'Part-time Prime Minister': Corbyn criticises Johnson for his absence during the floods

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Jeremy Corbyn lays into Boris Johnson for his absence during the #floods, demanding the government "step up to the plate." during today's #PMQs

Posted 2 years ago in Politics

Tony Scott-Robinson 2 years ago

At least JC. went to talk and help the victims. He may not be PM. but if there was any justice in this world he would.

Miguel Freitas Araujo 2 years ago

Well with bojo that's Wright to have some towns in UK to look like Venice ..and he will build a floating bridge from Dundee to Londonderry and the masses clap hands

Paul Townson 2 years ago

We have the same shite in Australia. Do many of you people think, as PM...he is not updated several times a day, even when on hols. The PM, cannot fix a broken levy or put out a bush fire!

Patricia Glover Bell 2 years ago

And Corbyn was sat on the train floor when there were plenty of seats

Shane Manning 2 years ago

The prime minster does not give a dam about anyone he is just lining his own pockets .....

Richard Stevens 2 years ago

Is that The River Plate? I fancy he has a battle on his hands.

Nigel Ward-Stevens 2 years ago

The MSM only want Boris to visit the floods to get footage of him with distressed people and a hoard of lefty activists yelling abuse at him. When trying to recover from a flood the last thing people need is a political circus and a media feeding frenzy on their doorstep.

Mathew Murray 2 years ago

What's the Pm seriously going to do exactly? He's not no builder or specialist in flooding so leave the experts to it.

Ruth Graham 2 years ago

Hardly laid into Boris it was more the same old drivvle from Corbyn. Boris was always ready with the answer.

David Hails 2 years ago

Why didn't you show the PM's reply which totally embarrassed Corbyn.