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Top USA ACtion Movie 2019
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S S Stuff S 60 seconds No idea what's going on thanks for having me Did you place okay Confidence Let's get the first truck Cars This regards this Right you are absolutely right that I Didn't change the song Right right right Right The door come on open it go right here Get it it's. Funny you gotta, get out of the car We thought It's crazy to come back I don't have time to my chops. I gotta shop no waking up you're gonna die okay Get out of the truck. I'm Not Kidding Just Kidding What the hell is going on somewhere under attack Rachel Rachel shut up Rachel Try to do something okay Nick Yours response nothing okay I'm gonna. Go this let's. Talk to Dan. No Yes Oh, no anything you know Whistling sociate it called out of the ground started torture What is is a terrorist came from some places like Europe Don't Robby not like Europe But she very Whitening Storm What do you mean? It came down in your city was very She was talking about was very good with lightning operates That's. The you know to watch the 130 helicopters airplanes One The rich are you doing there I shouldn't I did she's. Good Do work. Sometimes Rachel Hey Mom Yeah, I know you feel better come on mom. Yeah tell me about it. You know this one I just want you to hold it together for me. Okay what would you start screaming like that You know right now Rachel I know Hurry up The door Morn One Boom Two S She did Just right here okay they're. Never here How do you know because they're on the way to Boston So they just kept on going up to Boston and probably up your grandma's House right now I'm Gonna Color How comes lights on here and not your place because S This is this is your area and how it goes собери отлично Already Let's get some If we have someone show you guys to put some poker five card stud maybe black peanut butter Since when birth No Be sandwiches Joey sandwich I'm Longer you agree S Swear now safe stay morning mom and we're gonna. Be here Any skin Be fun Okay Everything's fine. Why we have to sleep in the basement We got perfectly good beds It's like a summer party What do you think is gonna happen I want to sleep in my bed got back problems Okay well you, Don't want to channel when there's a tornado on Monday So you go down the basement for 60 It's. Like that he's gonna, be tornadoes ritual A little nicer to me Look It's Lighting back S S Everyone we'll be open this Passenger showing off beside cameras shoulder saved his life that Max You're, stupid camera say just stupid life worried out there in the Pine, Barrens were attached to a National guard unit 80 third mechanized They moved on one of those things around midnight Cut some kind of shield around you, Can't. See it, but everything we fire death too early before we can get close enough to cause me down my flag Thing everything lights up like a You gotta be couldn't. Be right We were feeding New York some patches over the Sea. They went down lay Chicago to London even called the Phillies to try to get the cuts feed. But nobody answers It's the same everywhere Once the tripod start to move no more news comes out of that area You ain't seen nothing yet I saw that story I was right in the Middle of one of those you, Didn't. See it like this Those machines come up onto the ground right so, that means they must be buried a long time ago So I was driving a goddamn. Things was the lightning Why should I think keep watching? I think Are you scared about his them come down and capsules riding the lightning into the ground into the machines right We Didn't have a lot of S Hey you want that plan That's too bad it would have been a really great story You keep your eyes on me. I understand Look down to look around me I'm taking a car Keep going push What the Boston close your eyes? Okay so close Probably getting Robby Why you like S While they were on the turnpike because I don't want anybody suited, we gotta work in car seats Richard Perry or across the Hudson back roots across Connecticut all the way to Boston Balls to go back and find the scenes killer Let's. Just let me make the big decisions okay which we will never be enough for the race. Shit alright It's dad Sorry if you want Mister Ferrier it sounds a little weird to me, but you decide dad To the basket I could go on such a fast right there's. Two things to watch out for the second is people who might want our car there's nobody around I gotta go Rachel Rachel It's, Good right there I'm not going in front of you. Guys were all right. They just go. I can see you Are you crazy No I'm, not gonna. Look just stay in sight Listen every time you guys don't listen to me I'm I'm telling your mother okay I'm making a list Making a left See S You never gave a shit before Never had a shit okay what's your plan When we get back we got we got Zack is down let's. Try one that Doesn't involve your 10 year old system training the everything You only choose Boston long as there is she's there You can focus on her You can dump this on her and then you only care about yourself which is exactly the way you like it What are you trying to go What do you do you go S That's. My eyes once you drive S Why do you do that Why wouldn't that just want to give him one S I Can't, please get away from the S S S S S S S Get off the shot S Listen to the call or daughters putdown All I want is my daughter S We've got it the worst That's. What I the US, mostly in South America and Asia, something there's nothing going on in Europe You're Worst That's. What everybody said We worked out some of it I don't give a shit who it is. I gotta post form those things in Stanford Bill They're. All over the place were dead I think the power still out here Grill S Thank you very much S This Let's go S S It's Crazy for Me Two cars out of the way More space Uber Will be plenty of room for everybody People in the raffle S Scared S S S There's still room S S N S Six stay right here S Doing this S I don't see such a Okay wait Wait What are you doing hero on yourself Sweetie. You gotta come in your hand. Stay long Do this You can hate me but I love you Why did you do that It's gonna. Be okay, you need to see it Please let me know S Father She was good Sorry we are supremely visa it's gonna be S да вижу хороший вы же любовью такое говорил нас He's rolling the first they'll keep coming War between magnets This is an extermination Been around death Don't have any ambulances city The city Back to you They don't want you saw That's Right Thank you for taking us Lock in the nomination S We're gonna fight right you gotta have a weakness take a look I like things about soccer That's. What hurt he told me the Japanese could figure out we can't We can do this right When you get them we can figure it out Why did you bring us here Final together right Will be the ones coming up from underground The time is right taken by surprise when they took us And Bishop Mommy You know if anything happens Sit her still вот так If you wanna get caught in the basement too much for you Probably turn this on Friday Maybe You'll be okay Maybe You'll get lucky. Little trainer was the pet You know feed you free new tricks Listen S S

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