Jordan Valley Dispatches: Abu Khairy

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“You demolish, and I’ll rebuild.” Jordan Valley residents like Abu Khairy, a father of six, vows to stay on his land in the face of Israel’s ongoing...

Posted 1 year ago

Marwan Marouf Mahmoud 1 year ago

الارض و السماء و الطين و الحجر و الماء و الشجر و عرق الزعتر و المطر كلها لكم و ليس معكم سوى الله و نعم الرفيق سبحانه و تعالى

Marta Hullihen 1 year ago


Wesley Whittaker 1 year ago

The zionist thugs and criminals rob, murder and destroy because they can! Half the world stays silent, the other half pours money into the murderous apartheid state.
Evil does not endure for ever! 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

Abdulla Ziyad 1 year ago

Never leave your land to those thieves. There is a curse of God on those Zionists.

Kathy K Stair 1 year ago

ISREal Like the new hitler