Shepherd's Pie Balls

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Shepherds Pie Balls! Your family favourite shaken up into a new style :)

Posted 3 years ago in Food & Drink

Mark Condon 3 years ago

Oddest shepherds pie i ever seen. But looksnot too bad. Missing most of the ingredients. Like lamb. Guinness. More veg. Herbs .A gravy. .....yeah no thank you

Natasha Lay 3 years ago

Umm... That's all well and good but you'll find these are actually cottage pie balls, shepherd's pie is made with lamb... It's in the name! 🤦🏻‍♀️ Hopefully whoever made this was high as balls! 😂

Tony Turner 3 years ago

More ignorant fools ! Beef??? When did Shepherds look after cattle not sheep? Other than the wrong meat it looks pretty good Messed up scotch egg even!

Richard Clarke 3 years ago

these look right good Phil Fallows , do you think they would make any of your menus? Obviously you’d put your own twist on it and make it Michelin quality