Former President Trump would consider Gov. DeSantis as a potential running mate

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In a telephone interview with "Varney & Co." Monday, former President Donald Trump responded "sure I would," when asked if he would consider Florida...

Posted 5 months ago in Politics

Charlie Lynch 5 months ago

Come back….I’m pretty the Biden supporters have see the error of their ways..

Teresa Creason Allen 5 months ago

I will support President Trump in 2024

Beth Richards Renier 5 months ago

We need Desantis for another 4 years here in Florida. Hope he doesnt run until 2028.

Mary Louise Smith 5 months ago

Trump/DeSantis......formidable team for 2024....we need them now.......

Troy Davison 5 months ago

Amazing man hope he runs in 2024 for President

Lovie Bailey 5 months ago

We want have a country to run for in 2028.....

Adeiya Joseph 5 months ago

His excellency former president trump sir, we are really proud of you so much sir, we will surely vote for you and we will surely support you to any level.

Allan Brem 5 months ago

Yes, I would be willing to pay $30 a month for a FB where I do not see postings from 16h ago coming back up after I have specifically clicked the HIDE button.

Pam Hentschel 5 months ago

We want to keep our great Governor DeSantis! Trump/Pompeo is a great ticket

Anibal Delgado 5 months ago

Leave my Gov alone. We Floridians need him where he is at.