Gang rape in India - Manisha's story

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Manisha died last year after being gang raped in India.

When Manisha tried to tell the police, they wouldn’t listen and an attempted coverup began....

Posted 3 months ago in Crime & Tragedy

Nabila Nagi 3 months ago

This is heartbreaking. Horrific that Manisha suffered a brutal attack and disgusting that the authorities treated her so cruelly. They were all responsible for her death and should be held accountable. A country certainly is judged by how it treats the most vulnerable in society.

Sinead Sullivan 3 months ago

Disgusting. The caste system should be abolished by law, and those who seek to use it to hide their crimes, should be exposed, and prosecuted. My heart and thoughts go out to the families of all the victims who have not been granted justice.

Val Swain 3 months ago

Horrific treatment of the victim and the family by the Police and medical experts ! Just no words ! Rest in peace you were very brave to speak out whilst in such trauma and pain ! May your family find peace too 😪😥😪
Shameful corrupt police and government who protect the perpetrators of sexual abuse against women and children! It is about time these men changed their attitude towards women and children from where I am standing these men demand Respect but do not Deserve Respect !!

Jane Goodchild 3 months ago

Sorry the government don’t care they should be in jail for life where is this god to protect this girl and many others
Also why so much in Are these atrocities happening so much for the human race the pain for the parents must be out of this world to see a child savaged as such the way let’s hope these individuals get, karma in the biggest way ever

Corinne Lisa 3 months ago

Absolute savages. Imagine what this poor girl went through. The men must be made an example of. The caste system must be abolished. It only works for those at the top.

Anne Yousif 3 months ago

Everyone who should have helped and chose not to are equally guilty in my opinion. Disgusting behavior. How can anyone who doesn’t care about others be in a position of authority. The policeman in charge has a lot to answer for. 🤬😢😢

Bina Howard 3 months ago

F**k the caste system, it is because of this poor vulnerable males and females are subjected to the abuse, used and discarded while the perpetrators are protected because of their caste. Upper caste will always exert their power against the poor. It happens here in the UK, the elite get the best, avoid tax the best way they can and s**t on the poor.

Rebecca Salem 3 months ago

This is so horrifying. Poor poor girl. So much pain and suffering and absolutely no justice. I can't even imagine how her family must feel.

Andrew Flitton 3 months ago

Anyone else think there are parallels to the Rotherham cover-ups?

Rod Attwell 3 months ago

And what is their government going to do ...caste system in glorious technicolor