5-Minute Crafts - How to make incredible things with a 3D...

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How to make incredible things with a 3D pen ✍️

Heather Wilson-Smith
Heather Wilson-Smith4 months ago

🙄 Whhyyyyy do you guys love the 3D pen so much? 😬

Melina Natsiou
Melina Natsiou4 months ago

Enough with this pen

Heather Lynn Clarkson
Heather Lynn Clarkson4 months ago

these took be back to the bedazzled kit days

Kristy Rozek
Kristy Rozek4 months ago

What is this pages fascination with the 3D pen
Can't choose between "why" and "no"

Marian Scheuerell Leifer
Marian Scheuerell Leifer4 months ago

Where can you get the pen and refills.

Jill Carr
Jill Carr4 months ago

Make silly items that look ridiculous with a 3 D pen.

Sarah Jane Hammond
Sarah Jane Hammond4 months ago

I think the word 'incredible' is being used very loosely here.

Lorinda Bailey-Buckley
Lorinda Bailey-Buckley4 months ago

This is reliving the 80's. No no no! It is more.like craft ideas for.the primary scholl friday art class of 3 hours.

Daniel Bustamante Borja
Daniel Bustamante Borja4 months ago

When you tried the high heels don't you think is visible the plastic inside?

Des Hoosen
Des Hoosen4 months ago

I have a leaking pipe...I wish I could have it and try it there. So much water come out and the plumber taking for ever to come.