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A wee message from me 😍

so excited to head to Inverness as part of my Soup Pot tour!

🎟 bit.ly/ECJaneyGodley

Jillian Malcolm
Jillian Malcolm5 months ago

Can’t wait to see you again with all the girls from Public Health this time. Give us a wee should out on the night please on Sunday 7th Nov xx👋

Fiona Sweeney
Fiona Sweeney5 months ago

Hoping your Falkirk 16th October still going ahead. Looking forward to making a day of it

Jacqui Sutherland
Jacqui Sutherland5 months ago

Lucky Inverness!💞

Sea Woods
Sea Woods5 months ago

I can't wait to see you! Got myself a special birthday present and bought 2 tickets for me and my sister in Inverness. You have been a proper Ray 9f light to me over the last year. Really looking forward to hearing the Soup pot chat in HD!

Anne Stewart
Anne Stewart5 months ago

Annie MacDonald see you there xx

Laura Sim
Laura Sim5 months ago

Do you fancy this Maureen Valentine ? X

Karen Wood
Karen Wood5 months ago

I can’t wait-got tickets for gig ages ago….it’s going to be so great to see the person who saw me through lockdown live! 😍🤣🤣x

Susan Greer
Susan Greer5 months ago

Look forward to seeing you in Aberdeen on the 5th November xx

Donna Mcdonald
Donna Mcdonald5 months ago

Can't wait 2 c u on Sat 6th,my husband Davy surprised me and booked tickets for us both and our son Jamie 🥳xx