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Boaties and fishers are reeling over the closure of a popular boat ramp just as the fishing season is about to take off.

They say the timing could not be worse, and they are angry they were not consulted.

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Mathew Hollamby
Mathew Hollamby4 months ago

It makes sense to do it now, I live near O’Sullivan beach boat ramp and during the winter there is no way you could do any work

Dean Zadow
Dean Zadow4 months ago

They have been advertising this for ages. I knew about it and I don’t even live in Adelaide. Wait til it is finished and the same people will still be complaining because that’s how they are.

Nick Aird
Nick Aird4 months ago

Jordy Aird

Gareth Evans
Gareth Evans4 months ago

That’s Albert not Dennis 🤣

Jamie Mackintosh
Jamie Mackintosh4 months ago

sooks drive up the road

Ben Kennewell
Ben Kennewell4 months ago

Fishing 🎣 isn't taking off fishing is dead bring back the snapper season what is this a joke