Pastor Kelvin D. Jenkins Sr. of Love... - Love Fellowship Tabernacle - PA w/ Bishop Hezekiah Walker

Pastor Kelvin D. Jenkins Sr. of Love Fellowship Tabernacle, Dover,DE
Hold to the word of God realize that this is just season that going through this is the time that deal with God is still but I got see about it. We in a situation right now. We, like that jesus pulling my boys, but I also understand that God is not a man that he should lie, that the son of man that he shall brooklyn and he says he's going to think of you want to tell everybody The history this here I will It's a season seems like David with Oh sounds a particularly you To all of these is opening your mouth that I difficult sees her. You can't Hillary yes, I love it, but it's all about the He can't do what I wanna do Since God Come on Oh Go

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