Tell Congress: No Climate No Deal

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We’re seeing the climate crisis play out in real time. And our leaders in Congress need to know: we the people DEMAND real action.

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Posted 3 months ago in Social Issues

Stephen Dau Kidd 3 months ago

Unfortunately, Republicans have become totally unmoored, cast adrift from science, from personal responsibility, from morality, from truth, from integrity, from ideas, from the consequences of their actions, and even from their former selves.
Today's GOP has become 100% oppositional. It no longer matters to them what they're opposing; it only matters that they are against whatever it is that their opponents are for.One can only hope that some will choose to operate in good faith and in the interests of the nation as a whole.

Nelson Reyes 3 months ago

Gary Cline according to "the guardian" a Vatican Media, to reduce CO2 emissions..the only solution is SLOW SUNDAY.. meaning NO WORK ON SUNDAY,
NO SHOPPING ON reduce CO2 emissions by at least 1.5% so that the temperature of the earth will go short they are pushing congress to enforce SUNDAY LAW..the coming MARK OF THE BEAST

James Mark 3 months ago

Texas only wants to drill oil - it’s all about employment. Also why would the rest of the world stop using oil if we don’t show the way out of this crisis?

Nelson Reyes 3 months ago

Tell congress of US to pass the Sunday law the only solution to climate change according to the "laudatu si"of the pope page 237 to care for the nature and the poor..

John Weaver 3 months ago

Nothing can be done.
Well, nothing but billionaires jetting off up into 'space' and buying luxury bunkers in New Zealand!!

Nora Coyle 3 months ago


Sydney Norris 3 months ago

Yup must be Republicans!😆😆

James Mark 3 months ago

So you are saying your optimistic that the world will continue to burn oil. Okay agreed.

Now for me, being optimistic, there’s a good chance someone may have an answer to the ice caps melting and alternative portable power... I have seen workable award winning design solutions to save our cities from an increase in ocean levels world wide but it’s hung up on climate deniers.

Gary Cline 3 months ago

How exactly do you propose to significantly reduce CO2 emissions??? Electric cars? Wind farms? solar farms (the trio)? First the US share of CO2 emissions is 14% of the total. China 29% and climbing, India 7%. China is building a large number of coal fired plants each year, and buying at least some of the coal for their plants from us. Go figure. I recall climate models reporting that if the US is able to go to a near zero CO2 emissions then the mean earth temperture will drop 0.14 degrees C. So we destroy our economy, our way of government, our society for what 0.14 degrees C? You people are crazy. You have clearly drank the kool-aid.

Marla Voyles 3 months ago

Lol. There is NO amount of money that can change or alter the climate. Lol