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When Shakira takes over you
We We need need a a winner. winner. winner. Kinda party legend legend Forget Sungai blue Coming. Coming. Coming up. Baby When you talk, you talk like that, you make a woman mad. Yes. hey, sometimes you just gotta sing and sometimes you just gotta dance just let it out. make sure you turn on post notifications because I am going to be shouting out for the first comments on the next couple of videos. Yeah, we're doing shout outs now so make sure you turn on those post notifications and join join two two squad squad squad and and and and subscribe subscribe subscribe and and and and be be. be be part part part of of of our our our family family. family cuz cuz we we got got a. a growing family. full full full of. of of love love. that love. To have a good time, so make sure you subscribe comment down below what I should do for the next video. I want you to listen to your suggestions. I love your suggestions. Make sure you like this video until next time. Adios Studio That's right.

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