Cat launches attack on weatherman

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'Romi is not happy with our South Dakota weather!' 🐱😂

Credit: Newsflare

Posted 1 year ago in Animals & Pets

Dawn Lee 2 months ago

Mike Clausi

Jackie Olberding Verley 4 months ago

Jay and Katie …..looks like Nacho!

Stuart Adams 9 months ago

Claire Bauman This is a funny video! It's a cat reacting to a South Dakota weatherman on TV!

Ireta Ekstrom 11 months ago

The cat thinks the black clicker is a bug!!

Stacie HyunSun Park 11 months ago

Dorothy Xuan cats are so funny 😂😂

Katie Jenkins 12 months ago

Sadie May

Rose Bud 12 months ago

That's cute

Jana Jana 1 year ago

Chrisa Van Der Linden-Golia ben allergisch voor katten maar nu wil ik echt wel een kat🤣🤣

Veronica Samu 1 year ago