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Can we limit global warming to 1.5C?

Kate Blagojevic says the climate action being promised "simply isn't enough" but we can keep the 1.5C target "alive". Stuart Roberts adds that there must be "action on the ground".

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Dawn Yule
Dawn Yule4 months ago

Sick to death of do gooders that actually haven’t got a clue!

Ray Brierley
Ray Brierley4 months ago

The Government’s of all the Developed Countries need to get together to create an Aid Fund for The Amazon and Pacific Tropical Rain Forrests Countries so that these Countries can build a New Infrastructure for their peoples to earn enough and feed the population without the need for planting Palm Oil Plantations and Burning or Deforestation!Plus Form Fleets of Specialist Trawlers that can go around the Oceans to the Area’s where huge islands of Plastic waste etc buildup and Collect it onboard.Get dredgers and JCB’s that can clear Beaches,Riverbanks and Dredge Rivers of Rubbish and Silt freeing up the flow into the Delta’s Build Processing Plants that can Dry out all that’s Collected then Grind it into a Powder to be mixed with cement for the Building industry and with Tarmac for Road surfaces plus there are so many small Companies that have developed items to make other products from the powder! Because so many areas of our Sea’s and Coastline are almost Fished out so much so that Small Fishermen Boats all struggling to make a living from our Barren Coastlines. Every Country with a Coastline should install a No Fish Zone of 1 mile around their whole Coast!Ban industrial sized Trawlers from fishing within 100 miles of any Coastal Area’s. Small Trawler Fleets can then Fish all Coastal areas outside the 1 mile No Fish Zones and can Land their whole Catch,as nearly all the Fish are dead once pulled on Board! These sorts of measures are the only possibility of Saving our Planet and Wildlife’s. There is no point in Technology Advancement and Moon,Mars Mission’s if the Planet is Dead!
There should be a a No Fish Zone of 2 miles around the Whole Coastline of Great Britain 🇬🇧. Also every Coastline of Countries wishing to Save their Fishing industry as places like the Mediterranean are almost fished out!
Ban Dredge Fishing for Oysters,Scallops etc as it destroys the Sea Bed. Pot fishing can continue,and Very Small local boat’s that use Rod and Line Fishing!
Ban industrial Sized Trawlers from fishing within 20 miles of our Coastline. Our Small Fishing fleet can fish outside the No Fish 2 mile limit! All Trawlers nets have to have Trackers fitted and registered as they leave port,and booked back in on return to port. If a Trawler loses a Net then the Tracker is activated and they have to pay for it to be recovered! Also Saves Wildlife like Whales Etc!
Our Ocean’s are almost empty! Where ever you go around the world locals in their small boat’s struggle to find food for their families. Many resort to Dynamite 🧨 to get minimal fish. I’m now an old man but when I was younger I was lucky to travel as my father was in the Force’s,you could go snorkelling and be surrounded by wildlife,now I’ve returned to the same place 40 years later and there’s absolutely nothing to see,and no reefs!
So Sad!

Alison Campbell
Alison Campbell4 months ago

The public are being brainwashed and taxed at grass roots level about their individual domestic use while the plastic factories of the world continue to manufacture along with fossil fuel powered industry. Again tax and guilt trip the individual and do nothing to mass corporations ( with mass profit) . The world is manufacturing plastic quicker than we can recycle it. Why has this not been stopped, why have fossil fuel factories not been stopped, why has destroying the Amazon etc not been stopped. The general public are just easy prey

Robert Rosicka
Robert Rosicka4 months ago

Humans may be able to influence weather but not climate and your kidding yourself if you think we can .

Bazza Bazza
Bazza Bazza4 months ago

No such thing

Paul Hughes-Bans
Paul Hughes-Bans4 months ago

I’d welcome a temperature rise. Summer here in 🇬🇧 is too cold at the best of times

David Jones
David Jones4 months ago

Why do you always give a pass to China when you have these meetings. You can not dramatically, change from soo quickly from industrial changers, with out causing hardship all nations on a large scale.[ think before you demand.]

David Cheetham
David Cheetham4 months ago

I don't think it will get close to 1.5 degrees, cos I think this climate bollox is just that. Bollox. 30 years ago, we were supposedly entering a new ice age, what happened to that I wonder?

Tim Hughes
Tim Hughes4 months ago

Under current trajectories we are looking at the tropics becoming uninhabitable aren't we?

Lee Connolly
Lee Connolly4 months ago

How about releasing the nik tesla research that was taken from his lab the day after his death pretty sure he had a way for clean free electricity would solve the problem no end