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Posted 3 years ago in Children & Parenting

Pat Kincaid 7 months ago

I didn't believe in Angeles but now I do what a wonderful Girl

Brenda Gramlick 4 months ago


Brenda Gramlick 4 months ago

Aileen Robinson 3 years ago

That little girl is the most wonderful person ,I wish her every happiness and God Bless her fotshe is absolutely beautiful with a gorgeous soul I just loved her dancing and the loving way she looked after her brother ,.she is a treasure

Ann Kelly 2 years ago

THIS IS LOVE. Beautiful Dance.She looked like a little princess and cares very deeply for her brother.GOD BLESS these loving children.

Ann Kelly 2 years ago

Michelle Regena 3 years ago

What a beautiful sister to think of her brother. They certainly could show a lot of people how to be nicer to other people. Adults can learn a lot from this young girl

Darlene Williams 3 years ago

She is an inspiration for everyone to learn from God bless that little girl's heart I wish I could give her a big hug and tell her what a beautiful child she is that's amazing you don't see too much of that these days unfortunately you are like a little fairy princess

Cindy Ritchie 3 years ago

馃槩馃槩馃槩so beautiful x

Carol Bjerring 3 years ago