Blind kitten is rescued from the brink of death

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This blind kitten is being nursed back to health by a Good Samaritan! 🐱💕 via Newsflare

Posted 4 months ago in Animals & Pets

Merlina Vanceva 4 months ago

There are some real angels on this planet. Thank you for existing 🙏❤

Lori Peterson 4 months ago

Great jobs from heavenly person's this woman is a Angel 😇 and deserved a award.

Mike Edelstein 4 months ago

The little kitten is getting a chance at life thanks to a caring person. Whoever abandoned this angel is a terrible person. Hope the little girl has a great future

Carol Eldridge 4 months ago

Poor little baby thank God for the angel looking after it .

Jim Mulvihill 4 months ago

Kindness to animals is a touch from God. Bless this lady. As far as blind animals go, they quickly learn their home and navigate it very well as long as you don't move the furniture.

Karen Bonnici 4 months ago

Poor cat but he find a person who take care of him thanks

Holly Griffin Olson 4 months ago

Not only would I have nursed this little one back to health but I would have adopted the little one too. Thank god for people like this woman.

Katherine Ustick 4 months ago

Thank you to the compassionate woman caring for this little cat.

Lauren Stacy Weber 4 months ago

Omg goodness this kitten is so adorable 😺😽 thank you so much for saving her rescuing her and for loving her nurturing her caring for her and for being there for her and for taking such good care of her and for making her family 😽😺💖 she’s so beautiful 😽😺💖

Jennifer Schaefer 4 months ago

What a brave young man. He's a hero! Thank you to the woman caring for that kitty. Your a hero as well.