Orlando Bloom Saves Drunk Fly From Drowning! | The Graham Norton Show

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Happy Birthday to the ultimate hero, Orlando Bloom!

Posted 9 months ago in TV & Movies

Nubia Chavez 9 months ago

Omg I share a birthday with Orlando Bloom!

Joy Emily Daquilanea 9 months ago

Was that David, Amy's suitor from TBBT?

Fanhinou Bienvenu 9 months ago

que la voulonte de Dieu soit fait

Carol Rooney Hart 9 months ago

Charming, happy birthday Orlando! Priceless❤️

Rachel Sánchez 9 months ago

That fly is saying “I’m not as think as you drunk I am.”

Craig Cope 9 months ago

Love the show but Graham's aha aha aha aha false laugh over powers the guests talking, oh & that eer, eer eer.🙄