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I’m not going anywhere,O g u n go kill una- Man battles with NCDC staff who came to take him to their isolation center for treatment

Posted 1 year ago in Social Issues

Eboh Georgina 1 year ago

Dis guy is not effected their test kit are faulty.they want to add him to number of cases.

Uzoma Chukwu 1 year ago

That is why I dey fear to go where them dey check temperature like bank, make them no come carry me leave my kid say I get covid19

Okonkwo Favour 1 year ago

Somebody can no longer have malaria and typhoid again in peace. They will tag it covid 19.

Samuel Seun Juwahan 1 year ago

Covid 19 isn't a dead sentence they should have educate the guy on it rather than wrestle with him

Victor Starzy 1 year ago

Corona don see insult,,chai na by force?

Favour Ehirim 1 year ago

Will someone that has covid 19 have this kind of strength

Innocent Chukwu 1 year ago

When did Nigeria government begin care for Nigerians not to die or is there is something else behind all this.

Franca Julius 1 year ago

Laugh one finish me ooooh, na by force to go,now people dey fear to go hospital cause any small thing now na corona, even if na headache anything when make you go hospital dem GI quarantine you,this life no balance

Torey Afolabi Victor 1 year ago

Why are they fighting him that he must go to isolation Venter? Akeredolu ondo state governor tested positive but refuse to isolate because he does not want to hand over power.4 days later ncdc say he is negative. So this man dey Do same thing dem dey fight am Nigeria nor balance

David Bamidele Joshua 1 year ago

The man knows he doesn't have Covid, but the government is forcing Covid on him, if he had Covid the symptoms wouldn't allow him resist, with all the struggling and shouting, not one coughing came out of him, which is the main symptoms of Covid, Nigeria my country, a person with cough and breathing problem will not be able to shout and struggle without coughing Profusely.