Nicole at the scene of this morning's crash on the QEW in Burlington

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Two women were killed in a morning crash on the QEW in Burlington. Four vehicles were involved in the crash.

Posted 9 months ago in Crime & Tragedy

Betty Tapp 9 months ago

Condolences to their families.

Mandy Lynn 9 months ago

My condolences to the families of the young women. My hubby and his friend were involved in this accident. It happened so fast that they have no idea what happened.

Susan Mcgee 9 months ago

condolences to the two womens family

The MTO is trying to kill me 9 months ago


This was a simple loss of control accident.

Obviously the MTO needs to explain why they failed to place a centre divider on the QEW in this location.
And the MTO needs to be held to account.

Heather Paisey 9 months ago

So sad. Prayers to the families