Prince Ea - Are our children wasting time at school? Watch...

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Are our children wasting time at school? Watch this and let me know what you think.

Jennifer Esposito Hightower
Jennifer Esposito Hightower3 years ago

I understand the topic of this video. As teachers, we are not allowed the choices we used to have in the classroom. Our curricula is dictated. It's not just about teachers, it's about the educational system as a whole. Teachers were specifically mentioned several times in the video. I represent the type of teacher that gives her all in her classroom everyday. I nurture the student as well as the content. Any teacher that's worth a damn is doing what's right by the students in his or her classroom. At the same time, the test is the focus because it's been made the focus by the people that run the school system. Until that changes, there will never be education reform. Please don't blame your children's teachers for teaching the way they're told to teach. Most of us do what we have to do, but we are also looking out for your children as well. I am a teacher because I love to teach and enrich the lives of my students!

Tabatha Patnoe-Burris
Tabatha Patnoe-Burris3 years ago

I hate these videos. For one it blames the teachers. News flash: a teacher has to teach the curriculum given. They are not free to pick and choose what is best. Second, despite what people seem to think it is NOT THE SCHOOLS JOB to teach children everything they need to know in life. Parents need to step up too. Third, schools do have classes that teach these things. I took accounting in high school. I took general business in high school. A student has to show some initiative as well. I'm not saying there are not problems with the education system. Teaching to test is horrible. There can be improvements but videos like this that approach school as if is it a negative thing, instead of actually providing solutions gets us nowhere.

Winnie Chibuye
Winnie Chibuye3 years ago

Teachers need to focus more on bringing out a child's potential and abilities
Rather than focus on grades as a marker for intelligence

Keith Fanks
Keith Fanks3 years ago

My senior year in high school I needed another math to graduate. I didn’t want to take trig or calculus so I took a course call Practical Math. The course was designed for seniors who were going to work after graduation.
It was best class I ever took! The teacher taught us how to fill out a job app, balance a check book, buy insurance, how to invest, how to buy a car or a house, interest rates, loans etc.
The knowledge I learned in that class served me in life than any history, algebra, chemistry combined!
I graduated high school in 1971 when how to do things were more important than how to remember things that were useless!

Olivia Paige
Olivia Paige3 years ago

Findland used to be at the same ranking as U.S for education and they actually decided that was unacceptable and did something about it. They reduced the number of hours kids are in school and they get virtually no homework. They are encouraged to socialize with friends and use their imaginations. They are now one of the top rated countries for education.

Kkaye Brown
Kkaye Brown3 years ago

I Don't Need to watch that I know they Are. Home School Your Kids Period.

Tina Waters
Tina Waters3 years ago

Parents have to do something. Their children are their responsibility. Children's futures rests in their parent's hands. Schools aren't equipped to teach children everything they need to know in life. Especially since some parents don't encourage discipline or learning at home. That leaves teachers doing more disciplining than teaching.

Coral Odoms
Coral Odoms3 years ago

For all the educators that took this video as a personal attack: you missed the point. The idea that scores should determine someone's worth is the same as deciding someone's a better person just because he or she attends church. I have known gifted people with low test scores. And why can't we have some classes that teach life skills? Yes a parent or parents should do these things but what if they can't? What if they work two jobs just to feed their kids? Education unfortunately over time is becoming one more way to earn fame, fortune, and respect. The schools with the best scores have the most funding. Those teachers have better salaries or at least consistent ones. Think about this video not as "what education is not" but more like "what it could be." All of us could do better. Parents, teachers, and decision makers.

Sherri Miller
Sherri Miller3 years ago

I love this video! My son and I were talking the other day and he's worried because school doesn't teach him how to apply for a job, balance a checkbook, or even to cook anymore. They took out home economics. So, I'm teaching him those things. The basics, yes we need schooling for reading, writing, and arithmetic. But, what his dreams are for his future don't involve the majority of his classes. I wish I would have done home schooling for him, I've seen so many successful people that went that route.

Luke Lugg
Luke Lugg3 years ago

WOW, hands down the worse video you have ever made.
Just lost me with this one.
People can't deal with stress, anxiety and depression these days because technology and political correctness have created so many comfort zones that people are to scared to step outside their little box and fall apart when something goes wrong.
We no are no longer held accountable for our mistakes and bad choices or face consequences for our actions as kids, which inhibits our ability to develop coping mechanisms and learn how we deal with failure.
Society has created a generation of privileged and mentally weak people who cry everytime something goes wrong or hurts our feelings.
Sure not everyone will use everything they have learned from school throughout their life but we retain a lot of it subconsciously and recall it at times.