BBC One - And you thought your dating life was hard…...

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And you thought your dating life was hard…

Narrated by Sir David Attenborough, The Mating Game reveals the most fascinating, hilarious and dramatic strategies animals use to find a mate.

The Mating Game / Streaming from 3 October at 8pm / BBC iPlayer

Daniel Sidor
Daniel Sidor4 months ago


Leopardo Dickaprio
Leopardo Dickaprio4 months ago

definitely gonna try these

Claire Louise Claire
Claire Louise Claire4 months ago

Faye Emma , see could be worse! 🤣😭x

Mariam Mohammed
Mariam Mohammed4 months ago


Amy Reid
Amy Reid4 months ago

Rhiann Rotarides they make it look easy…

Sandra Wheatley
Sandra Wheatley4 months ago

Bonnie N'Adler
Bonnie N'Adler4 months ago

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