is the staging area. This is the main point of entrance and exit that we have been seeing law enforcement going in with their tactical gear and tow. they've also uh we've. Several Ems personnel going inside bringing out stretchers with no people on them. um so we're again still that press conference that for 545, it's going to be away from the premises, which makes sense because this still is an active situation, but just to kinda give you a perspective as to where at the mall. This is happening. This is right at the Macy's, the very north end of the mall. It is 531. We've now passed 530 set here at Fox Six on your Friday night. We've got some new. From Cassie, we know from the Wauwatosa Police Department, multiple people were injured inside the mall at the North end. they were taken to the hospital but none of the victims of injuries appear to be life threatening. We are expecting to hear from law enforcement in the next 15 minutes and Cassie I know in the meantime you've been hearing from these employees and shoppers who continue to trickle lot. Yeah, every employee and shops tells a similar story hearing just a number of gunshot. Either drop to the ground or running out just everyone trying to get to safety. you can see from here We now been pushed back across the street, but just still all the red and blue lights outside of Macy's as this investigation still very active, there are still people inside of the mall. people have been slowly trickling out as police have been going from store to to search as the suspect is still at large again, just recently spoke to an employee who was inside, says he heard a number of gunshots and they just saw people. Running customers shoppers running through the employee only area just trying to find an exit to get out to safety but again, Luckily we've been told that all injuries appear to be non-life threatening and we've been speaking to multiple witnesses. You can hear this one about describing what they heard. uh it's that fight or flight reaction, you know um instincts just the sort of disbelief that this is actually happening and I have my. Mother with me so obviously uh great concern for her and her safety and um we were both. I just went into. you know the motive let's get to a safe place as quickly as possible and make sure my mom is okay. Now that woman you just heard from was actually inside of Macy's when she first heard the gunshot they had just walked through the doors when they heard a few first, she thought it was a light that it fell down. That's how loud it was and they had dropped to the ground. Luckily they did make it out safely and again we're waiting we should get an update from police here in about 15 minutes. Yeah. we're within 15 minutes. Alright Casie Thank you as we continue to take a live picture of the store. We're still seeing a very active scene inside Bill and I know we're waiting for law enforcement to give us that update. What are you seeing from your vantage point? Well, that is uh we said the last time around what we do know is that police have a large area around uh the property of the mall from where we had been earlier in the night. Uh there were law enforcement officers that were excuse me position to the east side of the mall property along the property line between the mall and Blue Mound Country Club and as this investigation is unfolding, police not only are gonna be taking a look at what transpired at the mall, but also. Any type of information that might be in the surrounding area. What I can tell you is that I've seen police officers going into at least uh one business nearby. uh going into that business, which which is closed. It's it's a Walgreens um and coming out. uh what I do know is that uh you know there's gonna be a lot of uh moving pieces to be looking at here to try and figure out as the suspect is still at large. Did they leave or are they still inside and so that is something that law enforcement is gonna be doing also uh we're we're still. Waiting uh more information from police here within the next 15 minutes that is when police are supposed to uh update us on this incident that started unfolding this afternoon where multiple people multiple people were shot thankfully non-life threatening injuries is what we're being told by America. Dennis McBride and si a large amount of activity here I am standing across the street uh on the southwest uh side of the mall property where. All of that is still unfolding and just several feet away from where we're supposed to get an update from police here shortly but alright appreciate it. Mayfair Mall. It's uh got a history of things happening Nothing to this scale is just a year ago that there was a large fight inside the mall right around Thanksgiving and that really cramp clamp down uh some of the parental controls that we talked about earlier, they've been in place for a while, but they were loosely enforced up until about a year ago and that big fight happened. Obviously there was a police involved shooting with. Police officer who just resigned Officer Joseph men shot and killed uh Alvin Cole at this mall here and that was real justified recently and then just back in October, there was a shooting where three people in the parking lot were injured. Police say it was a drug deal gone bad. All of those injuries were non-life threatening and arrests were made so all of this started happening around 3 o'clock this afternoon and that's actually when Mayfair. Parental guidance required policy goes into a fake effect, meaning that anyone seventeen and younger has to have an adult there with them to supervise them from 3 PM Friday on there through the weekend. This was actually implemented back in 2007 as a way to uh deal deal with the concern crime and the and the disruptions that have caused by unaccompanied minors. We are getting a tweet now from Mayfair mall itself we are disheartened and anger that our guest in ten. Were subjective as violent incident today we are thankful for our partners at the Police department and we are cooperating with them as their investigation develops. Mayfair is closed at this time. It is important to note law enforcement is asking everyone to stay away from Mayfair Mall. If it all possible, we do know there are loved ones out there who may have family members who are still inside sheltering in place. law enforcement is asking you to at least give them some space. They understand your concern. But give them some space because this still is is an active We know the perpetrator is still at large. they've been searching this mall. They've told us they're going through every single store inch by inch looking for the suspect. but again, we're assuming the suspect is inside the mall right because of the staging area because of all the law enforcement presence here. but we're not exactly sure the suspect may have fled so again. all of this information, we're hoping to at least learn some more concrete details when we're expecting to hear from wauwatosa police. In just 7 minutes from now and law enforcement uh obviously they're gonna go inch by inch here with their tactical. We're now hearing from where we know some of the victims were taken. Let's take that uh image live if we can from Fred Hospital. Do we have that? okay? We don't have that just yet, but we do know that some of the victims non life-threatening injuries would have been taken, which not very far down the road hospital. Obviously that's a trauma one center some of the best some of the best trauma centers in the country, our trauma ones, and we're lucky to have one in our area. Here is the statement from the. But shortly after 3 PM today, Frederick Hospital and Children's Wisconsin were notified of a shooting at Mayfair Mall can come back up there. We go both hospitals trauma teams were prepared to receive patients. Additional questions should be directed to law enforcement so not a lot of information from Fred. They're not saying if uh people were treated at the hospital or how many but they were prepared, let's go to Aaron Mavens got some new information. Erin. What are you learning well? We're here on the south side of the mall. It's where uh where we're awaiting that news conference from the Wauwatosa Police Department. We have about a dozen or so news. Here as we all await that new information from the Wauwatosa Police Department, I'm also waiting some new information um learning that they possibly are some people still sheltering inside the mall right now, someone just a few stores away from Macy's sheltering expected to give me a call at any moment It was a little bit ago that I got off the phone with the woman who is inside Macy's, a shoe department with her daughter and her young son when they heard the gunfire and then they ran for their lives this whole afternoon. Has been a wave of emotion for them. Take a listen to my conversation with her. from what I've experienced I was in the shoe department at Macy's at my kids with me, My son is eight and my daughter's twelve and I just tried on the shoes. I'll go back to the box for about walking in the um you know cash register and I hear this pop sound. it sounded like something dropped um like a really something metal or something and then right after that first one. And I looked at the cashier she took off running um and at that moment, it was like oh, that is a gunshot. and as I turned around, I saw people from everywhere you know in the store just running so I start to run my son starts to run and I'm looking to see what my daughter is and she's sitting in one of the chairs and she has her headphones on she didn't hear anything um and I was just so in shock I couldn't even Scream or anything like that and she finally noticed. People were running and she got up and run too um and people were running past the nearest exit. Uh I think they were just so confused and shocked and so my kids and I started out um but the closest to us and we just run around um just we had no idea where we're going, we were just running. Quite the description right there that was Aisha Adams Roberts, who is inside of Mayfair Mall when she says that gunfire started, she said that they ran out so fast. She really couldn't even take a look behind her to look at the person who was firing that weapon. We're gonna get new information from the Wauwatosa Police Department in just a few minutes. We're just a few feet away from that and we'll have it live. Ben and Stephanie in that moment, you know you just need to run. don't worry about looking behind you. That's what our personal defense experts always tell us in mass shooting situations like this one. Erin Thank you. We've been hearing been the same story Echo. Time and time again from all of these witnesses that we have been speaking with and our reporters have been speaking with those who are finally making their way out of the mall after being Hunkered down for the past two and a half plus hours inside Mayfair not having any idea what's going on, We saw some video from our Hannah jewel some video that she actually tweeted out from somebody who was in one of those back storage areas of one of the retail shops inside the mall, a place that most of us never get a chance. To see and everyone is more or less just waiting their cellphones are plugged into the wall. We assume they're trying to get in touch with loved ones to let them know. Hey, we're good. We just have to wait to be cleared by law enforcement. so that is the situation that we're in right now. This is the staging area again. It's still active The perpetrator is at large and here's some more of that video that I was just speaking of you see people just more or less hanging out employees and shoppers making new friends uh as they await to hear what exactly is. Outside those safe doors so uh our Hannah, she is standing by now as we see more tactical officers actually going inside the building from one of our live pictures here. Hannah you've been speaking with these people, You have been tweeting out this video and it's that same story being echoed over and over again a few gunshots people didn't know what was going on. then they realized it was gunfire chaos and. Yes, Stephanie and I actually got another update just a moment ago from the shoppers inside um they told me that they were in the process of being vetted and being released by law enforcement. But then they heard some shouting outside and they were told to come back inside the store so they are now sheltering in place again. They say that law enforcement is inside the store with them in the back of the store. So this is still a very active situation. It sounds like we're keeping um our ears to the ground and we're talking to the shoppers inside. They want their families to know that they are safe. um they haven't heard of anything else. Uh this this shouting is the first that they've heard since the shooting of about two and a half hours ago, but they wanna know they want their families to know that they're safe. That's why they have their cellphones plugged into the walls. They're speaking to their families. They're speaking to us, so we have that direct contact right now um again some sort of shouting in the hall they went back into the store. They're still waiting and hoping to be released soon, but they're back in that back. Again at this time, hoping to send us another update in a few minutes and Hannah, I think we gotta give retailers a lot of credit here. they seem like they had a plan because they were instantly and maybe you can attest to this accommodating of the shoppers in their store and obviously the staff and we have to remember this is a mall. A lot of the staff are very young workers and a lot of these stores, but a lot of the retailers were very quick to get people to safety here. Absolutely. That's what I'm hearing from these shoppers. They say they're grateful that it seems as though they had a plan to know exactly what to do when this happened, they had everybody go to the back. From the windows, they locked the doors, they say they feel like they're in good hands that they're safe uh and again they just wanted to get the word out to everybody else that they are safe and they're just hunkering down at this time. I hope you never have to go to that safety plan, but at least you have one and you are prepared just in case something like this does happen. Hannah Thank you now. We just got word from the police department. They are delaying the news conference that was set for now at 545 by 10 minutes. We know this is an ever changing situation. Angelica We know it's active. We know it's fluid. We were expecting the potential of a delay so again we've been delayed by 10 minutes. so, of course, we'll bring that to our viewers live right here, but we hear that you have some new information, some more people you've spoken with. Yeah and again that press briefing delayed by 10 minutes, but just wanna recap what we know so far. so as I've been saying we were pushed back to this side of Mayfair Road because the parking lot was not deemed safe as safe as of yet again, law enforcement, we continue to see see them the perimeter checking every inch of this space again as the shooter is at large and as I mentioned before there are a lot of cameras in this mall. so, of course, besides securing the scene. Sure, people are safe. I'm sure right now, a security and law enforcement are going through those cameras. images was there a vehicle was the suspect or suspects on foot and do they have a description at this time because again at last, check the shooter or shooters in this case are still at large and again we are waiting for that press briefing with law enforcement multiple people were shot today. Thankfully, none of these are non fatal injuries, but of course, you know. As as we've covered before when you are shot, it is still a significant injury and it could have serious health complications in the future so loved ones that we spoke with who've had family directly impact that we spoke to one family who had their uncle who was working inside who was shot in the leg twice. You know they're angry. They're terrified as everybody here is curious what is the motive behind something like this? We're so close to the holidays people are going about their business, especially those employees that were just going about their. And suddenly they have put in a situation that no one ever wants to be put. in. Of course, we've been talking about how they were prepared. They had a plan and they followed it. and of course many shoppers. I'm sure very grateful for those employees and their help We are seeing uh an ambulance coming to the scene. turning away uh to something else but again here we are seeing uh law enforcement continuing to have a presence here canvassing the area as they are securing uh the scene while we wait for. This press briefing, which was delayed by 10 minutes but again what we know is that multiple people were shot today, non fatal injuries. The shooter is still at large at this present time back to you. Alright Angelica. We appreciate that Brett Leo standing by now for us Brett Uh we know that you've been speaking with a lot of people who have been making their way uh out of Mayfair Mall. We see the bus there behind you. We do know that some of the buses to Mayfair are currently unable to enter the property affecting. Route. So if you are a are a bus taker make take a look at what's going on in terms of a live situation there. But Brett, What are you hearing? Yeah and Stephanie I want to point out that bus uh behind me because as you can see it is packed uh which is an unusual site uh even around Mayfair mall uh to see a bus that packed and it is leaving the property now. So it's unclear if these are individuals who were uh you know gathering and had no other way of getting out and that they need the bus is taking them to another location. I'm not sure, but uh it is certainly is not worthy uh especially because we've been seeing a lot of other cars. a lot of other traffic coming um out from this exit here at 104th and North um leaving Mayfair. Now, as we had said, uh even just 4050 minutes ago, uh police were not letting anyone in or out of the mall that seems to have changed now uh but we're also seeing lots of other uh police uh vehicles from neighboring and you can see uh Milwaukee County Transit We're hearing from law enforcement officials press conference just started let's listen in the northwest to Macy's police officers in Wauwatosa Fire Department and personnel responded when emergency person. The shooter is no longer at the scene, seven injured adults and one injured teenager were transported to the hospital by Wauwatosa Fire Department The extent of their injuries is unknown at this time. Everybody was alive at that time, though, so there's not been any fatalities that I'm aware of numerous law enforcement agencies are assisting with clearing the Mayfair Mall property. those those who seeking to reunified with anyone who's at Mayer Mall should go to the reunification area. Located at the at Home store, Thirty-two, oh one North Mayfair Road. That's just north of Bur Street preliminary statements from witnesses indicate that the shooter is a white male in his his 20s or investigators are working on determining the identity of of that suspect any information reporting the shooter identity at this time is false. Mayfair mall remains closed and will be closed until further notice. The crime scene is active and we ask members of the public. Remain away from the area and be patient so that our law enforcement personnel may secure the scene and investigate our public information Office will release accurate information as it becomes available. I'm hoping that maybe later this evening if we have any more information, we'll give it to you then but that's really about all. I got right now. so thank you in the mall. We don't know that we don't know this. so thank you very much you've been listening live to an update from Wauwatosa Police. This is the first information we're hearing we wanna listen in live here assuming this is the press information Officer you're you're uh. As well, any new information we will push out on Facebook or Twitter the official Wauwatosa Police Department accounts so the public would be concerned right now. Um we are again. It's an active crime scene. We're gathering information. We've put out what we know so thank you for your time. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Alright so just to kinda recap just a little bit here they do not know whether or not the suspect is still inside the mall or somewhere else. So that is the most important point of information we wanna pass along to you right now we are told that the suspect is believed to be a white male in his 20s or 30s We do know there were. Victims total seven adults and one teenager were told all were alive when they were transported away to the hospital but at this point there un injuries the extent of their are still unknown at this time They are working to clear them all they are going store by store there are are 160 of inside Mayfair trying to make sure that the suspect is not still inside that mall. and of course, there are still people employees as well as other shoppers. Inside the mall who are still waiting to be cleared and to come out safely uh Mayfair mall. It's closed until further notice at this point. Yeah. don't go there. This is important if you have a family member that you've been trying to get in contact with and you wanna they call it reunification if you wanna get back in touch with them, they have made a place for that to happen where employees and people who are safely removed from the mall will be taken and I would not be surprised. We saw that full box moments ago from Brett Leo, I would not be surprised if that's where that bus is taking those people. It is the. Home store that is just north of Berlin, so we're gonna send a crew over there, but if you're watching right now and you've been probably talking with your loved ones on text message who are stuck inside the mall and you wanna reconnect with them as soon as possible. The place you need to go is the at home store cuz that is where that is going to happen and at this point, all we know is that there is one suspect law enforcement is looking for a white male in his 20s or 30s, and as you saw from the female. Police officer, who was addressing the reporters there at the end of the press conference. It seems like the scene is still pretty chaotic. They're still trying to gather everything they're trying to figure out whether or not the suspect is inside the mall or whether he's at large out in the community. We're gonna go live now to our bill who was listening in on that press conference there bill. We got some information we learn about the victims. We learned a little bit about the shooter, but of course there's still tons of questions left. A lot of questions stuff that we are still going to have to wait for and that's something that uh the police uh impressed upon uh the public really is to please take time with this. please understand that this is a situation that is developing uh and it's going to take some time to sort it all out but again just to recap what was just said about press conference that really brief press conference that ended moments ago without police taking any questions from the media is that is that it was before 3 o'clock at around 250 that 911 call started to come in. Mayfair Mall uh that's when police and fire crews arrived and uh they went to the northwest entrance of Macy's uh where a shooting took place Now, there are a number of people still inside the mop and that a number of law enforcement officers and multiple agencies and Alphabet soup of agencies are here working to systematically clear the mall. It's very important to do that even though that police said that they do not believe that the shooter is still on scene that they are going to be systematically clearing the mall to make sure that it is safe. And as you said, if you are waiting to get in touch with your loved ones who might still be inside or being brought outside by those law enforcement officers to head to the at home store at Thirty-two, oh one North Mayfair uh Mayfair now the shooter the suspect that police believe is responsible is a white male in his 20s and 30s. That's it. That's the only information that we have to go on right now and they're asking that anyone with information that uh might have. About this person or this shooting to please contact the Wauwatosa Police Department seven as far as the victims in the shooting Non-life-threatening injuries no fatalities as far as what is known right now by police seven adults and one teenager were wounded. They were taken to the hospital again non life threatening. injuries and so what police are asking right now is for any information about this incident of who the suspect may be uh if they know. About this to contact them and they wanted to dispel rumors out there right now that are supposedly identifying the suspect is that they are false flat out false. That's according to Wauwatosa police chief Barry Weber, who spoke again just moments ago, giving a brief statement to the media here on the southwest corner of the property of Mayfair of Mayfair Mall property. We're at North Avenue and Mayfair Avenue a lot of activities still going on and like we've been telling you all evening. police have the area. Uh cored off uh to prevent people from coming in and going out some of our crews, they have been pushed back and so what we're needing to do right now is police are asking the public to just wait and we should know more information if there is more information to give later tonight, then I thought this was pretty interesting. It seemed that the information had changed a little bit the public information officer earlier on, said non life-threatening injuries, but in that press conference. The chief says the extent of the injuries were unknown. The seven injured an adult in one team when they left there. They were all alive but could not give the extent of the injuries. So that's something we're certainly gonna have to clear go ahead, Bill and and that's a good uh point then and what we do know is that earlier on today, the Milwaukee County Medical Examiner said that they were not called to uh the incident here at Mayfair Mall. What Chief Barry Weber said is that there were no fatalities as far as he was aware of, but all those people were transport. To the hospital so hopefully those people are going to be okay and hopefully those conditions don't change. Yeah, he said. When When they left here they left alive, but he didn't know their conditions right now, so we are thinking about those eight people tonight. Alright bill stay on top of it. We'll get back to you in a moment here when it comes to the suspect, we do wanna be very clear as our Angelica Sanchez joins us live now police saying it's a white male in his 20s or 30s now, how do they know this information? whether it's witness account or it's a mall. There's a lot of security cameras around there. so we potentially could. A surveillance image of the suspect soon if they are still looking for this person out within the community and when it comes to the parking lot, Angie, I know that they pushed you far back from the parking lot. you're now across the road and other public property there they're likely looking for a vehicle associated with the suspect as well. Yeah, you have to imagine that those are some of the questions that law enforcement immediately are asking was was there a vehicle that the suspect flee or they still or is the suspect still inside of the mall and again you can just see the continuation of this law enforcement presence, and of course, it makes absolute sense why they told us earlier about not 2 hours now earlier uh when they told us to move back because the area was not secured as you heard in the press briefing, they are not sure whether this where the suspect is so they're trying to canvass the area making sure that the individual is if they're still in. Mall that those people that that are still in the are evacuated safely and away from harm so law enforcement again working very hard this evening to track down the shooter and as from what we know now, it appears this was alone. actor uh that was here in the mall uh when this shooting took place and they're they're only looking for one individual the only description we have right now is a white male between twenty to 30 years of age and law enforcement is asking anybody if you see a tip uh. Get that to their direction but do not spread that misinformation law enforcement being very clear about that, saying that any real legitimate information on who the shooter is uh that will be coming from the Wauwatosa Police department uh or other law enforcement official do not share that on social media instead, share that information with them. They need our help at this time again. They have a lot on their hands as they're canvassing. what we've discussed is a very large mall. There were a lot of people. Inside it was a Friday right before the holidays so again, law enforcement asking anybody for information uh on on who the potential shooter could be as they're trying to do their job help them do spread misinformation uh at this time, but you know shoppers that we spoke with earlier, we talked about how quickly everything unfolded you had a quick decision to make if you were here you either needed to move to the nearest exit or you just had to find a safe location. So take a listen to what one shopper uh told us when we arrived on the scene on her experience here. I'm not sure we have that sound Angelica, I know you'd oh here we go. I just went to the doctor's office and waiting for my daughter to get off and that's where the Daytona everybody get out. Could you describe that where people running out? they're walking real fast and just going out the door. Yeah. How do you feel watching the scene right now? Oh, I feel it's horrible, You know I don't wish this upon nobody. Absolutely, you do not wish this upon anybody. you do not wish any of this upon anybody and again, we know that multiple people were shot today uh and that those individuals at last check were all alive. Uh that's what law enforcement said. They're all alive and it was not uh a fatal injuries. But of course we hope to learn more of those injuries and how they are doing uh at this present time. But again, there is still a very active manhunt for the person responsible for this all we know about the description is that it's a white male between the ages of twenty to 30 years of. Back to you, Alright Angelica Thank you. It is the top of the hour now Ben and I wanna just bring all of our viewers back to the beginning when all of this started earlier this afternoon just before 3 o'clock when the first call started coming into police and dispatchers that there were shots fired inside the mall near the north end near the Macy's. That's what you're looking at right now the staging area. This is some video from earlier from our Sky Fox drone up in the sky with the law enforcement presence there and you see how many cars are in the park. All of those shoppers were there, It's a Friday evening. We have learned some new information from Wauwatosa police just minutes ago seven injured adults, one teen all taken to the hospital. Chief Barry Weber saying when they were taken they were alive doesn't know the extent of their injuries. I have new information just coming from a source saying Governor Tony Evers has been briefed that obviously is expected state lawmakers also getting briefed this also getting national attention. Now, let's go to Aaron Maven. he's. New information Erin What can you tell us well what we could tell from that news conference is this is still a very active situation, the chief giving us as much information as you could and then getting back to work. There are challenges that first responders and uh law enforcement are are facing right now. you think about in Mayfair is a very large space that they are combing through to make sure that they have evidence to make sure that everything is secure all afternoon. we've been. To people who heard the gunfire who ran for their lives a little bit earlier, I talked to a woman who was inside of Macy's in the shoe department with her children when she heard the gunfire, she grabbed them and she ran with her family. Take a listen to that from what I've experienced, I was in the shoe department at Macy at my kids with me, my son is eight and my daughter's twelve and I just tried on the shoes. I'll put them back in the box and the box walk. You know cash register and I hear this pop sound. it sounded like something drop um like a really something metal or something and then right after that first one, it was just you know, pop and I looked at the cashier she just took off running um and at that moment, it was like oh, that is a gunshot and as I turned around, I saw people from everywhere you know in the store just running so I started to run my son starts to run and I'm looking to see what my daughter is and she's sitting in one of the chairs and. Our headphones on to see him hear anything um and I was just so in shock, I couldn't even Scream or anything like that, and she finally noticed that people were running and she got up and run too um and people were running past the nearest exit. Uh I think they were just so confused and shocked and so my kids and I started out um but the closest to us and we just ran around um just we had no idea where we're going, we were just running. An incredibly frightening description of the moment gunfire began inside Macy's or inside Mayfair Mall this afternoon. right now, I'm on the south side, all of that investigation happening on the north side, so we really can't see those flashing blue and red lights, but this is still a very active situation Be and Stephanie a heroin situation for anyone with children or not. Erin. Thank you. we got an Schwartz on the phone. She's a law enforcement expert and she's been a long-time with the Milwaukee Police Department. Annie. we're seeing this. Images coming out of the out of the mall, excuse me 1.3. 1.3000000 square feet what is happening inside the mall right now I can tell you from experience not from personal lodge because obviously I am uh I'm here on the you know watching this from the arm chair as our all of you but uh I can tell you that what what's actually happening inside right now is that what teams from all these different agencies they're making up brand to clear the building so imagine you know. Just one store remember imagine one store with clothing, racks and all those little crevices uh where they store things they have to check every single square inch of that mall. So that's what the teams are doing they are experienced in room clearing. they know how to do a grid search and how to do uh you know how to do these things in the safest manner possible uh really frightening to hear uh chief Weber say that the uh you know the bad guys out there some place uh and I don't. How much time he laps between the sounds of the gunshots and when the area was was able to be sealed because that's one of the big questions is the shooter in there or is he is he somewhere you know in the uh in the area? I think that's the most disconcerting part. Annie is the fact that you know we heard the press information. officers say right there when a reporter asked, is that shooter inside and they said we're working on it. We're trying to figure that out so uh the public. I'm sure you know they they wanna know what's going on. They want the suspect apprehended in terms of the potential. Of other weapons so and we've seen in situations like this, especially when they're clearing a really big area law enforcement. they wanna make sure there's nothing else in there that could potentially hurt them. talk about that for a moment sure well, that's uh that's exactly what you're seeing when you see these different units uh that are the uh the explosive device units from uh from different different departments. That's what most people are doing there often in cases where you have mass shooting active shooters you. Have the suspect leave a booby trap for law enforcement uh sometimes several booby traps. There's been a couple of hours the suspect has had time to do that if it's something that she decided to do so that is what uh that's what we were. You know. that's what they're probably doing right now is trying to clear these faces as soon as possible. However they still have to worry that there is some kind of a booby trap that could have been set by the suspect for police. For law enforcement when we when we talk about buildings with cameras, I'm going to assume the Macy's Store and the mall is flooded with cameras. It's now been 3 hours about since the shooting took place and we know the Fbi's involved here. State patrol Do you believe the law enforcement right now has seen the images of the suspect and who they're looking for my guess is that they have seen images uh that they have a good description. Uh you know he's not in custody. They don't wanna share a whole lot publicly about what uh what you know or who he is, they would like him to get comfortable wherever it is he's hiring so that they can that they can locate him. Uh you know there is uh there's a lot of drama surrounding this particular uh this particular shooting there has been uh there's some dust ups at the hospital right now among the victims, families uh and the so I think we're gonna find out some interesting details about. Uh about this one uh but right now the most important piece of this story is where is this guy and and you know who is it? Can you expand on the desktops that are happening at the hospital with family members. We haven't heard reports of that at this point. Yeah, my understanding is that there there maybe uh there maybe uh some uh some gang activity involved in uh in this particular incident and uh we might have a number of victims who knew each I don't uh I. Don't have any more than that, but that is uh that is what I that's my understanding is that there are some stuff that's amongst family members at the hospital as well so really interesting to hear Annie and obviously that has not yet been confirmed from law enforcement, but and you should it was a really interesting point you've mentioned. there's a reason that they're not giving us the details and obviously the entire public would like all the details as soon as the shooting happened. But there's a reason law enforcement does that. of course there is. And that was always the challenge you know when you come from being a reporter to being a police spokesperson, you really are nobody's friend because what happens is you have to get out there You have to understand what influences the investigation negatively and that can be tough because you know the news media exists to share the news and people are all glued to their television sets right now and they're looking for answers they wanna know if they're safe, they wanna know if they should leave their house. should I go any place? You know they want all those answers and it's really tough for law enforcement when. Just can't give those answers uh so I understand the need for that kind of uh holding back of some of the information, but that can be a pretty hard pill for immediate as well as sometimes because we want more, we wanna inform the audience we wanna let people know as much as we can, but right now the number one question that that everybody wants answered is you know am I safe in my house or you know or can I leave my house? uh and when is. This person in custody and is he the only one so there are there are a number of questions to be to be answered out there. It's a good point and we really do appreciate your insight here. Annie one last thing before we let you go to the families who are watching at home who may have a loved one or a friend inside Mayfair, and maybe they haven't heard from that person because they had a dart away without their cellphones. So many of us don't remember cellphone numbers anymore. We have them saved in our phone right so you can't just call from somebody else. What would you say to the families out there who are just waiting to hear whether or not their family has been impacted by this and if their loved ones okay, Well, I just watched the uh the news conference, the Chief Weber gave and he talked about a family Reunification Center and the family Reunification Center is that is set up. my understanding is not far from the mall, but also I think law enforcement that sets up a hotline so people can inquire on the safety of their of their loved one. They know it uh but you know when the police say shelter in place, it means stay where you are. You know one of the things we know from a lot of debrief that that I've been involved in uh in some of these uh these active shooter mass shooter incidents are that often the suspect is consuming media while he is on the run, we saw that in the spa shooting, we saw that we saw Roger uh excuse me uh was consuming media is watching streaming video on his phone while he was hiding upstairs in his spot. so that is. The law enforcement is so careful when they say to you know media hey, can you please not you know, please don't show the aerial shot. Please don't show the location of officers by the same token. you know you wanna be careful on social media sharing your location. Hey mom and dad. I'm okay. I'm in the coat room at Macy's because we don't know where the shooter is so that's a really good point and Schwartz. you say you're no one's friend. You're certainly ours tonight with that incredible insight. uh hopefully we'll get back to you a little bit later here but uh thank you so much for that uh incredible insight. Especially what's going on at the hospital? That's something we're gonna look into right now. Let's go to Brett new information he's at the at home Store. This is the reunification Center and Brett This is just north of the mall. Can you lay out where you are and what's happening? Yeah well at the at home store parking lot uh just a few blocks away from Mayfair Mall and uh I'll just remind you of the bus here because this is what we saw uh just about 20 minutes ago um at our last uh location that we were at and uh it was leaving Mayfair Mall. You can see it's crowded and packed with people that are on board that bus presumably uh to keep them warm and safe as they wait for their family members to come, you know we've already seen. Uh a dad and a little boy uh run up to presumably a mom or a wife or a loved one. uh give them a big hug. uh just uh absolutely tugging at your heart strings here uh a lot of people waiting uh making calls to loved ones, letting them know that they're okay and where their location is. I just talked to a mom and her daughter, They said that they were in the store they heard pop and they didn't know what it was and then the second that they realized it was gunshots uh they were ushered into the. Of the store that they were in uh and they said they were frightened and infect the mom started to cry as I spoke with her uh as she was waiting for her husband and the girl's uh father to come to this area here and and be reunited uh so we'll be speaking with a lot more of them uh in just a moment. but yes, as you suspected Ben that bus that we saw earlier tonight was taking people from Mayfair from the mall uh uh to this location again, presumably people that either didn't have access to their. Vehicle because of all of the uh the police activity at the mall or uh didn't have another way to get home. Uh this is where they're at and um certainly if you're at home and you're wondering where your loved one is uh this would be a good place to to check out Ben Yeah at HomeStore just north of Berlin uh and we gotta give some credit to Milwaukee County Transit system. We see him outside fires often to help people warm up tonight. They are moving people from a mass shooting uh to a safe place to. Reunited with their loved ones, Alright, Brett appreciate it, We are hearing for the first time from Wauwatosa police chief Barry Weber. We heard from him just about 20 minutes ago. We wanna bring that news conference to you now. Good evening everyone tonight the Wauwatosa Police Department is investigating a shooting incident that occurred at Mayfair Mall 2500 North Mayfair Road on this day, approximately 2:50 PM our dispatchers received some 911 calls. reporting a shooting incident at the mall near the northwest entrance to Macy's while the police officers in Wauwatosa Fire Department personnel responded when emergency personnel arrived. The shooter is no longer at the scene Seven. Injured adults and one injured teenager were transported to the hospital by Wauwatosa Fire Department. The extent of their injuries is unknown at this time. Everybody was alive at that time, though, so there's not been any fatalities that I'm aware of numerous law enforcement agencies are assisting with clearing the Mayfair mall property. those who are seeking to reunified with anyone who is at me for mall should go to the reunification area located at the at home Store Thirty-two oh one North Mayfair Road. That's just north of Burley Street prelim. Statements from witnesses indicate that the shooter is a white male in his 20s or 30s. investigators are working on determining the identity of that suspect any information Reporting the shooters identity at this time is false Mayfair Mall remains closed and will be closed until further notice The crime scene is active and we ask members of the public to remain away from the area and be patient so that our law enforcement personnel may secure the scene and investigate our public. Office will release accurate information as it becomes available. I'm hoping that maybe later this evening if we have any more information, we'll give it to you then but that's really about all. I got right now, so thank you for still in the mall. We don't know that we don't know what challenges our law enforcement right now. So we're just hearing from Chief Barry Weber right there. It was about 20 minutes ago that he gave us that press briefing, But as you heard there at the end, they do not know if the suspect is inside the mall or out in the community At this point, Here is a description of the suspect. A white male in his 20s or 30s still at large police are working to identify the suspect. So at this point we do know there's one suspect they're looking for a mall like Mayfair would likely have many many security cameras so whether or not they're getting that description from an image they saw on the cameras or they're just getting that description from witness depictions as to what they specifically saw. We're not exactly sure, but this is what's happening right now. It's still an active situation there are. Law enforcement personnel within the mall going inch by inch trying to find the perpetrator within the mall, but again we have to imagine. there's also law enforcement outside the mall at various other locations in the community searching there as well. Yeah, not a great description that obviously a lot of people white male in his 20s. Uh let's go to bill about this press conference and Schwartz told us little a while ago, not surprising that we're getting a whole lot of information because the suspect is still at large, but I found an interesting bill they did say they're seeing rumors on the internet and those rumors. Saying are false. Chief Weber couldn't be more emphatic about that as you just heard in that press conference that we just played back for you that briefing that chief Barry Weber gave is that any uh instances of people claiming to have identified that shooter are false. uh what we do know the shooter is a white male and is in his 20s or 30s and aunt is our law enforcement expert Annie Schultz said, Is that they're keeping some of that information about what police officers know close to their best right now because they are still looking for him. And uh police are still working on clearing the mall and it's unknown if the shooter is still inside the mall or not, but what they do know is that they are looking for a suspect in his 20s or 30s, and it's a white male and as Steph as you were saying earlier there are security cameras everywhere inside malls and then even on properties that are adjacent to uh the mall So what's being done? no doubt is that police are looking at any type of evidence that was being able to be. From witness accounts inside the mall, comparing that to the video to come up with the description that police have given out publicly, but again a lot more information is being kept close as police are trying to still locate this suspect and that press briefing very brief and what uh official said is that if not when but if there is more information to be released that it will come out but they won't be doing uh these briefings as every little bit of information trickles out they were they. Give the information to the public as they can and asking for the public to be patient with this as this investigation still continues to move forward as families uh are reunited with their loved ones as they their loved ones are uh taken out of the uh mall and brought to the the family Reunification Center where our Brett Laine is at right now so again, lots of moving parts here and still a lot of questions uh that police are not answering right now at this time. Alright appreciate it Bill. We know seven injured adults one team. We don't know a whole lot of information about them, but we do know some information about one of the victims and that is because Angelica Sanchez talked to their family. It was a worker inside the mall. Angie. Yeah, that's right and the worker was inside the mall when he was shot twice in the leg, according to his nephew and his nephew when he found out about the shooting well, he just rushed to the mall as did so many people who have loved ones who are either working inside or knew their loved ones were was coming to the mall uh to do some holiday shopping uh or to get ready to the for the weekend, and yes, as you mentioned, you know you have a family that are learning or probably haven't been able to get a hold of their. Ones if they were a victim in this shooting as we've learned seven adults and one teenager were victims of the gunfire. Uh we just learned Children's Wisconsin their public relations team is saying that they did receive some patients from this shooting. but at this time they are not releasing information on how many what we do know is a very vague description of the suspect, which is a white male between the ages of twenty to 30 years of age and at least for now, we know that the uh. Acted alone. That's what we know now, but I'm sure uh law enforcement is going through security cameras just as they are canvassing every inch of this property to see what kind of vehicle was the individual driving was a license plate caught it was the individual on foot and did the individual flee on foot or are they perhaps still on this property As again, we know there is a very active and intense search for the individual that cause uh the shooting again. Seven adults in one teenager were injured at last check these were all non life-threatening injuries, but you know we're talking about gunfire. We're talking about uh people uh that were just going about their day being victims of such senseless violence. So, of course they're being rushed to area hospitals getting some sort of treatment and at last check, we know that those injuries are non fatal but law enforcement uh asking the public to please do not spread misinform. On social media, unless it's coming from a law enforcement source, they are asking for that information any information on this suspect be instead directed to them at this time uh as they are still very much dealing with this situation and you know we heard earlier whatever information they have on the potential shooter uh that information uh they're they might be keeping some of that under wraps right now all they're giving us is that it's a white male between the ages of twenty to 30 years of age, and of course, uh that is why they're asking. Stay away from this area This individual is still not in custody. It is not a good idea to come out here uh but of course we have learned uh Brett Laine is at the reunification at the at home store, where ones can reunite with their family members as this has been a very as what many witnesses have described a very terrifying evening for everyone. Absolutely Angelica and you know it's gonna take days for people to process this, especially those who were there at the mall when all of this unfolded. Uh you know children, you know a teenager shot here. so it's definitely gonna take some time for everyone to recover and heal, But as you mention, this is very much still an active investigation. The suspect is not in police custody at this point, police haven't said whether or not the suspect they believe is in the building or out in the community, They basically told us we don't know we're trying our best. We're trying to apprehend whoever this person might be, but we have to imagine that they are taking a look at all of that surveillance footage. They are taking a look at. Was coming and going into the mall around 3 o'clock and what actually happened. Angelica spoke to uh the nephew of a victim, a man who actually owns several kiosks that are typically in the central aisles of the mall and that man was shot twice in the leg. so that tells us you know it may have been out in kind of uh the of the mall or it may have been inside the store. We're not exactly sure at this point. These are all questions that we're trying to get answered for you. But we do know it was in this northwest corner corner of the mall all of this unfolded about three and a half hours ago and I wanna uh just clear something up. We did here early on police tell us non-life-threatening injuries but then just a few minutes ago when the chief spoke, he said, Well when everybody left here they they alive, I don't know the extent of their injuries now, so that's obviously a very different statement than than non life threatening. We don't know the extent of the injuries right now, but we are thinking of them, including that individual and immigrant from Pakistan who owned a couple of those key. In the mall came to America for a better life and today at around 3 o'clock, a shooter comes inside the mall and he is a victim so stay with us. We have several reporters on scene and we're learning new information by the minute. We're gonna take just a quick minute here. We'll see you on the other side of Greg. Was breaking news eight people shot at Mayfair Mall, seven adults one team Cassie Williams, You've got new information. Yet police just confirming those eight people shot on their way to the hospital, The police chief says on the way there they were alive at the extent of their injuries is unknown. I'm here you can see Macy's is behind me. We're across the street in the Buffalo Wild Wings area. You can see just how many red and blue whites there still are still a large police presence they continue to comb the scene. We heard a law enforcement expert a little bit earlier in this hour, just explaining how long it will take to search every crevice of this building, not only that you have to think about how many people were inside of this building at the time. That is a lot of people to. Through an interview, so this investigation is just beginning as they continue to search for the suspect. The only information we've been given. the police say that the suspect they believe is a white man in his 20s or 30s that it confirms with I talked to an employee earlier who says they thought they saw a white man with a gun when this shooting happened talked to multiple witnesses who describe hearing all of the gunshots, including one woman who who inside of Macy's at the time with her mother, they were just there shopping. And when she about the instincts that kicked in that moment. Uh it's that fight-or-flight reaction you know um instincts just the sort of disbelief that this is actually happening and I have my mother with me so obviously a great concern for her and her safety and um we were both II just went into. you know the mode of let's get to a safe place as quickly as possible and make sure my mom is okay. And so we're still waiting to learn more about the injuries of the people that were shot earlier, we were told Non-life threatening, but now the police chief clarifying that at this point, they know the extent of the injuries, but worth noting more than just the physical impact of what happened here, there will also be an emotional recovery for the people that were shot all the people that were inside, including the woman you just heard from about witnessing this inside of a very popular mall just a week before black Friday and also for the community as a whole as once again all eyes, it seems are on southeast. Wisconsin talked to one employee whose family lives in Mississippi they heard about it and they were calling him to check to make sure he was okay. One witness telling us her eight year-old as he was running out of Macy's telling shoppers who are walking in. don't go inside. There's a shooter so the emotional toll certainly being felt tonight as well. Cassidy Thank you, We wanna take a brief pause with our coverage in terms of what's happening in Mayfair and talk about our weather forecast because we are heading into the weekend before Thanksgiving after all, we are. It's going to be uh a colder weekend, certainly the past couple of days have been warmer. Hopefully you've been able to enjoy some of those warmer temperatures, but from here more seasonal in the 40s, let's take a look at where we topped out today. 58° was our high temperature nowhere near the record, but certainly well over the average and it just adds on to our number of above average days so far this month, so it did feel pretty nice out there today, but as I just mentioned the bigger story going forward is just the colder air that begins. Move in tonight, you can high temperatures towards the northwest of us today. we're only in the 30s and 40s, Minnesota or Minneapolis. Excuse me. Forty-two Duluth thirty-three We're going to have a northwesterly wind here next couple of days that's going to continue to pull that cooler air in our vicinity. We're at 49° right now feeling like 47. The wind is pretty light, but still enough to make it feel just a few degrees cooler out there so you're definitely going to need a jacket as you head out tonight, you may have not have needed in the past couple of nights, but tonight you. Need it uh clouds have cleared. We did see just a few earlier this evening so clear skies in the forecast for tonight. In fact, we do have a high pressure system off towards the west, too. That's going to continue to move in our direction, bringing some sunshine for tomorrow. Let's take a look at Sky Vision plus right now so quiet conditions through the rest of the night tonight.

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