WatchMojo - These '90s celebrities were at the top of the...

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These '90s celebrities were at the top of the fame ladder! But then they completely fell off...

Jovon D. Garrison
Jovon D. Garrison4 months ago

Joe Pesci is semi-retired. You can't called someone falling off if the retired!

Matt Reed
Matt Reed4 months ago

Stopped watching 6 seconds in when they started the list with Joe Pesci. Dude didn't fall off anything. He just got old and stopped working so much. Try harder.

Yosua Saroinsong
Yosua Saroinsong4 months ago

Joe pesci dropped off the map?

He’s semi retired… deniro and Scorsese even had to persuade him to star in The Irishman…


Saladin Doomslayer Pacis
Saladin Doomslayer Pacis4 months ago

In the anime geek world, us fans will never forget and will always be Tifa

Rachel Leigh Cook.

She was colossal and always will be.

Jason Johnson
Jason Johnson4 months ago

I thought Fonda quit acting because she was in a horrible car accident.

Daniel Eshnaur
Daniel Eshnaur4 months ago

Wesley Snipes is still around

Tracy Sutherland
Tracy Sutherland4 months ago

Totally called it for number 1 lol …bet you can too as I tagged you Kim Berley

Sammy J. Brown
Sammy J. Brown4 months ago

Didn't JTT do an episode of Veronica Mars

Bikaku Makanda
Bikaku Makanda4 months ago

Maybe they just living a normal life ... sheesh

Kim Latta
Kim Latta4 months ago