Caught Out: Scary Moments At Sea

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There's a reason people are scared of open water 😳🙈

Posted 11 months ago in Animals & Pets

LADbible 11 months ago

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Deborah Robbins 11 months ago

There are probably viewers who will watch this for the shock or thrill value, however this video serves as an important lesson that venturing out to sea is not all tranquility and joy -- as most videos tend to portray. You've accomplished a powerful service in educating people on safety, preparedness and proper equipment. This video is an excellent PSA for anyone wanting to experience the adventures of the sea. Beneath the beauty dangers are ever present.

Jeanna Winebarger 9 months ago

Growing up my best friends family use to take us skiing and knee boarding and we would also rope swing of a small cliff in a marina (very merky water) in North Carolina, we never knew that it was full of alligators until the 1 day we were on the swing and just as someone started swinging almost letting go to jump we happen to see gator eyes where he would of landed and 2 gators were coming in on the land where we would swim back to. Needless to say I will never go into any water I can't see what's below.

San van Andel 11 months ago

Humans entering bodies of water. What do they expect? These animals live there, we are intruders. Some encounters end peaceful others end in death. Most, I would argue scare the shit out of us but don't leave physical marks. When will people start to learn that they need to pay more attention and shouldn't underestimate the inhabitants (or their own abilities in connection of dealing with the animals), regardless of how friendly they appear?

Judith A Baxter 7 months ago

Get away from the whales !!! These things wouldnt happen- and shouldn't happen - if people would give the animals space for God's sake! Back off!

Daniel Markham 11 months ago

Okay some of this just scary but to the people in the ocean if you see or hear tons of fish you better get out of their quick something is hunting them they don't just do that 🙄

Michael Dennis 11 months ago

For 17 hours, my heart would have been died one would find me. Dude looked chill AF

Amber Perrins 11 months ago

Lesson to be learned: Don’t mess with the ocean. What do you expect is gonna happen when you venture out into the depths of the ocean where some of the deadliest animals on the planet occupy, don’t do it unless you’re willing to risk your life. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Eddie Lorenzi Sr. 9 months ago

Common sense when you go into the water you become lunch for dinner automatic. It's been that way for centuries.

Sheila Moorman 11 months ago

We have an agreement. They stay in their water and I stay on land. Has was worked fine this far.