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Posted 3 months ago in Religion & Spirituality

Shiny Philip 3 months ago

Praise the Lord everyone

Tripali Uchoi 3 months ago

bro please pray for me.I m so much in tension regarding one mistake that I have done in my duty

Tholickal Sunil 3 months ago

Amen. watching from Kerala. please pray my family two children and aged mother also with me

Sean Holland 3 months ago

Is she speaking in tongues? Or her language wow amazing I her God

Preeti Victor 3 months ago

Please pray for my new college year with advancement in my career and my future and also continuing blessings to be able to pay for my living expenses. Thank you Father God!!

Yatu Gongo 3 months ago

Praise the lord plz pray for my son tapum gongo good studies and good health and my daughter preparing neet exam plz pray support 🙏🙏🙏

Urmila Podder 3 months ago

Brother pray for me so that my wishes that I have in my heart be fulfilled 🙏🙏🙏

Rashmi Iswary 3 months ago

Sir please pray for my daughter as she is not well for days and for all the members of my family for good health.Amen

Urmila Podder 3 months ago

I m so tensed these days .I want few things to be fulfilled that has come to my life as destiny

George R Marak 3 months ago

Thank you Pastor for your prayer support