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Viu Philippines • 5 months ago   7K     45  •  140.6K Views
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Mukhang magiging nanay na nga ang ating pinakamamahal na reyna. 😅

Posted 5 months ago in TV & Movies
Viu Philippines
Viu Philippines5 months ago

✨ Title: Mr. Queen (Tagalog)
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Kyra Pucyutan
Kyra Pucyutan5 months ago

Watching this on Viu pero hindi dubbed hahahaha so funny and exciting!!! Highly-recommended! <3

Ellaine Tagulao
Ellaine Tagulao5 months ago

One of the funniest kdrama 😂🤣😂🤣😂

YliMe IsLe PaLitog
YliMe IsLe PaLitog5 months ago

mas nakakatawa ung hindi dubb promise ahha

Arvince Calica
Arvince Calica5 months ago

Camille G Dolayba see may tagalog ate