Family Polocrosse in Country Queensland | Back Roads

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A family that plays together, stays together! ​ ​

For the Glasson family in Thargomindah, QLD there’s nothing better than playing side by side in a...

Posted 2 months ago in Children & Parenting

Konrad Joanne 2 months ago

My Dad and Uncle played polocrosse in the paddock behind our house ( local teams )- I was quite young but I have strong visual memories - Dads horse was Papoose ( a beautiful grey) and I think Uncle John’s was Goldie 😀

Mon Dickinson 2 months ago

Marg McLeish .. I can remember all the horses names but yours when I worked for you guys many many years ago now :)

Richard Cerveny 2 months ago

A game devised by the Hirsts of Springmead Farm, and first established here in south west Sydney, at Ingleburn. What a legacy they left.

Rosalie Drew 2 months ago

Great riding 👏😊

Julie Deckert 2 months ago

We used to go mushrooming in the winter and yabbying in the summer. We also had lots of picnics at so many different places, and visited the Grampians just about every weekend. Now we live here!

Fran May 2 months ago

Great story. When is it to be viewed on ABC?

Trish Lee 2 months ago

Love this family story❤looks like so much fun...great riding everyone 👍

Helen Mpofu 2 months ago

True horsemanship! Tad dusty
For me😜😂

Deborah Cotter 2 months ago

Liz Cotter here’s the go you can still play...

Laverne Saunders 2 months ago

That's always been our family motto too! The family that plays together, stays together