Bollywood Now - Raj Kundra has returned home after he got...

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Raj Kundra has returned home after he got bail in alleged adult films case on September 20. The businessman was arrested on July 19 by the Mumbai Police and after two months in jail, Shilpa's husband is finally released

Prasan Daniel
Prasan Daniel4 months ago

Our Indian law has legal points for rich n business men to give bail bt if a poor or middle class caught in this case no bail life imprisonment... That's y rich always keep law in there pockets

Shree Smita
Shree Smita4 months ago

Looks like he is coming back from Olympic and won Gold medal #Tilak

Anwesha Das
Anwesha Das4 months ago

This is call india's law system.. money can buy everything.... and what food they eat in jail ???? I wonder how they became sooo healthy ... the torture is only for the normal public??

Vaneeta Khanna
Vaneeta Khanna4 months ago

He'll destroy all evidences now ,. Thanks to judiciary we all know that he'll go scotfree

Gauri Darne
Gauri Darne4 months ago

Press is mad after these guys as if they are Freedom fighters 🙄 🤬😡bleedy Shilpa shetty &her family did this and that what crap is going on 😂😂lessons for Journalism 😆😆

Kadambini Sahoo
Kadambini Sahoo4 months ago

He is back from jail..nt from Olympic..

Soma Paul
Soma Paul4 months ago

Whole bollywood is a place of many criminals . So many corrupted people are there . They have much much money to proof them innocent . No one can do anything of these criminals .

Raymond Kolet
Raymond Kolet4 months ago

Divorce cancelled. Shilpa and Smitha back in his bed and money

Supriya Shailesh
Supriya Shailesh4 months ago

India corruption rocks , law is different for different individuals depending on their status .?Soon he will be proved innocent .

Christine Mascarenhas
Christine Mascarenhas4 months ago

People earn for their family, stay together in bad times, never give up till death do us apart.This is testing times.