DATELINE FRIDAY PREVIEW: Window of Opportunity

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“It really felt like there wasn’t ever going to be an answer…”

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It was the summer of 2006 7 year old Sarah PAGEL knew nothing about the murder investigation swirling around her mother's death, but she always knew this. I never doubted that she loved me and she felt protected by her dad. Sarah says she isn't even sure when she learned how her mother died. We didn't realize the situation until I was at least around 1314 as a young teenager, she became aware of the internet campaign against her dad. If anyone looked anything up online, it would be my dad's face there. It was very hard. Did you worry that your mom's killer was walking free? I mean, yeah and wondering who it was. it really felt like there wasn't ever going to be an answer. This case, it never went away more than a decade after RENEE pegs murder detectives were taking another crack at her cold case, the biggest bombshell of all drops in your lap. Yeah, I was absolutely shocked.

Posted 2 months ago in Crime & Tragedy