The other woman got pregnant before me and won my husband

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A man dumped his barren wife once his lover got pregnant.

Posted 6 months ago in Relationships, Friends, & Family

Fabiosa Belle 6 months ago

Does anyone need a husband who holds his wife's infertility against her?

Beverly Roossien 6 months ago

If you're in a relationship that is unstable and potentially abusive it is time to seek professional help, and by all means don't get pregnant and subject your child to an abusive parent!

Kim Hessling 6 months ago

she did the right thing what he did to her karma bite him in his butt pay backs are how you treat people

Thulasi Thulasi 6 months ago

Let karma to decide everything. We are not given the authority to give punishment.

Selma Benn 6 months ago

Rubbish man