LIVE: Trump Supporters Rally For Pres. Trump On Freedom Plaza

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#JointSession #Congress #MarchOnDC

“We stand together at this pivotal moment in history to defend this president, to protect our freedoms, and to stop...

Posted 11 months ago in Politics

Sue Vajda 11 months ago

I pray you are right, Wayne. If our election process is compromised, we have lost our constitutional republic

Sue Vajda 11 months ago

There are thousand of people willing to testify under oath as to fraud. They won’t let it be heard by the courts. There’s your sign.

Missy Turner Landers 11 months ago

Thanks for passionate conversations. We should be able to discuss our convictions.

Sue Vajda 11 months ago

Our country is very close to socialism simply by being controlled by China with the new administration coming in. Destabilizing the world and making China more powerful. Wake up

Sara Radcliffe 11 months ago

Freedom to our patriots and our country!!! Lady liberty will not be silent!!! USA 🇺🇸

Judy Karonika 11 months ago

Our freedoms are ever so gradually being eroded away. Speech police, lockdowns, masks, suppression of information/news and intimidation and looting on our city streets.

Ang N Steve 11 months ago

If we back down now!! We will lose our country and our freedoms.

Rose Mooney 11 months ago

Georgia polls telling two people they already voted today!! Rejected their right to vote!! Cheating at the polls!!!

Deborah Tucker 11 months ago

If GA seats are lost... it's Coming! You can bet the Dems will push any & every Socialist agenda they can dream up.

Deanna Lynn Wiederhold 11 months ago

David your right Biden lost and is going to Gitmo