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Yes, it’s tons of fun to work for this President. That’s why everyone who leaves his administration immediately writes a tell-all book.
Welcome back to the late show so much more to talk about. Please have a seat Everybody welcome back to our live late show following the debate of course just because it's not his big day Donald Trump will not be ignored so all the Democrats were fighting out in Texas Trump was speaking at the House Republican Conference member retreat in Baltimore and on his way up there Trump turned the helicopter rotors up to 11 and pause for a quick episode O F Chopper Now right off the bean reporters asked about Trump's search to replace John Bolton as National security adviser and he told them he's got plenty of options A lot of people want the job and we it's a great job It's great because it's a lot of fun to work with Donald Trump really I know man like really no it's fun to work for you then how come everyone who leaves your administration immediately writes a book with a title like Cave of Hate Snakes Yes it's a lot of fun to work with Donald Trump He's unpredictable He sometimes experiences a psychotic break where he disassociates and refers to himself in the third person Donald Trump does Trump had some Things to say about all of his potential opponents are there any Democrats debating tonight that you actually respect I respect all of them all of them I respect everyone Let me tell you It takes a lot of courage to run for office I respect all of them I was backed out of them Sleepy Joe Pocahontas Crazy Bernie Beto o dark Oh bro Now the moment of the Democrats were taking the stage That's true Like the moment they were taking the stage Trump began his speech to Republicans down in Baltimore didn't have much of a The speech he bragged a lot I told one of his patented made up stories about people coming up to him to thank him People come up to me all the time. Thank you. Sir. My 401 K is up 70 - two percent It's up whatever it may be numbers that they've never had before nobody's ever seen anything like it. They come up to me. They come up to me and they say sir my 401 K is is up to numbers they never seen before I'm talking floppity Bandana involved in 17 but it's 17 to seven is a dragon's head Sir I'm worried I'm going insane I'm sorry Trump defended his administration's recent rollback of light bulb efficiency rules The bulb that were being forced to use number one to me Most importantly the light snow good. I always look orange And so do you No Now whoa now just you orange and so do you the lights also make you people look like a pile of raw ground beef in a suit and they and they make you forget how to close an umbrella While criticizing the Green new deal that some of the Democrats have proposed he took a detour to slam his own party's House. Minority leader Kevin McCarthy No more cows No more planes I guess no more people right Cuz Kevin is just like a cow He's just smaller I had to pick somebody for that one Kevin and I just looked at that beautiful political face of use Sorry Sorry I had to pick someone what else was I supposed to do not call one of the leaders of my party account Oh I shouldn't I shouldn't do that Well. That's exactly what a big fat cow would say Kevin Kevin come on move somebody milk. This guy Come on shake them others He likes it No He likes it He likes this Then he dazzled the crowd with his impressions of Chinese President Ping Yeah That's that's exactly what I thought when I heard this and Joe Biden and President she of China He is tough boy He's a furious kind of a guy Great guy but he's dying to see he wants sleepy Joe Can you imagine those two In a room he is and he's sleepy Joe Why Where am I Where am I just sign here? Sleepy Joe just side here What the hell was that What was that I don't know I guess we now know what it's like when Donald Trump read you a bedtime story and goes and and the sleepy joke goes what And the trunk goes Hunk Hunk and the cow goes Hi, I'm Kevin McCarthy They go Full blooded He also told one of his favorite new fake anecdotes I tell the story of a man who hates me one of the most successful business. People always hated me and I've always hated him. I can't stand that guy and the successful businessman in that story is me I'm a very troubled man All of this is a cry for help Even found a way to complain about another country's poll numbers you know there was a poll recently that Obama is much more popular in Germany that I am. I said, of course, he is a much more popular with people that used to live in Germany but now have always lived in Argentina always We have always been action team we like to go choose and he can called by saying whatever the held this is we will win win win and we will keep on winning there i tell that story and some people love it properly sometime i think they all love it i am gonna win place like here we go i am going to use day and as an example oh then then your horse you a big fat it's made or Ride Dan Get him some notes Put a saddle on him Stand Go stand with Kevin. Okay You guys are like those animal pairings that everybody just loves He also whipped out a new last name for his vice President It was an incredible meeting and I sat around and Chuck Grassley was there and Joni Ernst and John Thune and Mike Pounds Yeah. There there he had to say I love that might pounds. He's a big believer in Christianity and our lord and savior Jervis We'll be right back

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