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Less than 24 hours before Labour Conference kicks off tomorrow! Keep your eyes peeled here for all the latest action. 🌹

Leon Bees
Leon Bees4 months ago

How many more members have been expelled ? Anyone vaguely to the left is not welcome. The whole thing is laughable, it will be stage managed like a Nuremberg Rally. Goebbels would have been proud.

Mary Lefteris
Mary Lefteris4 months ago

Good luck guys - wish I could be there!

Kate Smurthwaite
Kate Smurthwaite4 months ago

Anti-democratic action? Stripping ordinary members of their power and dragging the party further to the right towards the interests of the corporates and the press magnates and away from helping real people?

Warren Woodcraft
Warren Woodcraft4 months ago

Wait, are those flags literally fading from red to blue…?!?!?! You bunch of absolute plums 😂😂😂

James Welsh
James Welsh4 months ago

Can't wait for labour new policy like the Tories new promises we never get them why we vote for people who promise us every thing in life from taxes cuts to new homes and schools were are they.

Elliot Snook
Elliot Snook4 months ago

Why is the flag half-blue? 🤔

Michael Edgson
Michael Edgson4 months ago

Looking forward to hearing those policies supporting the disabled and those struggling, not just 'Working families'.

Starmer came from a background where his mum was a nurse. I'm sure he will definitely not have forgotten about the sick and disabled...

Jeremy Wilson
Jeremy Wilson4 months ago

I am not looking forward to it AT ALL. I think the only topic will be making anyone left leaning feel unwanted, redundant, and if possible humiliated. All those decent and honest people attracted to politics for the first time in decades, are being ostracized and smeared by the ruthless PLP, who love democracy ( as long as it goes their way.)

Laurence Johnson
Laurence Johnson4 months ago

Let’s hope the Forde Report is discussed and a clear date for its release to the public is given. If Labour cannot get a simple report out the door in time, they are certainly not fit to govern the nation.

George McClelland
George McClelland4 months ago

Hours and hours debating long out of date dogma and a few minutes deciding not to move into 2021 thinking. People vote for solid manifestos not misty ideals. The Labour Party is, as ever, far more interested in squabbling amongst itself about which dinosaur rules congress than looking after the interests of its "today" people. Wake up and grow up Labour...you have an "open goal"