Parents urged to turn cars off during school run amid health warnings

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Parents are being warned to turn off their car during the school pick-up and drop-off. It's a warning that's more than just hot air. Researchers have...
Parents are being warned to turn off their cars during the school pick up and drop off. It's a warning that's more than just hot air. Researchers have found the extra exhaust can cause long-term health problems for children. Claire Walter took her daughter out of this Collingwood childcare center over fears for her health being on a main road. The concentrations of air pollution in my opinion were dangerous. Using air quality data, the Melbourne Uni Researchers says vehicle pollution is even more dangerous at school drop off than pick up. And wants car idling banned. When it's cold, it's nice to have it on. Especially if they have babies or little little ones that they have in the back. Idling's unnecessary. So, so why do it? And your stationary, you're not moving off. So, you're then creating a local pollution hot spot. Researchers found leaving the engine running could lead to long-lasting health conditions like the shrinking of lungs and asthma. Some studies have shown an alarming 300% increase in pollution. At pick up time. And these are tiny particles that when we inhale them they're so small they get from our lungs into our bloodstream and they then travel throughout our body affecting every organ. It isn't just car idling experts have their eye on. They want better classroom ventilation. As well as buffer zones between new schools and major roads. We used to smoke around children and that was socially acceptable and years gone by. This is exactly the same issue. Sara Jones Seven News.

Posted 2 months ago in Health & Medical