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P H I L W R I G H T Inc. did a #BandsUp Challenge with my girl @Candice Videos and they MURDERED IT! #Bandsupchallenge ™

Posted 3 years ago in Performing Arts

Patryk Stelmaski 3 years ago

Song name?

Jaci Robinson 3 years ago

U ppl are awsome

Brianna Elliott 3 years ago

Horrible camera work but I love the dance!!!

Tshepo Gap Phetla 3 years ago

The best moved👌👌👌

Ashley Ferrell 3 years ago

Rundee Smith girl that’s either you are your twin in the gray bottoms and white top lol

Niiqui Washington 3 years ago

I could watch them all day. Crazy moves. Every step, on point.

Dazzson Frantz Hadrian 3 years ago

Awesomeness craziest moves big show I like it I'm following you.

Laxsmn Laxsmn Ram 3 years ago

Very very nice

Mika Ella 3 years ago

Dina SemereDina that's what was trying to explain for u😭😭😭😂

Tay Keith 3 years ago

Dat lady kills it 💯